Episode-2746- A Gardener Looks Ahead to Winter — 3 Comments

  1. I wouldn’t use sawzall on the hog panels. I would use an angle grinder with a cutting disc wheel. This year I bought two expensive upper end rabbit cages and the materials to make and repair my own cages. I’ve made 4 and some rabbitry accessories. The wheel is way better than the recip saw for cage material, my point of view comes mostly from this experience. But I have also used panels for a raised potato bed and trellises too. Using the wheel you can back angle your cuts so they aren’t sticking out they are kind of beveled without leaving sharp artifacts.

    • I did both the sawzall gives a closer cut easier. As to the roughness of the edge there is no real difference. Key is again not letting the stock vibrate with the saw. Now like cutting more typical cage material, grinder all the way. Especially like 1/4 hardware cloth, etc.