A Few Announcements and an MSB Sale — 15 Comments

  1. I’m sure I’m not the only one waiting for a TSP Sepp Holzer interview! It’s my birthday in October and you can consider it an early gift.

  2. Jack, I think you got Sepp and Bill switched. That’s definitely Sepp on the left.

    Have a great vacation!

  3. May you have a safe trip and your brain get extra full! Can’t wait to hear what you bring back. Older shows are fine with me. I want you rested and having fun so you can focus and bring us even more good info.

  4. Have a good time man.

    The “If I Wanted To Save America” video is really good. I’m not just saying it. I love how she used every type of news org, like Front Page to Daily Kos, MSNBC to Foxnews. Very powerful.

    Our movement has to remain politically ambiguous in order to succeed. I work with a couple of the most biased political hacks you could ever imagine. They would passionately support a lump of coal if if had an R next to it’s name. Whenever I try to talk to them I’ll hit Obama a couple of times to open them up a little, then I’ll start drilling Romney or Bush. It’s had decent results. Their starting to come around.

    Anyways, good job on the vid. Thanks for putting it together.

    • @decline, I know what you mean. I love when I get in a discussion with an Obama supporter who starts the “Well Bush……..”, and when they finish their attack I simply state, “oh I agree Bush was a horrible president too”. They just seem deflated by that. It usually leads to decent conversation. You find out they don’t really like Obama they just feel they need to defend him because a big scary R is even worse. 90% of the time you lead them to at least look at the libertarian view and see something in it, seed planted you do what you can and move on.

    • @jack. For sure. I had a convo with coworkers that went something akin to this.

      Them : Obama is turning the country socialist. He’s going to bankrupt us.
      Me : I’d say fascist but he certainly a monster no matter what you call him. Bush was just as bad. Look at Medicare part D.
      Them: Yeah he made a lot of mistakes.

      So frustrating! D in front of their name = evil, enemy of the United States.
      R in front of their name = Makes “mistakes” but still trustworthy and good.

      Good news is that to a man they have no idea what libertarianism is, like at all. Once I can pull the mental weeds I’ll have a fresh field to work with.

  5. Awesome! Can’t wait to learn from you some of the stuff you’ll learn from them. I’m already experimenting, comparing one hugelkultur bed vs. one regular raised bed, and as hoped the H-bed is winning hands down. Anyway, have a great time, Jack!