Episode-106- A Call to Arms, Time for a Revolution — 16 Comments

  1. About the life expectancy:

    The 20 founders were are weathy landowners. Some prudence has to be given in that their lives lasted 75 years, but I doubt that every sailor, farmer, or common man would average 75 years.

  2. @Kyle

    Listen to that podcast, I explained that. Most of these people lived a life far less healthy, clean and protected then we do today. Further wealth did little in the way of medical care at the time, all medical care sucked.

    The facts are when you take away death from war and death at child birth we have gained very little to nothing from “modern medical care”.

  3. I posted this in the forum but wanted to post it here as well,

    I just listened to today’s show and I am totally blown away and frankly totally out of any excuse about survival preps, personal responsibility and even political action. I can not for the life of me understand how a man like Jack can speak so passionately, so articulately and so beautifully while driving down a highway but I am sure grateful for it.

    I have been listening for a long time to Jack and others on the radio and podcasts but I have never felt the way I felt by the end of today’s show and I for one am answering the “call to arms”.

    All I can say is WOW! Thank you Jack and thanks to everyone here at the forum for all you guys do to share with everyone!

  4. Great podcast Jack! Your attitude about ownership of guns and land so that you are attached to freedom is a great point and your concept of focusing on common goals between the people around you instead of division by argument and division by label is great advice.

    I’d like to hear more about your thoughts in the area of moving your money out of the market and into cash. I’ve read about trying to time the market and the problems in doing so… not sure that was your point, but I’d like you to expand on it.

  5. Finally getting around to finishing the garden upgrade plans. We are going from 16 square feet with this year’s experimental Square Foot Garden to 44 square feet and will be growing 38 different fruits and veggies. Also, we will be adding a bench and lights to make all of our own starters except strawberries.

  6. Actually I am building a podcast site for a client right now Brian and he is an adviser. He told you “you must time the market” otherwise why do you pay an adviser. I am hiring him as my adviser going forward.

    In the recent crash though I did not see it as timing, I saw a big crash coming and so did most. I just moved most of my stocks to cash and waited, the worst that could have happened is the market could have gone up and I missed out of course it crashed and I saved 10s of thousands!

    In the end it came to this, I was sitting in July reading all the news, listening to all the experts and said, all these people say yea the market is going to go down. If right now I move to cash and it goes up I can live with that but if I sit here and get punched in the face, that I can not live with.

    You have to make your own choices but a good adviser helps. I will let Jim speak to that (my new client/adviser) and even plan to feature his show here as a guest show each week.

  7. @Stein,

    That rocks! Remember when you get done planting this spring to hold up that trowel in a defiant spirit of resistance. One man’s actions do indeed matter, thanks for being a patriot.

  8. Lately, when listening to the news about taxing farmers for each cow, pig, and sheep they raise for producing Methane gas, and then a story that I’ve tried to find out if it’s true about a family in Ohio with a business called “Manna Storehouse” being raided for the food by the government…if they have controls on our food they have control over us. With this in mind my garden has doubled in size.
    Great show…thanks for the reminder to use what we have.

  9. @Susan,

    I hate to say this but the story about Manna Storehouse is true and simply something one should shudder to hear happen in this nation.

    Good for you for doubling your garden size! Rock on and thanks for the kind words. On a methane tax, I don’t doubt that some would like to do it, probably the PETA types who have a real goal to prevent anyone from eating meat.

    I am all for people being vegans or lacto-ovarian vegetarians if they so choose to but I can’t stand the groups that try to force it on others.

    Of course the entire concept of a “carbon footprint” etc is about global taxation in the globalist socialist view of tax, “the wealthy should pay the most”. Unfortunately for many of the uninformed in this nation they don’t get that the poor in this nation are “wealthy” in the eyes of the world and will be expected to anti up to the carbon tax, etc.

  10. Jack
    I like your approach to survival and the fact that family is so important. Survival alone without love is not survival. I like you committment to family and cats. I am the same way! I live on 4 acres in weatherford and grow fruit. One peach tree in a good season can produce 200 to 300 pounds of fruit. I order the fruit from a nursury barren Fork Nursury where a peach treee is $3.00 minimum order of 180. They sell many other food and non-food items. I mainly heat my house with wood and i bought 50 acres in Palo Pinto with a 2500 feet of Keechi Creek. We put a cabin on it, it would be rough living but if things get really bad we would make it as a family.

    Karl Ronacher

  11. there are possible problems with depending on the government for health care, but the health care actually works pretty well here in europe. Many of us are also scared of ever going to the US because you can’t trust to be taken care of if you have an accident without your credit card in your pocket. At least that is how we perceive it.

  12. @European,

    Well that is the problem isn’t it the preception that you will just sit outside a hospital and die unless you have a Visa with a 20K limit.

    It hasn’t ever happened, sure no ability to pay and a common cold might get you turned away but life saving treatment is NEVER with held EVER here. As a foreign national especially.

    I had my wife in the emergency room, sitting in line with an actual emergency behind illegal Mexican children with skinned knees and runny noses and they got treated before us, they paid nothing and clearly had no insurance.

    The “problem” in the US isn’t getting treatment it is once you get it they give you BILL and expect you to pay it. What a concept!

  13. I was recently introduced to the show, and started from the beginning. I have to say this is the best show yet!

    I had an Econ teacher in High School, who said he would give extra credit to anyone in the class who would promise to read “The Richest Man in Babylon” at least once a year. (By promise I mean: put it in writing, sign it and hand it to him.) I took him up on that, even though I didn’t need the extra credit. I have my well read copy of the book even though it has been many years. This show is like that book… If you’ve never listened to it, you really need to; If it has been a while, listen to it again.