A Call for Presenters for the TSP Fall Workshop — 6 Comments

  1. One thing I haven’t seen on the website or heard in podcasts is cannabis growing. Where’s the ganja farmers??
    I grow amazing, organically grown cannabis with a co-op up in Oregon. I’d love to talk indoor vs outdoor, cuttings, soil building/”super” soil, worm castings and duck mulch/compost.

    • Well as you know in most states this just isn’t an option and in many where it is it is very difficult to become a grower at this time even when possible.

      I just don’t think how to do it has a broad enough appeal in the audience right now, and I am not exactly an expert on the how to part.

      In any event you can bet how to grow pot will not be part of a TSP Workshop, I have enough of the G-men over my shoulder. In Texas growing can land your ass flat in the state pen, and I don’t think they’d let me podcast from there.

      I am a well known advocate for total legalization, as a public figure that is the best I can do for now.

  2. Unfortunately I won’t be able to make this workshop, I will be presenting at the Mother Earth News Fair October 22-23 Talking about subjects not sure if you would want one or not but I want to build a Cob/brick pizza oven, I could see that coming in handy for events 😀 just my 2 cents. I am sure it will be a great event as always, have fun!

  3. I was strolling through older podcast to see what I have missed (typical work behavior for me) and noticed the green felt hat in the picture. Any idea what brand/model it is?