A Call for Guests — 2 Comments

  1. I would really like to hear an interview with Bob Wells of

    Like Jack on TSP, he has become a “Guru” of his lifestyle/world-view.

    He also has his share of critics (“haters” is too strong a word and I’d bet if they engaged in civil discourse, they would find much common ground.)

    It’s the inspiration that counts. Just look at what was done in the name of a particular religion…or some form of nationalism.

    On the “badness” spectrum, “Bob’s” perceived crimes don’t even rate.

    Yup, they say he makes a six-figure income and has a condo somewhere in addition to his “show-van.” Don’t care.

    John Steinbeck was accused of that, too, when he wrote “Travels with Charlie”…..and it may not have been totally factual…but it was still a great story, and his rig is in a museum, now!

  2. How about a “get to know the expert council”? You have some new council members that we haven’t had interviews on.