A Call for Guests — 15 Comments

  1. Have you already approached/been approached by Robb Wolf? I don’t want to bug if him if you’ve already made contact, but if not, I’ll do it.

    • @Tom, yes but there was a problem. The email in the form he filled out gives me a bounce and he didn’t put in a phone number, that was months ago. I did a few contact forms on his site but have never heard back, if you can let him know that YES we want him on the air, I would be grateful.

    • @Dene, that is fine I don’t mind it, it just has a more likely positive result if you go to the source and ask them to come on. Usually in those cases you are a member of their audience, tends to carry more weight that way than me being some random podcaster trying to book a guest. Also now that Dorothy is in charge of PR I get in trouble if I mess around with guest scheduling, the form make her job easier and that make her happy, which makes me happy and um, keeps me out of trouble.

  2. Eh…I don’t have much to offer ‘cept the songs. I’ll submit something anyway just in case you want to interview a case study in flaky (modern) survivalist musicians who write songs like “Is There Anything A Five-Gallon Bucket Can’t Do?” (That one will be out in December right after my evil sniper tune).

  3. I’ve loved all of the shows with Paul Wheaton. I’d love to hear him on the show again. Maybe try to pick his brain about why he’s so passionate about cast iron cookware.

    I also really liked the show with the guy and gal from Root Simple. I’d love to hear an update from them about what they learned from their summer gardening this year, how their book sales have been going, and other urban homesteading and gardening tips for those of us living in a Mediterranean climate.

    I also have to say that the show with the Pedal to petal guy was an awesome case study in simple business success. I’d love to hear more focus on people who’ve built a better life in terms of setting up a career they love.

  4. I also have to say that it was the Gary VEE show that actually drew me in to start listening. A friend of mine (John K who’s helping out with agritrue) had recommended TSP, weeks prior to that, and although I’d checked out the page and “Liked” you on Facebook, I hadn’t yet listened to a show. The Gary V show really drew me in. I think another High profile guest could do a lot to grow the audience (Tim Ferriss??? perhaps)

  5. Did you ever get anything from the Plaid Avenger, a college professor that does a podcast about world news? I hit him up about coming on the show sometime in the summer and he seemed into the idea and said he was going to fill out the form.

    I know the description I gave sounds like a dime-a-dozen guy but he’s pretty switched on with his interpretations of what’s going on in the world, why it’s happening and what it means to us. I think it could be a really cool show if he talked about some of the things that have been going on like the shifting of power in the world, scarcity of resources, etc.

    If he didn’t contact you, I’ll touch base with him again. If he did and it didn’t work out, I won’t.

    • @Ryan, never head from him, doesn’t ring a bell anyway, ping him and suggest he submit a request here.

  6. The guys at would be great. They do deep water/raft style aquaponics and have a prepper mindset. I e-mailed them before about being a guest but I think they were busy with training. I’ll hit them up again.

  7. I was not sure where to ask this question in the forums Jack so I just figured I would ask it here quickly. Is there any way to ‘gift’ a MSB sub to someone? I have gotten so much use out of your show that I was thinking of giving a sub to someone that just bought a home in the country. I could not find any info on that anywhere and was just curious.


    • @steve the only way to really do it is by US mail with a manual subscription. Just fill out the form for the intended giftee, then put a note on the back noting it is a gift subscription and any special instructions like do we email the new person and tell them you gave it to them or do you want the confirm email and you are going to send them the login as part of the gift or what have you.