Episode-1098- Angery American on his Book “Going Home” — 36 Comments

  1. I have just started the book. I’m in the evening of day 2. Love it so far, and I have a feeling the rest of the book is going to be just as good! Can’t wait to finish it, and yes, it is addictive.

  2. Posted on this book in the forum about a month ago. Very plausible. Looking forward to the podcast to hear what the author has to say.
    Just finishing Survivors, much better than Patriots IMHO.

  3. I read Going home three weeks ago, Wonderfully written. I cant wait to see if a follow up is published, The story is wide open to a sequel. Great story! I just finished Survivors and I am in the middle of Founders. Hello, my name is Scott and I am a prepper porn-aholic.

  4. I’ve got an older version of the GP-4L radio. I love it. Batteries last forever, current ones have been in there over a year. Use this as my camping radio. I have a wire antenna that snaps on that helps a lot. Mine sits in my backpack months at a time. Has never disappointed me.

  5. Just a comment on the limits of withdrawals from banks from ~33:40 in the interview. It is true that you have to give written notice now for some banks for large amounts of cash; still there are ways to get large amounts of cash equivalents out of a bank – for example you can wire hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars to a bullion dealer and take delivery of that bullion within a day or two. So…I think the comments are valid and indicate how limited we are by current banking practice…but there are still ways around it.

  6. Also…should mention that a business owner who has monthly payroll of 250K+ would not want to just let uninsured money sit in a bank deposit -they’d want to buy treasury bills – essentially a cash equivalent – for any excess reserves.

    • No not really, you can’t hold t-bills in short enough terms. What most of these companies do is run payroll via a money market account, which does take it out of conventional banking as most understand it. The money markets hold mostly short term t-bill though so you are correct in a way. I helped run a company that ran payroll on average of 1 million dollars a month, right at 250K a week, so I know what I am speaking about here. You have to understand that most of the money we made payroll with was collected the week before we turned around and paid it back out.

      I didn’t go into it because if a bank fails the money market accounts are in just as deep of shit as a savings account, sometimes more! Frankly during the crash of 08 it was money market accounts that came the closest to the edge of the cliff.

  7. No offense, but this sounds like a knockoff of Forstchen’s “One Second After” which is arguably the best book i have read in a few years.

    Still, hard to get enough of this plot.

    • Thanks for that recommendation. I had not seen nor read that yet. Just bought it with Amazon One Click Ordering!
      I have however, read and recommend the following on the topic:

      Survival Mode (Steen O’Mannon)
      The Right To Bear Arms: After the Riots Begin
      Grid Down Reality Bites
      Grid Down Perception of Reality (Grid Down Volume 2 Part 1)
      The ‘Survivalist By Circumstance’ series

      I think if more people read some of these they could see through the fog being generated in DC to conceal their lies and deception.

  8. Jack, I have over 500 AA Alkalines, ten year shelf life. I agree, AA’s are great. I have adapters that convert them in a ‘D’ then another gizmo that is in the shape of the rectangular square six volt batteries, and I snap those in, in an emergency.
    Oh, and I have a few hundred 6v incandescence bulbs (480 Ma, 700ma, and 1200ma) for my older flashlights. I could talk flashlights and batteries for hours…

  9. As soon as I finish “lights out” I’m gonna read this one. Thank you – great show!

  10. Be careful with the ASP batons, they are grouped with large knives and other illegal to carry weapons.

  11. I rate Going Home with One Second After as two books that have really changed my life and daily habits. One Second After convinced me to start prepping. Going Home has explained to me why I need to know bushcraft.

    The day after I finished the book I drove 45 miles to a state wildlife managed shooting range. It is in the middle of South Carolna Low Country pine forest. Our cell phones don’t work there. All the way there and back I kept thinking about the book. Do I remember enough of my USAF land survival (30 years ago) to walk home? I haven’t started a fire without charcoal in many years. Could I walk 45 miles in the shoes I had on? It is a very cold realization that It doesn’t take a national calamity to leave you stranded in the middle of Nowhere USA. My thanks to A American for writing a great book. And many thanks to you, Jack, for producing The Survival Podcast. You teach me every time I listen. Thanks

  12. As a result of this show, I bought the book (Kindle) and am now halfway through it, in just two days. That’s unprecedented for me. This book rocks! The realistic scenarios are what impresses me. As one with extensive experience with violence (police work, combat vet, marital arts, etc.), this book, so far, is right on with likely scenarios. Furthermore, it educates, motivates, and inspires not only those new to prepping but guys like me that have been in the prepper mindset for decades!


  13. Anyone know where I can get this for kindle or any electronic format.
    Amazon shows it as not available.

    • That’s odd; I got it on Kindle, through Amazon, last week with no trouble. The book was so good, I ripped through it in three days.

  14. When I open amazon I only get the choice of buying the books in hard copy. It states the kindle version is not available. Go figure!

  15. Thanks Vic. I’m still getting the not available for purchase message. I am in Australia. Cant imagine why that would make any difference but it wont sell the kindle version to me.

  16. I used to agree on the AA battery issue, but I have found that the CR123 lithium flashlight batteries store well for about 20 years! That and the higher performance changed my mind. All of my tactile lights now use CR123s. I have about 50 of them in storage. I also have flashlights that use AA batteries.

    • All good and well until you are out in the field with a dead light and home is 50 miles away and the shit has hit the fan. I know you carry two right? LOL

      Seriously a good compromise is to make sure you have a second light that uses AA, again you can scavenge them anywhere.

    • I found at Wallyworld an LED ‘Energizer Weather Flashlight’ that is designed to use your choice of AA / AAA / C batteries. Seemed like a good thing to have in a survival situation. I also have several of the ‘Mini Maglight LED’ units which can be found for under $15 a pop and run on AA batts which seem to be the most common batteries around and are marketed to have a 10 year shelf life as well. Even at a degraded capacity, the LED lights should last a long time.

  17. This is my first day on and I am still learning how to use it. Shockingly, the first ‘survival’ related book I ever read was ‘Going Home’! I very much enjoyed the book, have recommended it to like minded friends who have also enjoyed it. The contents made me really start thinking about ‘what if’ sceneros, has lead to my reading several other similar book series’, and of course- start preparing myself to respond to a SHTF event. The book even inspired me to create my own Get Home Bag which stays in the trunk of my vehicle and is nicely equipped to support a few days in the bush. … Summary: Awesome book! Encore please!!

  18. Bought the Nook Book after listening to this podcast. Read it in a couple days (and I am not a fast reader) because I couldn’t put it down. Was up late most nights and even late to work one day due to the story. Can’t wait to see where the story goes from here!

  19. Thanks to Jack for the great interview and to all the TSP members who listened. Just wanted to give you guys a quick update, the sequel is coming out very soon, hopefully next week, keep an eye on my site for details. Thanks again.

  20. Can you tell me if and when the sequel will be available on the Nook?