Episode-992- Tawnya Sawyer on Aquaponics at the Individual, Community and Commercial Level — 3 Comments

  1. Great episode. Have been looking into aquaponics myself, but haven’t started yet. Still looking into the kind of fish I can use, and how I can keep the system on the required temperature during the winter months. Any recommendations for fish to use in a system with low water temperatures, let’s say 10 celsius / 50 fahrenheit? Most of the fish I can catch locally isn’t that tasty, and most of the tasty fish require warmer water.

  2. Tawyna is an awesome person and an absolute pleasure to meet and talk with. The class was indeed information dense and very informative. Rob, David, and their other folks that helped out with making this happen were great as well. And last, but not least the other TSP members were great to meet with as well. Big thanks to everyone involved with making it happen!