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  1. You have had individuals on your show that plugged their MLM companies in the past. This was equivilent to you endorsing them, and their business model. I am having a hard time seeing the difference between that and what the Silver and Gold shop did.


    • @Mike, incorrect in the use of the word “companies” I had ONE and ONE only and I didn’t know that it was attached to an MLM. That company had their site completely privately branded and was doing business as a single individual company. They were slated to be offered a slot as an MSB vendor but I found out they were MLM and WORSE that customers had the referral portion shoved at them and so they were never welcomed back and didn’t get their spot in the MSB.

      Further I don’t really hate MLM in and of itself what I hate is over inflated prices just to create a payout formatted in a referral program that will damage relationships.

      Facts are stubborn things! Hell Shelf Reliance does a “party plan” thing like Avon or Tupperware but the prices are fair and the model isn’t front loaded.

    • Further having a guest on isn’t an endorsement, seriously I would let Barack Obama or Mitt Romney on for an interview if they would dare but it sure would not be an endorsement.

    • For others edification, S&G is no longer a sponsor, the “why” in part of today’s episode.

  2. Thanks for giving more detail on S&G Shop for those of us who got wind of it first at the Hickory Self-Reliance Expo.

  3. And I thought the Edo Japan episode was very interesting. If it’s one thing I’ve learned from TSP, it’s to take a look at any system, and take what is good that I can learn from it.

  4. I just downloaded the podcast and haven’t listened yet, but Silver and Gold Shop was were I went to purchase a single silver round for a birthday coming up and the final cost was almost twice the price of the single round with shipping, handling and insurance. Interestingly I went back to the invoice packed with the shipment and no money amounts are listed on the invoice for me to prove this.

    In comparison, I also bought a roll of TSP copper for him as well. All costs are listed on the shipping invoice and the price for shipping was what I expected.

    Jack, are you going to be doing silver at TSP copper? I’ve have learned an expensive lesson and have discussed this at the forum, where I learned that the Silver and Gold Shop no longer has a relationship with TSP. But I see that they are still listed in the member’s benefit area for discount.

    I am an MSB member, joining because you are doing good work and I want to support your efforts. Thanks for your service to our Country in the US Army. My service Army 67-69 – 3rd Armor 48th Infantry. plus 31 years in local law enforcement.


    • @zanedclark if you order ONE coin from anyone shipping is going to inflate the price. S&G was a bit higher per coin then many but sold a lot of one off boutique items. They were not released for their prices but for backing the “Silver Snowball” program which puts a half ounce of silver with shipping at 44 dollars a coin. This was a third party program but by endorsing it Mary Beth made me unable to endorse her any longer.

      That said buying one ounce units one off from any metal dealer isn’t going to be cost effective if shipping is involved.

      Silver on TSP Copper? Maybe but getting less likely. AOCS sells at a premium it has to, I really don’t want to answer 10 emails a day asking me why a TSP Silver coin cost X dollars more then a silver eagle from some site that does a million units of volume a day.

      Silver is a very high dollar and LOW margin business. If you want to blame S&G for anything base it on this Snowball ripoff, not the simple reality of the silver market as a whole as it relates to small players.

  5. “F” this, your rant today was sad at best.
    Keep up the good work for those who hang on your every word. Me, not so much after today.

    Good luck on that show 1000.


    Bill Gardner aka disappointed.

    • Whatever dude! Not sure which rant set you off but if you don’t like what I do the response is the same as always, find something you like better. I don’t try to please everyone, it can’t be done.

    • I’ve never gotten the impression that Jack wanted, or needed, anyone to ‘hang on his every word’.

      IMO the message here is ‘make up your own mind and take responsibility for your life, family, community and country’ NOT ‘blindly follow your preparedness messiah’.

      despite Steven Harris’ ‘Church of Jack’ 😉

      I come here for three reasons..
      1) A ‘current events’ voice of sanity, not someone trying to scare me into an expensive monthly subscription to their ‘exclusive members only content’
      2) An introduction to a broad variety of people (guests) with interesting, and often challenging ideas
      3) A community of like minded people

      I do not come here for: a messiah or THE TRUTH ™. That would be to try and abdicate responsibility for my own life and decisions.

      • @Insidious BTW I chewed Steven Harris’ ass out to NO END for that. He is now clear that there is NO SUCH THING as the Church of Jack, nor are there any commandments. LOL

        • Jack, I heard your uptake in breath when Steven Harris said, “Church of Jack”, and I KNEW that wouldn’t set well with you. I can tell you’re not in the cult of personality thing.

    • @Bill Gardner you are right. Anyone that disagrees with Jack gets berated by Jack and the sycophants do come across as members of the Church of Jack.


      • @Ed you are full of shit.

        First people disagree all the time and I don’t really care, I say often I hope to God none of you agree with me 100 percent of the time. What I don’t tolerate is people saying that I should not express my views my way on my show or running off at the mouth or via text with complete inaccuracies and total baseless bullshit. That I respond to and hell if you don’t want a response don’t post, I am not here to respond with YES or oh good point or other paisley bullshit to every damn thing people say.

        Second there is no Church of Jack, if you want to know who got berated talk to Stephen Harris about how I tore into him after that episode. I was totally FING pissed that he said that. I don’t mind when you disagree I mind when people infer I said something I didn’t like

        I think we all should live the way they did in feudal Japan!

        Anyone that got that out of the previous days episode just wanted to have something to bitch about.

        I also don’t tolerate crap that basically states I should not put myself into shows on historical references. In other words I should have done the show with none of my own views about what was wrong with feudal Japan.

        I also think some of you fricken little dandelions need to get thicker skins and not get so emotionally disturbed by some damn textual comments. May it is just me and that most of the people I hang out with are libertarians. I spend a lot of time talking to people over a beer and what not where we say things like “you’re full of shit” or “that is the dumbest thing you or anyone with a brain ever said” etc. This is with people with huge mutual respect for each other and each other’s ideas.

        Seriously get off the couch or out of the PTA meeting environment or whatever has made you so sensitive. Come on up to New Hampshire this winter and be surrounded with 300 or more libertarians and watch one tell another at the pub, “that is the dumbest damn idea I have ever heard” while both men and everyone around them smile at each other and have a great time.

        • @Modern Survival who is the “little dandelion”? LOL

          You assume too much with your attack on me being the PTA type. Exactly what I was saying.

          By the way, love the show.

  6. @Jack…thanks for the integrity.

    Folks…he isn’t blowing smoke. My company has wanted a sponsorship for ever. I think so much of Jack that I have him bannered from my website for free.

  7. Jack,

    I appreciate you taking your endorsements seriously. I really like Gary North on daily reckoning but the advertisers there are really slimy and obnoxious. It makes a difference. Next time I open the safe, I’ll mail you an ounce for MSB.

    • Yea I don’t like their sponsors either but not everyone well practically no one runs advertising the way I do. If I tuned out sources due to hating their sponsors well, I would have very few sources to rely on. DW and DR though to offer some really spot on analysis of things. Perhaps I should mention not endorsing their endorsements when I mention them.

  8. Enough with the Silver and Gold part of todays PODCAST…

    The best part was the description of QE-F.
    I think you should do a short video (in your spare time of course) showing what you described. I really understand it now.

    Great ending!!!

    • Yes, agree. One thing that I was left wondering though: how will QE-F interact with the so called “fiscal cliff” that we are headed for at the end of the year? If we are dumping gas on the fire at the same time as we’re removing all the oxygen, will the fire get any bigger?

    • Great suggestion, Eddie (with the video). I’ve listened to the QE section twice and still dont follow what Jack is trying to explain.

      The Class Warfare video that Jack did a while back was very helpful, because it complimented a concept that Jack had shared on the podcast many times. I did get a clearer understanding when I saw the whiteboard diagrams, etc.

      @Jack – if you ever find the time, a video to compliment your QE section from the podcast today would likely be very helpful. BTW, thanks for a very interesting episode today.

  9. Jack, on the whole homesteading vs. moving around thing…. I’d think that a lefty “communitarian” listener would have a lot of common ground with you. Free market advocates often talk about how the American system has a great economic advantage over European democracies because we have a great deal of “labor mobility.” What they mean is that people don’t just have the freedom to move around, but that the economic system forces them (or should I say “heavily incentivizes” them?) to move, and to move to specific places. You’ve often called this a scam and you’ve created a show that’s largely dedicated to helping people to avoid it. Anyone who misses this has missed the whole point of the show.

    Communitarians sometimes underestimate exactly how community-oriented a libertarian society would be. The fact is, we do need each other and without government acting as a constant intermediary, we would have closer communities.

  10. Jack,

    One could make just as strong an argument the Fed is a govt entity as it is a private. Aside from “profits” being given to the Treas, also to be considered is the fact that the Board of Gov’s is appointed. Essentially, those people are hired by govt. The Fed owes its entire existence to govt mandate. In that sense, it is entirely a govt agency.

    I think the most appropriate way to view the Fed, is that it is a government entity in which a few private individuals (or, in this case financial institutions) are the beneficiary.

    I have the same opinion of any corp. Corps are govt-created/empowered entitys (created and defined by govt with special privileges) which exist to serve a relative few as beneficiaries.

    Hell, that’s the case for almost any govt entity/program. Paid for by all, but only a few really benefit.

    • Oh, and the reason I think this terminology is important:

      When we make the argument that the Fed is really a private entity, it does two things I think are counter-productive to our freedom:

      1. It provides fuel to the concept that Govt should run our monetary system. It is preposterous to think the Fed doesn’t implement the will of the Fed govt.

      2. It gives a pass to the govt for their role in our monetary mess. The Fed govt has for decades now been serving the big financial interests, they have used the Fed as a tool for that service.

      The misconception that the Fed is a totally (or primarily) private entity, will allow another large move by the big-money interests in which they reform the Fed into a purely govt entity, claiming that will fix everything. But when we realize the Fed in its current form is, in fact, a govt entity already, then that destroys the misconception that having a monetary system run by govt directly will be any better.

    • @bluprint
      IMO opinion there are only two relevant questions for any of ‘our’ organizations (at any level):

      1) Do we control them?
      2) Do they benefit us?

      Public/Private is another false duality to keep people squabbling.

      If we don’t control them, they need to be brought under control. If they don’t benefit us, as a whole, they need to be eliminated. And that includes ‘private’ companies.

      And Dominance/Market Leadership is not a measure of Benefit. A cancerous cell is the ‘most successful’..

    • No one could not, it can’t be done, it isn’t true, nothing anyone says will make it so, nothing. Sorry.

      That said what would be far more accurate to say then just they are private is they are a private organization with a government imposed monopoly on power. Which is what? With an F?

      Telling people the Fed is private doesn’t infer government would do better, it just points out the LIE perpetrated on the public that the Federal in Federal Reserve means anything.

    • “… private organization with a government imposed monopoly on power. ”

      A private organization run by govt appointees (remember the Board of Govs is an appointed group)…so still a bit more cloudy than just private/govt.

      The Fed is absolutely not “private” in any traditional sense. Your implication of fascism is dead on – which means it ultimately gets its power by threat of violence via the govt.

      Probably the most insightful comment here is the one about the false duality of private vs public. Which I think goes a long way to make the point I was trying to make, which is that govt and big financial institutions are working together to form a small group of super-powerful people. Whether that organization “technically” falls under a label of strictly private (it’s not) or strictly govt (I would argue this is more true*) is a bunch of bullshit intended to divert us from the REAL truth that, either way, we have all been sold down the river.

      *I also take the position that all corps are really govt entities…but that probably would just cloud this issue more.

      • So you think the publicly appointed officials are

        1. Appointed in a way that is actually based on what the president wants to do vs. what he is told, LOL.

        2. You think the people who’s names you know actually call the shots as to what the Fed is going to do, you think Ben is really making the decisions, LOL

        3. You think the Fed follows the will of the Federal Government vs. the other way around, LMFAO

        Sorry man you are not aligned with reality on this one.

        • 1. This differs from other parts of govt, how?

          2. See 1.

          3. See 2.

          Bottom line, govt is sold to the highest bidder. I think we agree on that. The Fed is no different than any other part of govt. See the USDA – appointed by president, operates on behalf of monsanto, et al.

        • Well first we can if we choose to exercise our rights and not believe a lie actually replace elected officials, just because the people have fallen down and not done their duty doesn’t mean the option is not there. Next again the problem is the people are LED TO BELIEVE (we call that a lie) that the Fed is a public entity, it simply isn’t.

  11. For everyone worrying/arguing/commenting on.. FEMA camps, reptilian overlords, etc.

    Does it make you feel better?
    Will your actions change if its true/not true?
    Is there any action you can take that will modify the ‘outcome’ of your ‘apocalypse scenario’? (NOT including trying to convince everyone of your beliefs)

    If you just answered ‘No’ more than once.. you’re wasting valuable time and energy you could be using on things that WILL effect the quality of your life, now, and in the future.

  12. Jack,

    Two things.

    First, looking forward to the show. wife and I are planning a move to the Bol in the spring, so hearing your thoughts on the grace years will help us plan. Thanks.

    Second, good for you for standing up for your principles. I try to do the same thing in both my life and my job. Sometimes it causes friction, but I would never sacrifice my ability to meet someone’s eyes and say, I don’t lie. Its nice to see someone in your position feel the same way.

  13. hey jack,
    great show again. And thanks for getting JM on board – I really was hoping you’d get a dealer who is more appropriate for larger orders, and i went just to check the MSB section as i do before most purchases, and voila! As soon as my order arrives i’ll let you know how my experience was. so far so good. I had been going to S&G for smaller orders over the last year & was happy, but the slight higher prices had me looking elsewhere as I researched a larger order. BTW – any word on tspcopper adding silver & gold eta, and /or getting a discount/msb benefit for aocs? [hint hint]. thanks

    • @bloodyrich, on the silver form TSP copper point, Jack already answered above. The margins on silver make it unlikely. Same for a silver discount for MSB I suspect.

  14. I took Macro-Economics in college. What you say is the truth about QE-F. Right on. For those wanting to delve into this further, the high school Economics book, Whatever Happened to Penny Candy? explains clearly what will happen to us.

  15. I tried S&G once and they were ok. I didn’t like their pricing.
    I have used other places and on the day Jack announced JM Buillion as an MSB supporter I put in an order and can not say anything bad. A very good experience and the prices were competitive.
    And $5 off $300 is pretty good as it helps ease the shipping.

    • Wow, thanks Jack for the hook-up with JM Bullion. I’ve been ordering from Golden Eagle Coins, I thought they were the cheapest. JM beats Golden by a dollar per oz on silver. Wish I’d known about them sooner.

  16. Jack you have always said they could kick the can one more time. This is one big can. You have always said they will try to keep it going. Now we know how they will do it. Not sure how much time it will buy. On the other hand 30+ yrs ago grandpapa was saying the country is going to go belly up so ???? who knows when. I sure don’t have a good feeling about this.

    I do have a good feeling about your choices. I have never met you in person but some how I know what you see or hear is what you get. NO SMOKE BLOWEN here. That’s why so many are drawn to you. It’s not always easy to stay true to yourself. So good for you for being up front I have even more respect for you because of it. As I am sure others do.

    Putting your family first now that’s just as it should be. My business mentor always told me you know when you are successful because that’s when people will take pot shots at you. He then warned then try to sue so get good coverage and CYA. So when I hear some comments I chuckle and think good job Jack you are really making it! LOL

  17. Appreciate you looking out for your listeners Jack. Thanks. Still a fabulous learning experience coming from this. I found some great ideas from the Edo podcast, and was sorry to hear that others did not hear them, but instead focused on politics. Keep up the good work!

  18. I am one of the 47% even though I am a single parent, work 6 days a week and am a caretaker for my widowed mother and extended family. I’ve gone to college and am trying to run a small business from my home and all while struggling to save for retirement. Romney would like to increase my taxes because he feels I am lazy. If you think YOU are one of the 53%… think again.

    • @ray miller,

      1st I appreciate your situation so you need to really hear (read) what I am about to say fully to understand.

      2nd Pull your head out of your ass with Romney wants to raise your taxes. First with this no one can raise a tax you don’t pay, it is unreasonable for some to pay nothing, you should pay something. Sorry those are the facts, but the entire point is NO Romney doesn’t want to raise your taxes and make you pay more, Romney is nothing but a big government liberal happy to dole out every bit as much as Obama, this was nothing but a talking point, if you think he will act on it on EITHER side of the issue you are just being suckered in.

      3rd I don’t begrudge you for not paying any income tax, I am happy for you. My son much like you doesn’t earn enough to effectively pay much if anything in tax, I don’t consider either my son or you a dead beat. The 47% isn’t really a good way to describe this, let’s just say close to half of Americans now feel entitled to shit at the expense of others. Some of that half don’t pay any taxes, some of them also live on the government and some of them pay considerable taxes, it is about attitude not the tax return, again you are being suckered into class warfare bullshit.

      Please for the love of God pull your head out of your fourth point of contact and accept the Presidential race for what it is, the fricken WWE of politics, there is more reality in Professional Wrestling then there is in the political theater you are watching on PMSNBC and Faux News. Romeny doesn’t give a shit about you and neither does Obama, you have to be asleep and dreaming to believe otherwise.

      If I were president you would be paying income tax, a fair rate, the same rate as every other American, say a flat rate of ten percent. You will now tell me you can’t afford it and I am going to tell you if that is what everyone paid you could. It isn’t right that one man pays for another man, it just isn’t. That isn’t a judgement on you or the other 47 percent it is a judgement on the system that has so ever loving successfully divided us.

    • Love the response Jack. It is about time people stop buying into the BS about raising or lowering taxes.
      # 1 Our spending is the greatest problem we have (which much of this money goes to entitlements and other countries as you mentioned)
      #2 Obama saying he is going to ask a little more from the wealthy is a bunch of crap. Its a backdoor tax on the middle class. Anyone who has had any economics class understands that taxation is passed on through the system. When he taxes (what he calls wealthy) more, the taxes will then filter through the system as businesses and wealthy individuals preserve their margins.

      That is the one hope for the republican party is that they spend less. I hope that Ron Paul and some others within the party have woke others up, but it will be hard to combat the mindset of the political elite. “Eat drink and be merry for tomorrow (or in a couple years), the whole thing crashes down.”

      • I should add. Whatever happened to people helping people. Why??? does everyone look to politicians to meet their needs. As always, that is what family, community, and your fellow should be their for. Non-profits(don’t get me started), like United Way and others have made it too easy for people to give money away to feel good about themselves.

      • Jack, if i understand your take on the QEforever, you think we’ll have a bull market for next year or 2. They have kicked the can down the road yet again. Does this mean you would have some money in equities, and not just cash, metals, real estate & food? My ‘cash’ option in my keogh is over 50% treasuries, and another 20% or so munis. I was thinking of putting in a broad us & International index fund. This would other than what i have in my home, metals, food etc, not all my money. thanks

        • @bloodyrich, I do not give that type of advice. You know this by now. Know why you are doing what you are doing with investments at all times and do not put anything on autopilot, that is the best I can do for you.

        • I feel equities are still risky, but I think the best will be mining equities. NEM, KGC. and similar companies. They have since underperformed, have strong metal reserves, and will move up if the equity markets move up, but hopefully down less if they go the reverse. This trade might stay good for the mid-term future. I agree with Jack. raise cash, have metals, and don’t dump money into locked up retirement funds at this point. Many people could pull some money from roth ira accounts penalty free. If you can, pull at least some and further secure your personal position.

        • thanks jack-and sorry, i didn’t mean to actually give ‘investment advice’ – i just was wondering if it looks like the day of reckoning is really being pushed back yet again… I have been out of equities [mostly] for over a year. And i don’t know if I’ll ever feel comfortable putting my money into the casino ever again.

    • One comment- If we are going to insist that the governments’ job isn’t to take care of people from cradle to grave, then WE THE PEOPLE MUST TAKE UP THE SLACK & start taking care of ourselves, our family, our neighborhood, our city, our state, and our country, [and therefor we would be helping the entire planet.] We do this by working hard, saving, helping those out who truly are in need & truly deserve our help, educate people, being a good example & citizen, and where applicable, giving to organized charity. I know it is hard to decide which organized charity is really helping, and which charity is mostly about keeping itself alive. I plan on saving enough that if someone I know is in need I can help them. This requires people to be nice. If someone is a jerk, there will not be anyone who will help them when in need. Current entitlement programs often don’t have any requirements on people. And i speak from experience- 20 years ago I was on unemployment, then for a short time food stamps & welfare. It woke me up. And I vowed to never again be a slave to that system.

  19. JACK, another great show. While you were talking about QE3, I got a picture of a Monopoly game, and how it would work if the banker kept pumping new money into it open endingly, favoring the winning guys.

    • Earlier last week I heard an Agora Financial guy say that real estate is one of the best investments right now. Right on time, the Fed announces that they will begin acquiring the notes of thousands of properties every month by mashing buttons on the computer.

  20. Wow Jack!

    The 2nd half of this episode is a keeper. I think you are spot on about QEx.

    Thank you for another great show.

  21. Perhaps I misunderstood, but didn’t Jack say that JM Bullion had some sort of “subscription” program where you signed up for “X” dollars per month and they send you as much as would fit within that budget each month? I’ve been all over their web site and can’t find that. Did I hear wrong (deaf) or am I not seeing it on their site (blind)?

  22. Jack thanks a million for bringing on a great sponsor. I had never even heard about jmbullion but I researched them and got underway with an automatic investing account tonight. I dealt some with their online chat support and they were very helpful. Really appreciate all that you do. Enjoyed the show today, I really like the freestyle and as MSB member I appreciate that you informed us of your decisions on sponsors.

  23. Jack,

    You typically bash Alex Jones and yet you ignore The Blaze and Glenn Beck and the BS anti-libertarian pro-Republican establishment support and over hype they post on a daily basis.

    Why is that?

    • Jack has “bashed” Glenn Beck in the past and he has also agreed with Alex Jones. He is an equal opportunity basher and also an equally gives credit where credit is due even to people he doesn’t necessarily like. He has always equally bashed Democrats and Republicans. He’s even bashed Libertarians so you can’t say he only bashes one group.
      Just look back to the “Rage Against The Ass Clown” days.

    • @Sage I have as LICountryboy pointed out bashed Beck many times MANY, Beck though doesn’t result in my inbox being constantly flooded with people freaked the hell out convinced they are being exterminated and everything is going to end and they are going to be in FEMA camps by the _____ of the month of _______.

      I also do credit Jones for good work, I credit Beck for good work as well, etc.

      Jones is flipping nut that is smart enough to be accurate 80-90% of the time, that is the problem. If you watch is five hours slow it doesn’t really hurt you if it is off by 15 minutes, well……..

      Beck’s problem is he is still married to the paradigm and he is a neocon. He still thinks if we just put in enough Rs and “hold their feet to the fire” we can fix this mess, he considers Ron Paul “nuts” when it comes to foreign policy when he is the only guy out there with common sense on the subject, etc.

  24. Jack – In your show today, I think you called yourself a minarchist libertarian. I wasn’t familiar with that term, so I did an Internet search and I believe I would be categorized as such myself. In this search I discovered an answer to something that’s been confusing me for awhile now. My web searches also found the term “libertarian socialist”. I’ve run into many people this past summer who described themselves as libertarians but had more socialist/liberal ideas than libertarian ideas. So this finally makes sense as I had no idea that there were libertarian socialists! Kind of weird to me, but now I understand. Thanks for helping me learn something new today!

    • I don’t believe in libertarian socialists, it is like the Loch Ness Monster. It is possible but not likely to work. If a libertarian socialist is really LIBERTARIAN then they have a obligation to privatize their socialism, in other words create that socialism only with people who want to voluntarily participate in it. While I have met people that use the term then never like the reality of what it actually would mean.

    • I’m more and more disenchanted with the labels.

      The problem with them, as Hayakawa points out in his excellent excellent book ‘Language in Thought and Action’ (seriously, read it) is that the definition of a word IS what it is commonly believed to mean NOW. And that means, over time, the definition changes..

      And when you’re talking about political beliefs, there are people CONTINUALLY propagandizing to re-define the terms. The more powerful the term, the more strongly its attacked (Patriot: does it mean ‘person who blindly follows whatever ‘the government’ says? or is it ‘an ignorant racist hillbilly with too many guns and a moonshine still’.)

      Then there’s the problem of ‘boxing’ where once you’ve identified yourself with a label, you’re bound by that definition.. and to appear ‘consistent’ to others who identify with that label you have to reject new thoughts or beliefs..

      Sorry to rant. I just think we need to slow down enough that we can get to know each other. We use the labels because we’re in a hurry. So at a minimum, after someone says ‘I’m a x’ we need to be asking ‘what does that mean TO YOU’.

      • Um may be? I have met some libertarians that think socialism is a good idea but do accept the “private socialist” concept. Not surprisingly though they never seem to find many producers to join in on a large scale, I personally think it can work up to about a Village size with certain types of people.

  25. Hi Jack,
    As the “progressive socialist” you called out today (your description of me, not mine), I need to clarify a couple of things regarding your portrayal of our exchange on the Japan show.

    First, my posts were not motivated by politics in any way whatsoever. My posts were motivated from historical perspective — and I admit today looking back that they were overly nitpicky and I should have just stepped back from the keyboard, because they weren’t productive in any real way.

    Second, I did NOT, nor will I EVER promote the idea that the government (or any other large-scale institution) should intervene and FORCE people to remain in one place. On the flip side of that, as BeninMA pointed out above, we currently have economic policies in this country that are designed to seriously incentivize people to move from one place to another — usually from the more rural periphery to the urban core — which ultimately undermines and destroys community. Then again, that’s the nature of complex societies as described by Tainter — they consume their periphery for the benefit of the center. I’m not sure there’s much of a way around this other than for people to make the conscious choice of dropping out of the consumerist treadmill to varying degrees and deciding to invest their energies in the place they find themselves, while fighting the bureaucratic intertia that seemingly makes that more and more difficult to do. I think that strategy is something that we could find common ground on.

    I’ll have to listen to the rest of the show on the way home today. I can tell from the comments that you delved into economic issues, and that’s one of the areas in which I’ve found your podcast to be invaluable.

    • @Chris Harrison one reason text is the lowest form of communication is people get emotional and leave words out, I did not say you were a progressive socialist did I? If you read the comment it says you “sound like a progressive socialist”, so there you go. Again you accused me of taking things personally yet I think it was you who did. In that comment it was simply how you came off.

  26. Jack,

    I called in with a question about 6 months ago about Romney talking tough on Bernanke and QE. At the time, you said it was BS. Romney continues to say easing is bad and Bernanke should be replaced. If elected, will he just replace him with another “dove?” Or will he actually slow the “easing” and allow prices to fall (unlikely)? Or will he slow the easing but institute some kind of manipulated gold standard or backing that will appear good but be bad? Just trying to figure out of this election, which I agree is largely meaningless, may impact metal/commodity prices.

    • Well given Romney is also on record praising Ben and saying he should be reinstated, I don’t really put much stock in anything Romney says and I wonder why anyone does. I mean have you seen this?

      I do not understand why people are judging either of these clowns on what they SAY, given one has been a governor and one president isn’t it more intelligent to judge them on their prior actions? Believing what either of them says is about as smart as having registered sex offender tell you they would never harm a child and then leaving your child with them at a day care because they said the right thing.

  27. Thanks for the reply and link, Jack. I’m surprised by nothing on that video, expect Romney’s Bernanke comments. I had not heard or forgotten that he spoke in favor of the Fed chair. It’s not a matter of believing what either candidate says, it’s a matter of trying to read through the BS and predict what they might do, if/when in office. It sure looks like his only motivation for criticizing Bernanke over the past 6-12 months is political strategy, hoping to prevent the Fed from doing exactly what they did last week and try to goose the markets before the election.

  28. Jack, I had a big breakthrough with my parents last night when they listened to the final QE part of your show with me.

    I started with playing Tony Robbins youtube video to about 06:30 ( just to give them an idea of the national debt. And then I went to your show. I think they can see it now. They were actually inspired by the end. I just looked at them and then they told me all the things they liked and what they need to do now to prepare. We have a plan.

    After losing so much sleep the last year I was finally able to show them why I care so much about this stuff! My brother’s next! Haha. It means a lot. Thank God we have people like you Jack.

  29. I say good luck to you Jack with the people that get scared to death by listening to shock jock Alex Jones.. I remember at first it got to me but not for long if you use logical thinking while listening to this guy and read between the lines and you can get some thing from his show.. My thing is I cant even listen to him anymore because he is to far out there for me, I like Glen beck a whole lot more, I wish you luck Jack in convincing these people that the government is not going to come and haul them away.. I find security in taking back my power in my life like cutting and splitting wood I have enough wood for two winters and that means warmth to me in the coldest winters here in Michigan.. I also find the hard work fulfilling and peace full because I know this work is better my health and like I said gives me warth during winter.. I have people ask me why I don’t take expensive vacations and I always stay at home and get work done that needs to be done and with 10 acres and log home seems my work is never done LOL but its fun.. I say don’t be scared be prepared LOL thanks Jack

  30. Jack, I loved your economic analysis towards the end of this podcast. I have a question though: how were you able to draw together the game plan for the banks and Fed moving forward with QE-3? I’m not asking because I doubt you, but because I want to be able to piece the puzzle together as well as you do, but have the financial/macro I.Q. to do it on my own. Have any suggestions for a young guy (27 years) like me to be able to fundamentally understand the dynamics and mechanics of big money so that I (and the people I care about that listen to me) won’t get fleeced in the next 5-10 years?

    • I was actually about to do a youtube vid on this today when I got a road side assistance call from the wife, I will try to do it tomorrow.

    • Jack, I hope that all is well with Dorothy. When you make the video about QE-F, please flesh-out a bit about your belief that the banks will buy gold with some of the proceeds of the MBS sales. The US demand for gold has been much smaller than India’s or China’s in recent years, it seems like there’s literally tons of catch-up to do for US banks to accumulate competitive holdings.

    • I hope all is well with your family. I can’t wait to see the YouTube video related to this episode. Also, you said that when the banks start lending again, it would drive property values down. Wouldn’t more loans (and more people buying houses) drive UP the value, like in the pre-2008 meltdown? Sorry if I’m asking some boneheaded questions, I’m just trying to get a broader understanding

      • Everything is fine it is the Jetta though. Dorothy ended up with a flat in a really shitty spot. Most days I would have just rocked on and she could have handled it on her own. However, today the Jetta needed to go in to get the exploded sun roof fixed and we needed it turned in by today so she can take it to Texas next week. Soooooooooo Jack to the rescue.

  31. .
    Jack, great show

    While we argue over percentages, 47%,49%, who’s a mooch, who’s fallen on hard times, who’s rich….the ‘powers that be’ scheme to take/steal even more from us, our children,and our grandchildren.

    For me , the 16th amendment is clear, and we are fools for paying the extortion that is income tax.

    Revolt is coming, only a matter of time.

    • @TrekFanDan the problem is VERY FEW revolutions work out well. VERY FEW. Perhaps now would be a good time to really pay attention to the words of Revolution by the Beatles.

      I think with the rap the Beatles got for some of their liberal views and bigger then Jesus stuff most people have glossed over the very big warning that is this song.

      “You say you want a revolution
      Well, you know
      We all want to change the world
      You tell me that it’s evolution
      Well, you know
      We all want to change the world
      But when you talk about destruction
      Don’t you know that you can count me out
      Don’t you know it’s gonna be all right
      All right, all right

      You say you got a real solution
      Well, you know
      We’d all love to see the plan
      You ask me for a contribution
      Well, you know
      We’re doing what we can
      But when you want money
      For people with minds that hate
      All I can tell is brother you have to wait
      Don’t you know it’s gonna be all right
      All right, all right

      Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah…

      You say you’ll change the constitution
      Well, you know
      We all want to change your head
      You tell me it’s the institution
      Well, you know
      You better free you mind instead
      But if you go carrying pictures of chairman Mao
      You ain’t going to make it with anyone anyhow
      Don’t you know it’s gonna be all right
      All right, all right
      All right, all right, all right
      All right, all right, all right”

      • @Jack

        Point taken. I remember Glenn talking about this as well.

        But don’t misunderstand, I do not ‘want’ a revolt.

        I just realize that when more and more people wake up, and realize they have been robbed blind–
        – and they know where the thieves are, they will rebel, and drag the thieves into the street for a linching.

        One thing I’ve learned is,

        Life is about “Lines in the Sand” (This Far-NO Further), and each of us draw those lines in different places for each and every aspect of our daily lives.

        “A law is only a command written by another man….and it can be unwritten.”
        …Some of the best words I have ever heard spoken.

        The law of “we will take, and you will give” is a line that has been crossed.
        That is theft- just the same as a masked bandit breaking into my home.

        • IMO

          All the power of the Fed lies in our willingness to accept Federal Reserve Toilet Paper for our labor and our property.

          All the power of ‘the government’ lies in its ability to convince us to do its bidding (love of country, threat of force, acceptance of its Federal Reserve TP).

          If we stop playing in their casino, it goes out of business. We don’t have to burn it down.

          (For a fictional future version of this: Snow Crash, Neal Stephenson)

  32. Fair enough Jack. If you are bashing both sides then I believe that is a fair approach.

    Personally, I listen to more Lew Rockwell than Jones. I am just left with the impression Jones gets bashed a heck of a lot more than Beck does.

    I mean what’s the significant difference in Jones warning people to prepare against an incoming radioactive cloud of death from Fukishima versus believing the NDAA can indefinitely detain American citizens without trial, evidence, or judge, or that a major economic collapse will create massive unrest, inflation, and justify prepping for such a catastrophe in food and ammunition and survival preps.

    We prepare for a gloom and doom scenario and then we laugh and ridicule the possibility our government has created FEMA camps, or we ridicule at those questioning the official government story about 9-11.

    I believe sometimes we can lose sight that our opinions or positions may look just as crazy and paranoid to others outside the community as Alex Jones is viewed by many in the community.

  33. Great point about the compromises of marriage.

    This is one of those topics that more people should come to grips with–making compromises and doing what you can to be united and practical in your preps. Better to give an inch on some things if that’s what it takes to keep your spouse feeling positive and on board with the other stuff. hat off.

    Thanks for filling us in on the back story on Silver and Gold shop and other sponsors. Sounds like you’re headed in a good direction.

  34. Awesome show!

    “If my cat Ralph ran as a republican and my dog Max ran as a democrate…”

    Laughed my ass off at that, had to stop and go play that section for my room mates, they both thought it was great.

  35. I think if the TSP ant is ever retired it should be with an Angel on a Unicorn.
    Maybe with some TSP copper to go with it.

  36. Hi Jack,

    I had some thoughts on liquidating 25% of my IRA recently, but it was the Greg Marianno show and not Alex Jones that seemed to have something to do with that.

    There are people starving in India, though perhaps some are getting by but don’t eat well as we do. I think the cow is sacred in the hindu religion. The people who own the cows may not be the ones that are starving. If they do have problems, they can probably sell the cow and buy some food. India has alot of vegitarianism and I think it may be cultural, just like we don’t eat cats and dogs, though maybe beef does tastes better ..

  37. I didn’t totally follow the thing with Silver and Gold shop, I guess it’s complex and I don’t study marketing or business, but I got the general gist of it ..

  38. wait, Jack I ended up listening to that part again because I played to the end by mistake and had to rewind to figure out where I left off, you said it was like you where in 5th grade and made an off cuff remark on cows in India, I get it

  39. Jack:

    You mentioned in the podcast that you thought we had few years left given Bernacke’s plans with QE (to infinity) before we experience a great “shift”. I’m just wondering if you might have some thoughts re: the amount of aggregate national debt (and likewise as a percent of GDP) that would need to be incurred before we have our own “Grecian” moment prior to the shift. Also, what does BB see on the horizon that wasn’t obvious 6-8 mos. ago that made him pull the trigger now? Thanks.

  40. Have to share an alien story…..a guy I know bought some kind of spray that will ‘hide’ him from the aliens. He also thinks they are buried in pods in the earth and will hatch and eat us and HOW COULD THEY DO THAT? We were sharing this conversation over a plate of wings and I asked him how he felt about the chickens he was eating. I also told him to call me the night before the aliens hatch so I can drink a couple gallons of hot sauce so that the one who eats me will really regret it.

  41. Thank you for moving on from S&G shop. IMHO, their prices were inflated….but they were not always so. I placed several orders from them in previous years and the prices were always competitive. But not recently! I wonder if this ‘silver snowball’ is the reason why their prices went up?

    I am so glad they are not a sponsor any longer. I was feeling pangs of guilt for taking my silver business elsewhere, but I just could not justify the premium S&G was asking for. I’ll give JM a shot on my next buy and see how it works out.