Episode-911- Ben Branam on IDPA Shooting — 11 Comments

  1. Thanks to you and your guest. Motivated me to send in an IDPA application for membership.

    • Glad you are sending in your membership. I just wanted everyone to know that you don’t have to be a member to shoot a local match, just show up. If you want to shoot a State, National, or International match you will need to be a member.

      Thanks again to Jack and everyone out there for letting me be on the show!

  2. I’m inspired to join a club. Ben is there video of some of the matches anywhere? Thanks for the great interview, I really enjoyed this podcast.

    • You don’t have to join a club to shoot. Almost all will let you shoot for the entrance fee. One of my shooting buddies, Bob posts his stuff all the time. Check out his youtube channel. Sooner or later I’ll get my stuff up. Thanks for listening!

  3. Great interview! I really enjoyed hearing what Ben had to say, I hadn’t really thought of shooting competitively before. I love the concept of shooting the gun you carry from the holster you carry, not some tricked out speed gun. My wife, son, and I are definitely going to find an IDPA in our area.

    • Yes. I have shot IDPA for about 12 years. There are not a lot, but its certainly not uncommon to see wives, girlfriends, and even individual women shooters on their own participate.

      Also want to add to Ben’s assertion of how beginner friendly IDPA is. Beginner friendlyness is embedded in the DNA of IDPA. If you are at All interested in it, do it.