Episode-26- 9 Methods of Storing Food for the Modern Survivalist — 5 Comments

  1. Biltong is so 1997 for me… I’ve family in South Africa and have had some biltong there (didn’t get the Zebra though, my brother-in-law got the last piece that a good friend of his had made up in Namibia). Good podcast and you covered the basics. I don’t know if you get the book or jars in the US by Bernadin (their book on canning is available here; but they have a canning book that has been a great starting point for my wife and I for preserving. The information is written so both beginners (with no familial experience or history of canning) can get going quickly. Thought to pass it along.

  2. I would check into the paint cans for food storage a little more. They sound good, but check to make sure they are food safe first. I have seen those cans before, but I am not sure that they are food safe, which might defeat the purpose. The same thing is true for film containers, in the 70s, my dad used to use them to store herbs for camping trips, and now we know that there are silver and other particulates from the film that make that not a good idea. Just something to keep in mind. A plastic storage bag inside the can may negate the issue, but I am no scientist and couldn’t tell you.

  3. I should have mentioned that the cans should be lined with a plastic bag, which is then closed with a twist tie. The cans of course are 100% new.

    I found the thread that I heard about this in

    The only issue is you have to register for that forum to be able to view the content. I think that is a huge mistake personally but it is there forum and it is full of some really great people so it is worth the trouble in my opinion.