Episode-2291- Listener Calls for 9-13-18 — 8 Comments

  1. Regarding China’s crackdown on the Uighur minority in Xinjiang Province… my father-in-law and mother-in-law are actually traveling there this weekend to visit a cousin who lives there (from the part of the family that was effectively separated from them on the China side of the border during the Sino-Soviet split decades ago).

    When asking other Mongolians who visit there frequently about any potential problems, they were told to tell the Chinese border officials that they’re going shopping in Urumqi… and NOT to say they’re visiting family. Apparently that’s a big red flag that can create problems for travelers and their relatives in China, even if they’re not Uighurs or Muslims. I’ll definitely be asking them what it was like there…. I’ve seen the large numbers of security cameras and notable security presence in other parts of China, but I’ve heard the security environment in Xinjiang is on a WHOLE other level….

  2. Jack
    Angelina National Forest
    Caddo/LBJ National Grasslands
    Davy Crockett National Forest
    Sabine National Forest
    Sam Houston National Forest
    Are all Federally controlled land in Texas

    • And all negotiated by Treaty with compensation paid to Texas.  All revocable, all deeds held in the Texas General Land Office, George P. Bush, Commissioner.

      Yellowstone for instance is owned by the Federal Government, Sam Houston National Forest is effectively on lease/loan to them.  Texas as a state holds a deed to the land.  Wyoming and Montana do not hold the deed to Yellowstone.  Make sense?

      This was written into the treaty when Texas joined the union.  That Texas would always maintain control and final say over all of its lands.  Given the amount of land it gave up in the deal you can understand why.

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