Episode-899- Security During a Break Down – (TSP Classic Orginally Episode 489) — 10 Comments

  1. It’s funny you use “The Colony” as your example. I sat there thinking the same thing while watching it. Especially in season 2. They pick like the worst building to hold up in. And then go days without securing it. But then it occurred to me that we really don’t know how much the producers influence their decisions. Or how editing manipulates the events. The group’s priorities in both season are so skewed that I would hope people aren’t that stupid. But perhaps the saying is correct, “A person is smart! People are dumb!”

  2. This was a good episode for me. We haves stored supplies for many years, building and learning as we go along. I enjoyed hearing some interesting ideas, like appeasing our neighbors; always good to keep them on your side. I loved the idea of breaking up supplies when the time comes. Don’t all your eggs in the same basket approach. Another good idea I learned today is camouflage your storage. Now I know what to do with the kitty litter when our cat is done. I’ll put it in cans and seal them up. I tested a can andbit sounds like rice! What a nice surprise.
    Thanks for all your good advice. Keep up the good work.

  3. I’m relatively new to this podcast and have no military background. This is the single best episode I’ve heard. Fantastic!

  4. Welcome BBQ ,
    (…Great, …now I’m hungry.)

    I agree, this was a really good episode.
    And Ep. 490 is great as well. (Kind of a part 2 of this one)

    If you use the search feature, you’ll find hundreds of hours of great information on pretty much whatever topic you’re interested in.

  5. Hey Jack,

    If you happen to peek in here, you should check out the BBC mini series “Survivors” (2008 .)
    It’s a pretty good “dry run” learning tool, … a similar pandemic scenario as “The Colony”.
    That’s the way I view these type of shows, keep what I can use, and discard their mistakes.
    Occasionally I’ll get some good ideas that I hadn’t considered before.

    Another one is “Jeremiah” same scenario- with an interesting twist (2002)- (TV MA warning- not for the kids)

  6. Hey Jack… “apeasement” is NOT a solution from my viewpoint. IF you give an unprepared person (and I’m NOT a cruel heartless bastard) they will simply come back for more – they did not and will not (perhaps cannot) comprehend the notion of taking care of themselves. This is a basic social problem in this country – lack of responsiblity – were they responsible they would have prepared as the rest of us have done. Just reality not me being the bad guy – any supplies I might give someone would be taking away from my family & I. that is verboten!

    • @Justin you either didn’t listen or didn’t HEAR the episode.

  7. I have to agree with the initial assessment from Bryan – “the most important = issue” … the best set up with out effective and pro-active security is worthless. Jack = thanks for all you do – keep-on-keeping-on !!!!!!!! there ARE many-many of us listening and applying what you share .