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  1. Very good show. I have studied both independently and formally EO’s for 14 yrs now. I think Julie gave some very good information. I would like to encourage any one thinking about using EO to study up on them. At least understanding some basic info.

    They are very safe in general however you can have some seriously bad reactions if you go about it willy nilly. If you are currently taking meds you need to be aware of the potential reactions. If you have medical conditions like but not limited to high blood pressure seizures you need to know what to avoid. Some oils can also cause skin photosensitivity or bring on an asthma attack or you can become sensitive which can create negative reactions. Get informed.

    I have seen / experienced EO do fantastic things. From calming down a sun burn to helping relieve pain after surgery without using standard drugs even witnessed a paraplegic walk again. So many things in between. I have used them on people of all ages and animals. They are very potent and do work wonders.

    In France medical professionals take classes and learn how to use them. You can find several studies on how and why they work. It can be very mind boggling and overwhelming. Julie keeps it simple enough for the average person to get started and that is an important first step. (I don’t know her just from this interview and her web site visited for the first time today)

    Just a word of caution should you decide to use EO in the bath I would recommend that you put your body into the water first then the oils. Oils float on top of the water and if you are using certain oils well ….. just imagine ben gay or vicks on the undercarriage. Not good! Not the type of hot bath you may not have had in mind.

    Also a basic tip. If you go to buy EO and they are in a clear glass bottle they are not pure therapeutic grade. They should always come in a dark glass brown blue green. Brown being the most common. Also using more is not better. They are very powerful. Found that out the hard way in the beginning. To much blending and studying without enough ventilation. Boy was I a happy camper high as a kite. No hang over though LOL.

    Sticker shock is common. But realize what you are buying. A bottle of rose or aged frankincense can go for $100’s or $1000’s. The basic more common oils are much more affordable. They are great for cleaning too.

    Once you get into this world don’t be surprised if you get hooked. My collection of EO is down to only 77 different oils that is down by a good 75% from when I was running my clinic. Yet another good reason to have a good fire proof safe. That’s where I keep them except what is in my purse & BOB.

    Thanks Julie and Jack for helping spread the word!

  2. I was once a non believer in the essential oils until my wife straightened me out. It has help with everything from horrible chest cold that I couldn’t cure with OTC drugs to treating cuts on my dogs and myself during hunting trips. They are truly wonderful and have hundreds of uses.

  3. Fam just getting ‘into’ EO. We’ve considered for years. Looking forward to listening with Bride this evening!


  5. Hi,
    I really enjoyed this show and I’m planning on listening to it again to get some more of the details. I just tried the coupon code and it told me it couldn’t be used on any of the items in the cart. I tried using it with the combo $13.99 listing for the two books, and I tried with the individual listings for the books. Is anyone else having difficulties?
    Jack, thanks for bringing on so many different guests who teach us on a wide range of topics.

  6. Awesome, AWESOME show! We’re never without essential oils here. We use peppermint, spearmint, oregano, lavender, and clove most often. I even made a “bug spray” that we’d spray on our bodies before going outside and we wouldn’t get bothered by ticks, mosquitoes, and chiggers.

    I also routinely use them for migraine, and more times than I’d like to admit, we’ve used them for head lice.

    Silly as it sounds, my favorite use for peppermint oil is “spider killer”. For some odd reason, we’re finding a lot of black widows around, and peppermint oil is EXTREMELY effective at killing them. My husband will take a Q-tip and draw a circle around the spider’s body to “trap it”. Then one touch to its body and it’s dead! (It’s a lot harder to just touch with the Q-tip without drawing the circle because they run/jump away from it if you just try to touch their bodies.)

    I couldn’t agree more that dealing with health problems NOW is an effective survival tool. In fact, its one of the ideas on which I’ve based a series of posts on my blog. We need to work on our health NOW while we have choices. Makes things a lot easier in the end.

    Thanks again, Julie & Jack!

  7. I was also unable to get the coupon code to work.
    I tried upper and lowercase coupon codes as well as a space in between.
    I also tried the combo but to no avail.

    Great show, again with more information than I could absorb in a first sitting.

  8. Thanks Julie. This is one thing that hubby and I have wanted to learn more about so your talk came just in time. I’ll be visiting your site for sure.

  9. @Jack; If Julie Behling is not on the TSP expert board then your wrong. 🙂

    @Julie Behling I am also wondering if your books are written at a 5th grade level? I have a young one that I think would really take to this subject. Not a deal breaker by any means, just curious.

    Great show.

  10. Great show…. I want to get the books but had trouble w/ the coupon code as well. -Brendan

    • I want to buy both hardcopy and softcopy, but the coupon doesn’t work for me ether. I’m not sure if I should wait, or just order it. I want to get this for my wife’s bday coming up.

  11. I have been using eoils for yrs. and also include herbs and ointments and tintures… i encourage the use of eo and herbs compared to otc and others…heres hoping you all explore the great works and wonders of eo’s…

  12. I have been skeptical of EO but thought I purchase the combo package mentioned for more information and like Elizabeth from the Berkshires, Julies web site wanted to charge me tax, shipping & handling with the message (The coupon code you entered couldn’t be applied to any items in your order. )

  13. @all, I will get with Julie on the discount code in the AM I am sure she will square it away, I will report back with a result.

    • Oh goody, I was hoping it wasn’t just my stooopid computer. I also tried to order this evening, couldn’t get the code to work and also noticed the page that asks for your SSN or EIN before you can “Add to Cart” isn’t secure and that makes me a tad nervous. Could you ask her about that one too, Jack?

      BTW, I’ve already got some of the Young Living oils and love them so I was excited to hear today’s podcast and will second Mark’s suggestion to add Julie to your list of experts.

      • It could be asking for ssn or ein #’s due to young living being a multilevel marketing company. she may very well have it set up so you can become a distributor if you wanted? there by saving more money? Just a guess for what it’s worth.

  14. Great interview thanks. I will be ordering both ebooks and can’t wait to start incorporating them now!

  15. Essential oils are often as powerful as pharmaceuticals. We need to exercise caution when applying essential oils to vulnerable patients. The New England Journal of Medicine reported in 2007 that three young boys suffered breast enlargement (gynecomastia) from using toiletries containing lavender and tea tree oils. Luckily, the estrogen-like effect of the oils ceased after the boys discontinued using the products. See for more info.

  16. Very good show!
    I am an Acupuncture student and always looking for more methods to add to my healing tools. I purchased a mini kit on Julie’s website and it charged S&H and no discount, but no problem, I can’t wait to start experimenting those oils.

  17. FYI the discount code survivalpodcast as of Thursday 12 Apr 2012 does Not work for Medical Preparedness for Adults — hard copy & ebook
    1 $9.99 $9.99 Ebook — 101 Uses for 9 Essential Oils in a Disaster and
    1 $3.99 $3.99 as of 20:32 hours for shipping to Oregon. I am sure it may be a simple glitch as I am attempting to order as a guest. Great Podcast and thanks again for all you do.

  18. I started but did not complete my order as the code was only partially working. I did create an account which may have helped. I’m currently holding on finalizing the order with the stuff still in the cart.

    My Shipping ($5.80 USPS) was covered and then some (discount of $6.21) but there was no change to the book prices. I’m also planning on getting the Mini Essential Oil Survival Kit as I don’t have any experience with e-oils but want to try them out for a reasonable price.

    I’ll check back on this when I get up to see what’s going on.

    • I’m also having problems with the code. There is an item that has both book and the ebook for 13.99, but the discount does not work. It does work however when I add the mini essentials kit to the order, although the math is slightly off. It takes off the shipping plus an additional .43 cents not the additional 1.99 as stated above. Also I’m overtaxed on the purchase by .51 cents considering the tax in PA is only 6%. Looks like the checkout is not exactly correct.

  19. I used to be a skeptic of anything that wasn’t OTC

    Accidently discovered on my own years ago that cinnamon rolls would relax me if stressed out at work. Now that I low-carb most of the time I just do tsp and wash it down. Works everytime.

    Read online several years ago about fish oil, walnuts and oatmeal for my cholesterol. Worked great and no need for drugs.

    So I’m kicking around the EO’s

  20. I FULLY enjoyed this show and look forward to the next time Julie is on! I have so many questions for her but will limit myself to two on this post.

    1) I take anti-seizure medication and it is one of the drugs I am concerned with having access to should there be an economic collapse. I plan to buy Julie’s books, but is there an essential oil that would help with preventing seizures?

    2) My son, 15 months now, suffers from ear infections. He’s had 5 this year! Is there a safe essential oil that could be used in lieu of antibiotics? I am concerned that having him continuously on antibiotics is actually keeping the cycle of ear infection after ear infection going making the infections a vicious circle.

    Thanks, maybe these could be included in her next appearance! 🙂


  21. Hey guys —

    For any of you who have had any technical issues using the coupon code survivalpodcast, I apologize!

    It is set up to give free shipping with any order of an Essential Oil Survival Kit, Essential Survival Kit & Preparedness Plus Upgrade, or Mini Essential Oil Survival Kit. If for some reason it is not working for you, send me an email and I will refund any shipping charges.

    Thanks so much for your patience, and I am glad that so many of you enjoyed the show!

    – Julie

  22. I am curious as to how essential oils affect someone with very sensitive skin. Maybe Julie can address this issue? Thank you.

  23. Roundabout is right about sticker shock. I thought maybe one of these would be good for my wife’s Fibro but about fell out of my chair when I saw prices between $90 – $100.

  24. Some questions about the process of extracting oils.

    Wouldn’t the heat of the steam used to extract the oil break down volatiles within the oil? Is this steam distillation the only method or are there other methods that are used? What amount of herb would produce an ounce of oil through the steam distillation method (I’m sure it varies by herb so lets say peppermint for example)?

    A very interesting show, Thank you.

  25. @Julie- I loved the show. As much as I would love the big kit, its just not in the budget right now. Can you recommend an oil for persistent ear infections/ear canal swelling? I would love to be able to cure these naturally, rather than bombarding my guts with antibiotics.

    Gonna order your books after payday.


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  27. Very good show. I have used EO for a few years not knowing a lot about them. One of my favorites it Peace & Calming; which I used before going to sleep every night in Iraq while I was deployed with the US Army. This helped calm the nerves very well. Although, now, back in the states, whenever I use it, the scent will bring me back to Iraq. Still love it! Any advice on what oils are good to reduce high blood pressure?

  28. Hey guys —

    For those of you with specific questions on using essential oils, I will be doing a free Q&A over the phone on Monday, April 30 at 7 PM MDT. Go here for more info. and to sign up to participate —

    We had quite a large influx from you, the enthusiastic Survival Podcast listeners! I thank you sincerely! We finally caught up with all the orders a few days ago, and now I’m getting caught up with emails. Thank you for your patience as we have scrambled to keep up with this almost ten-fold increase in business over the past few weeks!


    Julie Behling
    Essential Survival

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