Episode-1627- Listener Feedback for 8-18-15 — 22 Comments

  1. Question number two totally hit me. Just moved into a new place with a big blank back yard. 🙂

    • The $64 question: is it a big blank LAWN, or a big blank PIECE OF DIRT? If it is a nice luxurious thick lawn, or even a huge patch of weeds, I completely agree with Jack’s answer, take your time and plan out exactly what you’re doing.

      On the other hand, if you have bare soil, either get it mulched or get stuff planted. What is appropriate depends on your climate, but if it’s an annual cover crop, you don’t need to worry about planning. Just get the seeds in the ground so your soil isn’t naked.

      I have some experience in this area. The town put a new water line through my property, so when they were done I had about a 10×150 area that was 95% subsoil. After a couple years of light mulching and cover cropping, I defy anyone to pick out the path of the water line just by looking at the plants.

  2. Several states are a pain in the ass to open a business in So many hoops, registering your business plus getting a license with the state then county then city. Each of course wants their own fees. Paying taxes on inventory some pay to city and to state. Then depending on the type of business you may have to register with some other gov agency DNR or Health Dept as examples. Some mandate inspections of one sort or another. Home based business some times have more rules sometimes less. Some say if you are not going to make more than 12k per year don’t worry about it unless ??? list of rules you need to follow. So that may be the loop hole. In that case you may want several small business that don’t make that much. Then of course there are the feds with their hands out.

    The only thing I can say is if you really can’t move at this point in time is roll up your sleeves dig in and learn those rules inside and out. It’s time to go to work. Sucks that it is so complicated but it is doable. We can’t give up or give in.
    If at all possible look at opening a business in a different state. That may be a loop hole that fits. My son opened a business in UT because it was so easy saved on taxes saved on rules regulations and such. He lived else where but was able to have his business “home” office so to speak in UT. That may work for some.

    Can’t even begin to say how it pisses me off that it is so difficult in some areas. To me that is just more proof they don’t want us to be independent.

    Oh and watch out for those so called exempt tax status such as can be given in farming, wood products or other so called government helping hands. Many were telling us to get an tax exemption for land. Um yeah read the fine print. In SOME cases once that is brought out of exemption meaning you don’t meet the criteria you have to pay back the difference in taxes that you other wise would have had to pay over the last 7 – 10 years. ($2000 per year x 10 yrs $20K + PLUS interest AND penalty fees for those past years. Also SOMETIMES if you sell your place the exemption can go with it. However the BUYER must pay all the back taxes and fees. That is something a real estate agent may not tell you. You really have to do the math to see if that is worth it.

    Also I guess look into the type of business entity that may be another loop hole. What are the penalties if you don’t comply. They may be better to deal with than all the other BS.

    In any case if I can do it any one can. Once you learn the rule of the game you quickly become a master. It does get easier so don’t let that overwhelming feeling stop you. Side note In some cases it may be possible and easier to have the rules changed on some level.

  3. Just a follow-up on the chloramine. Good catch on the tablets. I looked at the bottles I buy, they are capsules containing powder, so they do dissolve pretty quickly. Compressed tablets may take longer.

    I also found this:

    According to this paper, Lemons contain about 60mg+/- of Ascorbic acid per milliliter of juice. So you could easily use lemon juice. Peels contain significant amounts as well. Now that may take more or less time to react than a pure concentrated form (I’ve not found any research on the reaction from other sources). Since many people don’t compost citrus peels, you could try dropping them in the water barrel. It may be effective, and great for those who have a surplus of citrus growing.

  4. Question: “Will the military shoot me as a citizen?”
    Answer: “Yes. They have in the past, so why not in the future?

    The year is 1970. The place is Kent State University, Ohio.

    The Ohio National Guard fires 67 rounds into a crowd of unarmed college students resulting in 4 dead and 9 injured. What were the students doing? They were protesting the US incursion into Cambodia.

    How did this happen? Well… it’s complicated. Like most screw-ups, it was not a single bad decision but a series of mistakes that allowed the situation to deteriorate so that the only actions available to the National Guard were to open fire or die.

    According to my buddy who knew the National Guardsmen at the time and is the biggest leftist commie I’ve ever met (so he had no reason to defend the National Guard) told me that those Guardsmen were good men. He used to play cards with them!

    The reason they fired on the students was because the officer leading them was not in uniform and therefore difficult to identify, and the Guardsmen made a wrong turn, placing them with their backs against a chain link fence as the crowd closed in on them. With nowhere to go and poor communication with their officers, they felt trapped and fired. Otherwise they felt the students would grab their weapons from them and kill them.

    Q: Was this a reasonable worry?
    A: Yes. It was. (I’ve not provided enough information here for you to agree with that conclusion but study what happened prior to this event and then ask yourself if you would be worried about being killed by this mob.)

    Q: Could it have been handled differently so that no one would die?
    A: Yes. Almost certainly.

    Q: Why didn’t the Guard just use their smart phone to contact their Facebook page to Twitter their Readit forum?
    A: Zzzzzzzzz…..

    Alex Shrugged

    • I’m old enough to remember watching the news reports of the Kent State incident. So it is totally probable, not just possible, for this to happen again without much difficulty.

  5. Regarding the question about keeping lights on in a chicken house. While a little expensive, one solution would be to mount a solar panel on the roof, use a 12 volt battery, and a Morningstar Sunlight SL-10L-12V or SL-20L-12V charge controller (link included at end of post). In addition to regulating the charge for the battery, this controller has the ability to turn lights on for a programable amount of time after dusk (2,4,8 or 10 hours). Also has the ability to turn on lights at dusk and then again prior to dawn or run dusk to dawn. The charge controller figures out dusk and dawn from the solar panel. So it will adjust to varying day lengths as the days get longer or shorter.

    To size your battery capacity, make sure you figure out the current draw of the lights you want to power, the draw of the charge controller, the duration you want to power the lights for, and the number of days you might not get a full battery recharge due to cloudy days (based on the size of your solar panel). You don’t want the battery to discharge too low, I believe that if the battery runs down too far the charge controller will power down and lose track of when the next dawn should occur. I would account for the loss of charging efficiency from cloudy days based on the size of the battery and the size of the solar panel. If unsure about how to calculate the power requirements, I believe that Steve Harris has covered this in one of the episodes he was on. This is how would look at sizing everything
    Charge controller uses 8 mA per hour so in 24 hours it uses 192 mA per day
    Say lights use 100 mA per hour and will run 4 hours per day for 400 mA per day
    Say automatic coop door uses 1000 mA per day (just a wild guess)
    Total is 1592 mA power draw per day
    A 16 amp hour battery would power everything for almost 10 days before it discharged.

    I estimated that for my location a 30 watt solar panel would produce an average of 2 amps per day in the winter on a sunny day, and considerably less on a cloudy day. For my location I still get some charging even on a cloudy day in the winter but I did not attempt to account for any change on a cloudy day. In most cases, I usually don’t have more than 4 or so days that are completely cloudy. So, after 4 cloudy days, it would take approximately 5 days to completely recharge after 4 cloudy days.

    While I may not really need it, I have used this setup on my chicken coop to provide light after dusk. I have an automatic chicken door that needed 12v DC to automatically close the door at dusk and open at dawn. So the cost delta for me was a slightly more expensive charge controller and the 12v LED lights to go into the coop. It is nice during the winter when I get home late and it is dark to be able to see when I go out and gather the eggs.

  6. Do you think the squirrel cooking method would work on a quartered rabbit, except a little longer on the time?

  7. Jack,

    The website you link about the California business licenses is NOT a government website. I live in Commiefornia and it cost me about $100 to get a business licenses.

  8. Jack,
    I’ve looked up a few places to find plant patents, but where do you go to look it up? Can you provide a link? Any place that shows an easy, clean list in order?

    • Just google the patent number, that will lead you to the patent itself quickly.

  9. As somebody who lived in CA for far too many years I 100 percent agree with Jack, get the heck out!!! When living there I forgot to renew the registration on my motorcycle but I want too concerned as it was parked in my garage, I got a notice from the Francise Tax Board that the DMV turned my unpaid registration fees to them for collection. I went to their website and left a message that I had no intention of paying fees as the motorcycle was parked on private property I had no intention of parking or driving on street. I got a call the next day (should not have given them my phone number) saying that if I didnt pay they would go thru a legal process to collect. As a Montana native this was shocking to me!! But was was worse is when I complained to my friends nobody understood!! They all said to just pay it and get it over with, and that next time I needed to file it non-op, which btw is also a fee! It was about that point I decided to leave the state to all the idiots stupid enough to put up with such stupidity.

  10. Concerning the question on a pool in a grid-down scenario. What you can do now is go buy a Solar-Breeze robotic skimmer. This is solar powered and roams around your pool skimming debris from the surface of your pool. This keeps your pool cleaner and eliminates potential food for algae. You will still need to use chlorine, but the Solar-breeze will also carry chlorine tablets to keep the chlorine distributed. Most debris floats on the surface for 3-4 hours before sinking and decomposing releasing nutrients for things to grow in the pool. I am able to run my pool for one hour/three times a day and the water is beautiful. The Solar-Breeze reduces my cost now, and would greatly help in a grid-down situation. And no, I have no connection to the company, just love the product.

  11. LED rope light trick…
    just had an idea… i get the cheap solar led rope lights for random things… and i also like the led outdoor timer candles… if some one were to solder the timer board between the mini solar panel and the length of rope…. you could have a auto timer that you could set to be on for 5 hrs and off 19 hrs… you would only need to adjust it when the seasons shift.