68 Spots Remain for PermaEthos — 123 Comments

  1. If your server can handle another 200 people, i say let-em in if you can handle them… [and you can decide whether to add a little extra or charge same amount]. It is up to whether the extra work will overwhelm you guys. And btw- your btc tip button above works like a charm- glad you got that setup!

  2. As long as more people doesn’t impact the quality of the course, I think it’s great. There’s definitely a number that would be too many for the instructors to handle. But that’s for you guys to determine. The more the merrier, in my opinion. More funds up front just means that we all get this thing rolling faster and further from the get-go.

    • I’d second this. The more the merrier and the more funding available to fuel Permaethos. But having never taken a PDC before, it is tough to gauge the effect on the lessons of increased class size. Having a little experience with this community, then I would expect the students to help the students, but I guess that is also dicey as it could lead to some well meaning, but incorrect information. This effect could be curtailed if you can leverage crowd-sourced filtering of the comments. In any case I can’t see how a 20% increase is going to make a huge difference. #561

  3. I got in. Your business but I would vote to let in some more especially those with payment issues. Your call though.

  4. I say, as someone who got in, I can not fathom a good reason why you shouldn’t open the thing up to more people, if you wish to. I understand that number of founders can’t be unlimited, and wouldn’t want that, but yeah open that sucker up, at LEAST make sure those 68 slots are filled.

  5. If I were out of pocket today and missed out by necessity from a 2 hour window sell out, I’d be mad as a hatter and very thankful for another chance Monday at a higher rate. Yes.

  6. I wouldn’t care if you had unlimited enrollment at another price point, but kept only the first 1000 as “founders” who would get the future discounts and preference.

    My 2 cents… which is not worth much with inflation…

    • Unlimited enrollment is the end goal, he’s talking about adding more Founders in the above post.

  7. Agreed – as long as that extra 200 or so won’t impact the quality of the course or your ability to wrangle all of our questions and post-course interactions, go for it!

  8. What these guys said ^. I like the 1000 Founders model and think that should hold, but as long as it’s cool on your end, IMO, the more the merrier.

  9. I’d say yes definitely. There are those who aren’t MSB members who want to sign up and I think they deserve the opportunity. Plus the extra cash could help the farm/permaethos, and since we’re all founders we want the best for the organization…right?

    • Well, I agree, but…this is a business and Jack sells MSBs based on the perks it delivers. This was a perk and a well advertised perk. The same I assume for “Brink of Freedom”. PE is a separate entity from TSP or BoF, but there is still some kind of sponsor relationship, so I see no problem with rewarding members to the detriment of non-members as long as the advantage was announced and available to all.

  10. More funds & more middle fingers saluting the man… I don’t see a problem here.

  11. Hi Jack:
    If the demand is there, I can totally understand why you would open it up beyond the 1000. The more funds you can raise to support the roll out of the first Perma-Ethos venture, the better.

    aka Lighthorse

    P.S But it does kind of irk me that I had a totally distracted morning afraid that I would miss the 1:00 opening, and folks who were not standing in line will still have the opportunity. 🙂

  12. I’d say open it up to non-MSB/BOF members at a higher price on Monday.

    Is there any reason PE can’t run a sale like this again (different price and incentives of course) to actually raise money to buy some land and initial improvements? Or are you wanting to keep PE out of the land ownership business and stick to the current model?

  13. Sorry I was one of those people that did not get to complete my sing up. Stupid computer at work would not let me check out. Had to run to the car get my phone and sign up. As far as letting people sign up on Monday I say go for it.

  14. Not wanting to be mean or sounding mean, the listeners should have joined the MSB or BofF. You gave plenty of warring and let everyone how it would work so, if others cannot follow instructions they will just miss out. ie; the biggest Mountain Bike Race (60 miles) in Arkansas opens registration at 2am on a Monday morning am, and sells out in less than 1 hour for 400 slots.

    It’s Jacks law. Or it should be.

    • You could look at it as the biggest return on investment for the MSB ever. That $50 just saved at least $700.

  15. I got signed up right after it opened up.

    I’m with the others… the more the merrier as long as you don’t think that it will overwhelm you all. I’m guessing there will be a lot of interaction from ‘the crowd’ on this.

  16. I got in, and it wouldn’t bother me if you offered it up to more people. I am just glad I made it under the wire, but I feel bad for those who may not have had a chance, truly a once in a lifetime opportunity.

  17. Let them in. I reloaded the page for 10 minutes to get it to work and was about to give up and mow the lawn when it went through. Got #300. Thought it was just my dollar amount or something to do with the 300 Spartans.

    Anyone who wants in now is likely in for the right reasons. 1000 was arbitrary and just tell us what you can do with the extra funding: live events or more visit weekends or more free cuttings, a resources CD, etc..

  18. I got in and say go for it. I’ll bet that the 200 or so slots sell out, even at a higher price.

    Would you stop selling the PDC after the initial 1k are sold then re-open on monday for a short time to sell the additional?

    Also, would the new slots have the same benefits as the initial 1k? Sounds like that’s what your are thinking.

  19. Jack,

    This proves that you’re priced fairly, or that you’re under-priced. Don’t be shy about “Jacking” the price! 🙂

  20. And, did we just FUBAR jack for a Friday show? He may not be able to speak for the tears and screaming.

  21. Will there be a confirmation email from Perma Ethos? I got the payment confirmation from pay pal, but nothing from the website yet.

  22. I think you should do what would be best for PE, if that means opening up some more slots then so be it. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I am glad and proud to be part of it.

  23. Sure you should add some more at a higher price. After all more funds just means PermaEthos will be better off and we all want that!

  24. If you have 68 left you have 68 left, open it to msb and sell that out.

    If you wanted to take the time, contact the commentators that were trying and having trouble signing up. Give the slots to the people that were trying to get in.

    Maybe open the extra slots up to the people that signed up and really wanted a spouse sign up as well.

    Personally I like the hard 1000 founder limit. but then again.. I got in.

    -my two cents

  25. It’s your business model. For every Founder, that’s less follow on dollars later(more people with the discount). I doesn’t hurt my feelings one way or the other. I wanted to be in at the Founding level and made sure I got in. I don’t see how it would impact me to have more Founders/more funding. As long as it’s MSB and BofF members of course…if they want the discount, they need to support those who are driving the movement 🙂

    • ” As long as it’s MSB and BofF members of course”

      I just started listening to TSP < 2 months ago.
      Joined the TSP last month just to get myself and the wife in.

      Got and Paid for two slots.

  26. I’d say open it up but maybe not as founders? I think that since the founders package was advertised as 1,000 only, and that there would be no exceptions, it kinda devalues the program for the 1,000 that did get in, and who purchased either the MSB or BOF memberships initially. Nothing against those who didn’t get in, but if something is advertised as “1,000 only, no adding spots afterward” (from an earlier podcast, last Friday’s maybe?), then I think it should stay that way. But I don’t see anything wrong with opening it up without the Founders package for a couple hundred as long as you guys can handle it.

  27. I got in. 🙂 I’m fine with opening it up more. However, why Monday and higher price? Perhaps there are MSB who cannot be at their computer right now, need to fix their bank, etc. It seems more fair to me to increase the limit now at same price, so that the rest of the MSB can get their chance. But it is clearly your call–I don’t feel strongly about it. I, too, want PE to get the strongest possible start.

  28. AWESOME!!!!

    I pulled over to boot up and register. If it’s manageable and provides additional funding for the course and projects…let it fly!!

  29. I do feel bad for MSB members who went to work this morning thinking they would have time this evening to sign up and haven’t even found out yet that they can’t. Who would have thought it would sell out in two hours?
    Keep it open for MSB if you truly believe it won’t impact the quality of the instruction you had planned.
    “the limit of 1,000 members is a HARD CEILING, we will not raise it so when they do sell out they are gone.” This is a direct quote from Jack. There must have a been a reason that he wanted to limit it to 1,000.

  30. Full disclosure I am already signed up (glad I talked my wife into it last night and did not wait till today).

    Jack you know your business model better than anyone else, you should be able to tell if adding another x amount of founders will negatively impact projects in the future or not. I think that you should make the decision that benefits PermaEthos the most in the long run.

    Personally as long as the course is not going to suffer from a few more people in the initial launch I do not have an issue with more spots being opened.

    • Oh it won’t hurt us at all on our end, we know what we can balance. My concern is if it would upset those we promised to cap it at 1,000 to that got in. It is important to me that we always keep our word.

      • What if you say 1200 and that’s it? I know you said 1000, hard cap, but it sounds like most don’t mine the additional if it doesn’t impact the quality.

      • I get your point, Jack. We got in (well, I got my wife in as she’s intensely interested in being certified – but I sure wish we’d have budgeted for two, just so I could call myself a Founding Member instead of a Mr. Married to a Founding Member) at number 104. I’m proud of that. I scheduled my week around it as I knew it would go fast. I like being able to say that I’m part of such an exclusive club. That said, if you can handle the load of having more students, and if the additional capital from more students will help get the goals met any quicker, then I’d say sign up more people. Maybe instead of higher price, you can do the same price, but as non-Founding Members. After all, just the PDC for $300 is a GREAT DEAL given its pedigree!

  31. I don’t know what I was expecting. I thought I would wait till I got home from work to sign up. Then I got a call from my Wife about only having 68 spots left! Is the order number your founder number? I have a confirmation, but it says order number 1041… did the system not cut off at 1000?

    • We capped it at 1,000 yes. Many people started but failed to complete payment. They drove up the order numbers but didn’t get in.

    • That sounds like a “Yes, you’re in!” Welcome to the Founding Members Club Clint. Have a homebrew!

  32. Only my opinion here… this is the first PE launch and was set for 1000 founders, I think it should be held that way. This PDC is going to be repackaged and sold time and time again, that’s when no-cap open enrolment should be allowed. As far as non-MSB members go this is why we pay the premium and support Jack with our MSB memberships. I would love to see every member of the audience with a PE PDC, but I think it should be after this first one is produced.
    With that said… if you open it to 250 more people @ $350 that’s $87,500, and if priced @ $400 that’s a cool $100,000 extra for the kick start of Elisha’s Spring Farm. the money could be very helpful.

    Jack, if you do open it to more people please make it profitable to do so. thanks for all you do for us.

  33. I got in as a founder and think that founder slots should be capped at 1000. I have no problem opening it to others at a higher pricepoint, but I’m not a fan of moving the goalposts.

    Yes it was successful, awesome. If those 200 slots sell out in 30 minutes, would you open it up for another 300? Gotta stop somewhere, and the initial target seems big and broad enough.

    2 hours was PLENTY of time for something that you announced weeks ago. Other big ticket items sell out within minutes.

    • Aside from the fact that the actual release time wasn’t scheduled weeks ago, I might agree with your point.

      I’m not going to get super butt-hurt about it, but it would have been nice to get an email regarding the timeframe more than 20 mins in advance.

      I get that big events often have sellouts like this, but the time of release is known and published MUCH more than 24 hrs in advance, so that people can make sure to take off of work and schedule that. Many of us likely didn’t see the blog post, having taken it at Jack’s word that MSB would get an email about it, and some might just have had to be away from a computer during that time because they didn’t know a week or so in advance.

      So, to say that 2 hours with such short notice is PLENTY of time is being a little narrow minded, and your comparison simply doesn’t hold fundamentally.

      I’m glad the PE launch was so successful. I’m sad at how it played out for a lot of people in the MSB that were lead to believe they had a bit more of a chance.

      Shit happens, and we will get over it.

      • Um it was advance on air all week that today was the day. It was posted on the blog yesterday that today was the day.

        • I understand that the day was on air all week. I’m really not trying to sound too grousey about it, Jack. I don’t begrudge you success here, or all the members that got in.

          My comment was as much to point out to Joey that the comparison to other major events isn’t exactly apples to apples as the window of notification is much larger for those sorts of things.

          I’m slightly kicking myself, and sad about the way it played out. The time wasn’t mentioned at all except for the blog post yesterday, and I hadn’t thought routinely checking it more than I usually do was needed as you had mentioned in every episode early this week that the MSB would be getting emails about the launch.

          Even if I had checked the blog just after you posted it, I would not have had enough time to arrange being away from work for 30-45 mins for the launch to compete for a spot. I’m not mad at you or anything; I don’t expect anything from you because I didn’t get in, other than to maybe consider that the planning or notification of the launch could have been done a bit more smoothly and to do better in that area next time.

          I know that some of us managed to get the 20th off ahead of time in anticipation of something like this, and it just stings the more for it.

          I love you, Jack. I love what you do, and I’m really happy for you that it is being so well received. The timing just sucked big goat balls for someone that had to be off at work during the launch window.

          I’m going to do my best to take heart in the fact that so many of us are sad that we didn’t get in at this initial launch; that means the support is there even more than I think even you imagined. That is the bright note in this for me.

  34. Honestly I fully expected the “hard limit” to be raised.

    I would suggest to open it up, but not as founders.

  35. Wow jack almost 150k per hour if my maths right! Congratulations! With your marketing skills, direction and this community Permaethos has one hell of a solid starting foundation.
    As far as more founders go for it whatever you think is fair/good. Maybe you could even hold a handful of spots for some type of contest/msb registration incentive to join at the $300 mark or something along those lines.
    I look forward to this course and even more so the business/community that is sure to explode out of this.

  36. Hey I’m one of the 68 that did not complete the process. I’m mobile and PayPal will not let me log in mobile. Can I complete this order when I get to a computer?

    • It will depend on if we open it on Monday or not, right now we are sold out.

  37. First come, first serve, open to only 1,000. I spent twenty minutes to register, and my heart was pounding that the site would crash and I would lose. I’m pretty sure others felt that, too. I’m #655 and I started at 12 noon cst. I knew that if I couldn’t get in under 1,000 I couldn’t get in. We all knew that. If the numbers are increased, there may be less personal access to the teachers, and this was , after all, an introductory offer. Some people didn’t have the money up front, and you let them have three months to put it together…that was generous, but some of us found other ways to get the money if we didn’t have it. I think that’s enough concession. I’d sav wait three months and do this again, for another 1,000 at a slightly higher reduced price, if you like, but not add people right now. that will give people three months to save a hundred when it’s time to register, or a third of whatever price you set. It was a race that only 1,000 could win. I’m sorry for how those who couldn’t get in feel, but you set the number and should stick with it. imo

  38. Adding more, at the same price or higher, same benefits, doesn’t bother me. I’ll admit, I probably bought because of the 1000 only hype, but it doesn’t hurt me in any way to add more.

    • FTR it isn’t and wasn’t hype. It was the plan, it is the names I know that could not get in and I mean people that were at the keyboard at 8am doing all they could that have me considering doing this.

      People like the man out side of my house right now helping my wife with some things that bought TWO lifetime memberships when we were moving just to support us. He tried to sign up today but could not simply due to a bug with his phone OS vs. our System, now he stopped by just to see if we needed any help and because he was in the area. Hard to tell a guy like that, sorry you are out of luck isn’t it?

      You know when people stand by you that long and that well you tend to care about them.

  39. Help!!! We can’t tell if we got in or not??? The charge is showing up on our bank website, and we got an email that seemed to indicate we got in, but the perma-ethos site itself appeared to kick us off, saying we could no longer purchase.

    How can we tell for sure if we’re in or not? If we’re not, then we are just SICK….therefore, please do open up spots on Monday, we will definitely want one!

  40. I’d have to agree with James. The 1,000 founders was a cool point and kinda of reminded me of the 300 at Thermopylae.. But hey, I wasn’t there so maybe there were actually 315? I don’t know. I’d certainly welcome additional members to the PDC though..

  41. I agree with two schools of thought here.

    One that says, “open it up to the public and sell your 200 extra seats at a higher price,” and the school that says, “They like the idea of 1000 founders.”

    On the first one, PermaEthos could use the extra financial cushion. I say, provided you have the bandwidth and today’s sign up server stress is not an indication of things to come, open it up and watch a feeding frenzy take place.

    On the second point, other than a love of whole numbers and that 1000 was the original figure, one thing to consider, Jack. You made a big push yesterday for people to become MSB members just so they could become founders. I’m not one of those members, but I’m sure there are some who joined the MSB just for the PermaEthos foundership. They might view this unfairly.

    Something to consider…..

  42. this my piss some off but it was advertised over and over as only 1000 founders and I think it should stay that way. If they feel they can handle more students then open it up to more but keep the founders to the first 1000 that stressed and took the time to get in at the opening.

  43. I’m one of the ones who got shut out. I’m so utterly disappointed.

    Certainly not angry at anyone, just terribly disappointed because I recalled someone saying that MSB folks would have 48 hrs to register, and I had business appointments which did not permit me to sit by the computer to register like kids picking their college classes the moment things go live.

    Jack, do what you want. Every choice opens one doorway and closes another. Thank you for pursuing your vocation.

  44. I would support opening it up to MSB members, going from 1,000 to 1,250 would bring in more revenue, hopefully make for a stronger base and would seem to have little to zero negative affect on the existing 1,000 founders. I took the day off work so I would hopefully not miss this opportunity and am thankful that I was able to secure a spot for my wife and for myself.

  45. I like the permaethos model as being open source, and following on with that, it doesn’t make sense for us to not share everything including membership availability.

    That being said, there was a 1000 founder’s limit, and many of us, myself included, did get in on the original founders deal. I’ve been an MSB for almost a year, so this wasn’t an issue.

    I would like to suggest a second tier founder level. As the first 1000 get an initial chance at new developments, benefits, first signups, etc. since they got the original founders spot, then anyone (arbitrary number) of second tier founders could by chance get a second shot after the first level founders had the first pick/choice? Anyone else like this idea?

    Regardless, I am extremely pleased that the interest has been this good if not overwhelming.

    Thanks for setting up Permaethos, everyone will win from this!


    • Just understand that our decision has yet to be made. Please read my recent post and please understand that some that didn’t get in were MSB members since 2009. Some are MSB life members, some have come to multiple TSP Workshops, some are the people that believed in me when I was just getting started. People that did take off work, did stand by, did all they could and got nuked by a Banks Policy, etc.

      I also don’t think expanding it a bit would do anything to devalue the program. My issue is only that we stated the cap, I have to balance that with the fact that good people that have traveled to my home and helped us when we had nothing didn’t get in. I had to tell quite a few of these people today, sorry, I can’t help you, I can’t do anything, it is a jump ball for everyone, that is a very hard thing to do.

      • Jack, thanks for the care you put in. To those who are old in the community, those who are looking in from the fences, and those who have just entered through the gate.

        I’m one of the disappointed, but recognize in no uncertain terms how much I have already received. Thanks

      • Sucks to be the leader, sounds like a bad spot no matter the decision. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

    • I don’t have an objection to a tiered membership as you just mentioned. It would be easy enough to do. Your member number is either 1000 and below or it’s not.

      • And what would it mean? Bragging rights? Tiered how?

        Also there are a lot of people with numbers over 1000 that are in the 1000, about 150 I think. Why, that is how many people had a spot and lost it because of PayPal or their banks Bullshit, that is why. That means about 150 that got in, got in because that happened to someone else.

      • Banks are evil. That’s why I use a credit union, the lesser evil. Maybe you can do a podcast to encourage all members to move their accounts from the large evil banks to the smaller less evil ones?

  46. As usual Jack delivers value for value.
    The PDC value stands on its own.
    As long as you can deliver the class – sell, sell, sell.

    • No it is definitely to be capped. We are considering say 200 more, MSB only and done with the Founders Program.

      Anyone saying it will harm them if I open it to 200 more at a higher price by the way needs to tell me exactly how so.

  47. I agree with some of the others, open it up if you can handle more people, but keep it so only the first 1000 are founders.

  48. How would adding 200-300 more Founders decrease the value to the first 1000? if no decrease in value, then why stop at 300? Having done Geoff Lawton’s first online PDC – paying about $800 – I am thinking that the $300 price point was too low, which explains why it sold out so quickly.

    • Well it would not harm them at all. If opened it to 5000 it would devalue it a great deal to me but allowing about 200ish more really would not hurt anyone. Also please read this,

      What I am thinking about is doing the following,

      opening up say 200 spots at 400 a piece so those that got in today did get something extra, doing it because I know many that tried to get in and could not have been helping us for a LONG time and anyone that is super bent about it can have a refund and we can give their spot to someone who still wants it.

  49. I understand the awesome part of being the exclusive 1000 members and I feel awesome to be one of them. That said, I was having some serious computer issues as well and would have been extremely upset if I didn’t get in because of server problems or payment issues. It was all very slow and buggy for me signing up so I can understand it not working at all for some. I think 1200 founders is a nice square number. Maybe not as cool as 1000 but hey we have to adapt right ?

  50. I think the 1,000 founders cap should remain. It was a consideration when deciding to join a finite group who would have first dibs on future opportunities, of whatever kind, that this membership may ultimately convey. It would be hard to see how expanding the core founders group would not dilute this in some way.

    • I’m not saying you’re wrong about dilution. Although I was not a fly on the wall when the decision was being made, I’d bet 1000 is an arbitrary number that was selected, with a couple of considerations. You want to create scarcity which creates an immediacy. You also don’t want to create too big of a number so that you are not left holding founder spots unsold if things don’t go exactly as planned. If they knew it was going to blow up (in a good way) like it did, and they said, we will only have 1500 founders, you would not think any different about the dilution of your founder-age.

      It’s totally reasonable and honorable to stay right at the number previously stated. On the hand, it’s not problematic or dishonorable to expand it as Jack is considering depending on the reasoning to do so. If the goal was to accurately forecast the number of would-be founders while creating an element of scarcity to create urgency, they greatly underestimated demand for the product being sold. They greatly underestimated the commitment of the MSB. They could have charged more or they could have increased the eligible # of founders. OR THEY COULD STAY WHERE THEY ARE.

      My thoughts, spoken in charity.

  51. I’ve been trying several hundred times since Noon CTS and it has appeared to been crashed I have received nothing but OpenDNS website not available messages the whole time. Too bad I have been an MSB member for 3 years now and was really looking forward to this.

  52. I don’t have any problem with having a few more people. As everyone has said, more money for PE helps all of us. If you want to raise the price then go for it. I think it selling out and 2-3 hours proves its worth it.

  53. I got in, #803 at 59mins after it opened! I’m good with opening it to another 250 people. When you were talking about it being capped at 1000, you were clearly (to me at least) not expecting it to sell out in a few hours. To me an extra 250 seems like an unexpected stretch goal, and I’d love to hear what the extra $75,000 would mean for PermaEthos and the founders.

    • And that is the thing, we take that capital and we can do more for the founders with it. That is 2-3 more programs we can build or perhaps it is something we can add to the program now we never thought of before.

      It could be paying 2-3 top people to do special interviews only for founders.

      It could frankly be enough to establish farm #2.

      The truth now is what is good for Ethos is good for the founders.

      Again other than out of vanity or just what someone feels I have yet to hear HOW this would devalue things.

      I am thinking perhaps that there would be a bit of a tier system. ONLY when you are in a situation with two people competing for a farm or something that a person that is in the first 1K gets the nod all things being equal.

    • It took me 3 attempts, a phone reboot and a quick pull over into a McDonalds for wifi access to secure spot 804. I would be okay with opening it up to MSB and BOF members only for an additional 250 – 500 slots. If the PDC servers can handle the load I would think the additional students would be a valuable asset to each other. I also agree that the additional funds could go along way to improve the PDC and PE in general. That said, I believe that the 1000 founding members should remain and place the additional enrollee’s at founding level 2. That keeps Jack at his word that first consideration for future expansion would go to the 1000 founding members, if they where a fit for that expansion. If the fit was not there it would go to level 2 before the general public.
      The tier system seems like a good plan for moving forward as this monster grows. The next time you open it up, Tier 3 and so on.

      1. Keeps the 1000 promise
      2. Allows the people that missed for X reason a second chance.
      3. Allows Jack to help his long term supporters.
      4. Adds more cash into the system at a time when more cash is good.

      Sounds good to me. Lets get this rolling I have a farm to build.
      I knew this was going to be big but I think most underestimated what it can be.

      • Well I am not doing tiers and if we do open it Monday it will be a limited number adn then done and sorry to those that don’t get in.

        We will sell the PDC a LOT in the future in sessions but it won’t have any tier because you won’t be a founder of anything if you buy it then.

  54. As someone who got in and in technology I would say opening it up would be good. Maybe find those that have 2 and give them an adjusted cost to open up a full spot where they can still get certified if they want.

    I do not know if I would open it up fully to anyone but really to the long time supporters that you mentioned so they can get in. And then if you wanted to open some spots for people do it but makes sure those who you mentioned get in.

    For those not in MSB or BrinkofFreedom I am inclined to say no. They have had months and knew this was a good opportunity so they should have become members for getting into PermaEthos and then could have ended their MSB membership after getting (If it was a money thing).

    My feelings are that it was clear that this was going to be a BIG DEAL and it was obvious in sales today, so members should get another shot. Non-members Im sorry but should have to wait for another round and future offereings.

  55. Hi Jack,

    I know it must be really hard for you to say no due to the technical issues. In fact, I am sure there are many who wanted to complete the orders but just couldn’t for one reason or another. I think it would be great if you allow all of those individuals who wanted to be founders to be added, at no additional cost. Then after it is open to the public have it capped at whatever number you decide and you could raise the price then. Honestly, it sounds like some have been involved much involved than me, and if possible I wouldn’t mind giving up my “founder” order if that is possible. Let me know…

  56. I think some may be losing sight of why we’re Founders in the first place? I didn’t become a Founder to be one of the cool kids, I wanted to be a Founder to help get this thing MOVING! Full speed ahead and damn the torpedo’s! The only thing I would say, and this may not be technically possible, is to make sure that the people that had technical difficulties in getting signed up today get the first shot at additional slots. Heck 1250 Founders just means we have more money to pour into this thing. My only concern is adequate instruction time and adequate seats in follow in classes. I believe Jack has even already addressed that first issue.

  57. I signed up with order #424. You have my vote to open it up for more. Perhaps allow another 250 founders with first chance to those who had problems accessing the site, and anyone registered after #1250 just gets the PDC but no founder status.

  58. I was checking the site, but didn’t think to check in. I was never able to get it, so I assumed there were just technical difficulties. Looks like I missed out. I for one would be happy if it were reopened again.

    • Also, just as an alternate, if anybody that bought today has second thoughts, gets reamed by a spouse, etc, ping me and I’d be happy to buy your off of you. My user name is also my gmail.

  59. Jack,

    Maybe the extra 200 people means when you do have some program in the future, since there are more people to participate the discount could be deeper for each person? This would then “benefit” everyone because we expanded the membership.

    The tiered system could be that the first 1,000 get certain discounts or access to future programs and the extra folks got to take an awesome PDC but maybe not founders… or something in between.

    • JMO, but I’d ditch the “tier” concept and just have a seniority rule if there is an all things equal conflict. Makes things a lot simpler.

  60. Heck, open it up for another 500. The extra funds could be used to help fund farm #2.

    • This is kind of my thinking. If you opened it up even for 500-1000, and had any sort of all else equal seniority rule, it wouldn’t devalue anything. It would just escalate timelines. I can’t imagaine how that would be a bad thing or how that could impact existing founders since #50 still could trump #1050 if they were competing for the same thing, and if things roll out twice as fast, #1 – #2000 all realize the same benefits.

  61. Though I posted earlier that I think the 1,000 cap should remain, I can get behind the idea of accommodating some number of exceptions. I don’t think it’s evil or vain, though, to suggest otherwise. As a matter of fact, if it’s important to distinguish the next 200 or so as “founders” then I would suggest it’s no less a matter of vanity (or honor, or respect, or whatever) for them than for the first 1,000. Otherwise this could be solved by just opening up the PDC at the same price, and offering some more of the benefits to more people, without the title of founder, and get on with it.

    In any event, accommodating those who deserve a break for the handful of reasons cited makes sense and is certainly a respectable thing to do.

    Congratulations on the successful launch!

  62. Jack, your judgment has always been good enough for me. I’m #771 and I do not have a problem with another X amount of founders being added at your discretion. But if these folks are ones who you determine made a good faith effort to sign up and had various difficulties I don’t think they should pay a dime more. If, in your mind, these folks deserve it then let them in at $300. I also think you should begin advertising now for the next PDC starting this fall. Price it considerably higher but give a big discount for MSB, Brink premium members and founders who want to sign up family members. This seems like a good way to balance this complex situation and provide a considerable additional yield for PermaEthos. Thank you Jack for opening this PDC at such a reasonable price. It will be a life-changer for me.

  63. Jack reach out to those long time people that didn’t get in. I knew this thing was going to explode. I am grateful to have secured a spot. This is where I am pointing my future and between this course and Geoff Lawton’s I could not be happier. Reaching out to 20 or so long term people and letting them in as founders does not offend me in the least. Than maybe open up things for another 200 spots on Monday for others. That’s my 2 cents. I hang out on the fringe, but I love this community and believe it what it means to be part of the MSB.

  64. yes, let them in. as long it doesn’t hurt the pdc and just msb and bof. jack, we need a founder’s challenge coin!

  65. I was able to get a spot with no technical problems at all, and it personally makes no difference to me if it gets opened to allow more founders.

    I would like to see the Permaethos partners make a decision based solely on what makes sense for Permaethos and not based on emotion.

    I cannot help but to think of what we have heard from Jack many times, “two is one and one is none” for people that had technical difficulties. Another thought that comes to mind is the disappointment for the long term supporters or people that have had the good fortune to attend workshops, seems a little “teacup”ish to give them a second chance at winning the race (Although, I do understand how disappointing it would be to not be a founding member if I had been a supporter for so long and knew Jack personally).

    All of that being said, go for it if it makes financial sense!

  66. What’s the deal with 1000…is it a technical thing? Don’t think so….just random…right? You could take another 1000 orders for farm#2…count me in for that.

  67. Maybe you should consider offering an option to all msb and bof members to sign up to “audit” the course and provide access to the video and a view only for the questions and answers. Give the auditors the option to purchase a submission for a design. You could subcontract the review of designs to other qualified certified instructors. PermaEthos would generate the revenue as the demand is satisfied, msb and bof memberships would increase and pdc instructors would have an additional revenue stream.

    It would also be fun to put one founding membership up on e-bay and see what the market value of it really is.

  68. As one of the founders I don’t have any problem with letting 200 more people into the class so long as only the first 1000 are founders as you promised. As far as the class goes, the more the merrier as long as it doesn’t effect the quality of the course.

  69. I got in #396… took almost 20 minutes and many clicks on refresh with quite a number of failed/error pages along the way. I started exactly at noon because I could. I almost, based on the prior week long “promo” did not figuring I would just sign up that evening when I got home. So, I’m quite happy I did get in but due to the server issues and the (somewhat implied) expectation that registration would be going for the weekend I think it would be reasonable to allow another limited group to sign up.

    If, as a founding member, this was some type of profit sharing program or some other situation that would dilute the value to me then I would object but since, as a founding member we just get “future discounts” and “first consideration” I can’t see how about 20-25% more individuals would really impact that in any meaningful way.