Episode-1372- 6 Years of TSP — 52 Comments

  1. Jack,

    Thanks so much for what you have done. Your podcast is life changing. I’ve been with you since the VW Jetta and yelling at ass clowns on the highway days. Keep the “pedal to the metal”.


  2. Jack,
    Four and a bit ( episode 579 to be exact ) years ago your voice started to resonate in my head and helped coalesce all the random parts of my life into a more defined path.
    For that I thank you for all the joys and wonders my life has become and being an inspiration to me.
    You have become the friend I have never met. We disagree on enough to make it interesting and agree on enough to make the friendship a valuable one !!!
    So congratulations from the UK. Here’s to the next six years ???????????? !!
    ( keep the interviews going, they are some of the best source’s of information about a wide range of topics that makes TSP so unique )

  3. Jack,

    I love these episodes. I joined the community 1 month before my older son was born (So, June 2011), greatest 3 years of my life…. but the best is still ahead. Keep it up and thank you for all that you do.


  4. Jack,
    You’ve helped to open my mind from a very cliched republican ideology, to one that is quite hybridized. I’m still struggling to settle my beliefs, but am coming to realize that beliefs are ever evolving as truths are made evident. My life has undergone some very drastic changes in late-midlife. Many of the ethics you have introduced through your podcast have actually helped me to make it through with my mind intact. I’ve been listening since 2009! Thank you so much for being genuine and not letting this all go to your head!
    Love ya!

  5. Wow Jack, time flies. This means I’ve been listening for about 5 1/2 years. When I think of all the things I’ve learned from you and done for myself and my family because of your show it blows my mind. Please don’t ever stop and don’t ever change.

  6. 6 years! I remember first listening in August of 2011. Hooked ever since. This podcast has changed my life. I haven’t looked at anything the same way since! The podcast has kept me company over the past three years on my long commute. Thanks Jack!!

  7. I’ve been listening since around 2009. Learned a ton. In fact, I just started my first bottle of mint extract a little while ago. Gardening, permaculture, news and economics, I’ve learned quite a bit from the ‘jack of all trades’ Jack Spirko. I finally got all that conspiracy radio stuff out of my head, and have grown to understand that the truth of things usually lies somewhere in the middle.

    I have to give a big nod of respect to Jack (and others) for opening my eyes to how we can actually begin the process of at least taking back our lives, if not our country all at once. Even the mightiest oak starts from the tiniest seed. Jack has planted many himself. Thanks for the last 6 years. Hope to see many more.

  8. Thanks Jack for all you had done and going to do in TSP. Since Five Minutes with Jack is not active, do you think you can fit in a few episodes about entrepreneurship, business, and marketing?

  9. So very glad you didn’t forget this yr! haven’t been listening much this last yr it’s been so very crazy. Today I just had to. I tell ya man it’s like I came home again. You had me in tears, laughing, fired up & most important strength and fuel to go forward! YES pedal to the metal! Thank you! Hugs!

    Yes you have inspired fueled and fired up many. Including me. So as I sit here looking out my window at the bare earthworks aka the bomb that went off in my pasture I am chuckling to myself wondering if you know the magnitude of your powers LOL.

    Did I miss the video for the show 1000? Or did it prove to just be to much?

  10. We’ve been with you since episode one, and we will continue to support you in all that you do. Happy TSP Birthday Jack, and thank you for all that you do!

  11. I’ve been a listener since August 2009. I remember that day clearly, I had just torn my meniscus, and was wallowing in broodiness, when I hobbled over to the PC and just started searching for anything preparedness. The injury pointed out just how things can ‘not get done’ when you are not mobile. I downloaded a few episodes and have been a regular since. Things that stand out:
    A link I sent to Jack about eavestrough gardening, then he exclaimed “This is what is so great about this community!”. then some dude popped up and ran with it, showing irrigation and eavestrough gardening. Also, over-wintering a green pepper , which was successfully done last winter into this spring. Sunchokes, which I must check my neighbors property for. A 12×16 greenhouse I made out of PVC was inspired by TSP. I was always a prepper and gardener, but Jack’s podcast was the high octane version of kicking it up a notch. “Tick Tock…Tick Tock” (have not heard that one in a while, but I think it may appear in the fall). My most memorable moment was the Bacon wrapped Jalapeno stuffed with Cheddar (not cream cheese) The directions included “Think Ace bandage”, recipe he sent me two years ago. We had a particularly warm autumn and I made them late October and the weather was in the low 70’s up here. Of course there are the random snippets, like “There are no training wheels for venomous snakes”. And now my path to Comfrey, and a trip to a little place in PEI called Breadalbane, to dig some up from an acquaintance.

    What a ride!

  12. ThankS for the show Jack, I have been listening since right before you moved to Arkansas, of course i went back and listened to all the shows and i just wanted you to know TSP is the best show out there I look forward to it everyday!
    Thanks for all you do and for keeping it real brother!

  13. Congratulations Jack! Thank you for giving me an hour of education and entertainment for about 5 years now. I started listening to your show about episode 100 and still am enjoying it a lot. Please keep on doing this for a long time to come

  14. Jack, can’t thank you enough for all you do. Thanks for playing the entire song “The Revolution is You.” Love that song and it makes me get misty, must admit.

  15. Jack,
    I have been listening since the beginning and I have yet to find anyone with as much enthusiasm, wisdom, and heart to make a positive change in people’s life as you (that’s why I keep commin back). Thank you for the time and hard work that you put in to the show and business to help people grow. I am 29 years old and the insight I have gained from your show and the community has transformed every aspect of my life.

  16. Happy TSP B-day and congratulations. I still remember one day, 6 years ago looking for a voice and I stumbled on a wolf icon in itunes. It was episode 3 of TSP.

  17. Thanks Jack for what you do. I have listened to other talk shows on the radio, but they only complain for the most part. Now You not only talk about the problems in our country, but voice possible solutions to the problem. You ARE a voice of HOPE that is Greatly needed. This is why I still listen since October 2011.

    We all appreciate your passion Jack. I had a feeling the PDC would sell out quick because of your social equity. WE Believe in You Jack and with 100,000+ listeners that is the proof. Just think if the government had not gotten in the way and 100,000 people wanted to invest $100 into PermaEthos what could you have done with $10 million dollars.

    Keep up the good work and stay strong You are NOT alone Jack. And EVERYONE WE are NOT alone either WE have each other even if We Never meet in person.


  18. Jack
    A big Keweenaw thank you for the pod cast.
    being a new listener I have learned so much in a short time.
    we do year round growing and there is a lot of ways to work all this into our green house/sauna house [even with 342” of snow].
    congratulations on 6 years.


  19. Happy TSP birthday, and look forward to many more in the future.

    Jack, I love hearing your stories how started out in the beginning, it was done with a commute, camcorder, Jetta and a dream 🙂

    I’m in the beginning of the second year in my business, and your journey to success keeps me going. As a lot of your discounters in MSB know, those first couple years are the toughest. Thanks again!

  20. I’ve been listening for a few years now Jack. This show is one of a kind. Thanks for telling it like it is even when it hurts.

  21. Thanks for all that you do Jack! I started listening in June ’09 and have been living a better life ever since. Congratulations on the last six years and here’s looking forward to a decade of TSP and the continued growth of a great community!

  22. Jack,

    Thank you sir, for the last six years! I have learned so much from you these last six years. I’m really looking foward to more teaching shows! Your shows on the economy were the first real eye opener for me. Thanks for all you do for us. God Bless.

  23. Thank you so much for linking to the good old “another day another dolllar”. I tried so hard to find it and never could.

    I have never meant it more seriously, KEEP IT UP!

    Thank you for everything Jack.

    Frank from Canada

  24. The song doesn’t feel the same when there’s no “Hi folks this is Jack Spirko with another edition of the Survival podcast, one man’s view of a changing world, a changing time, and the things we can all do to live a better life if times get tough, or even if they don’t. Dictated as always from my Jetta…”

  25. “Another day another dollar”. When I played that again, it reminds me of starting the RAV4, turning my head, and backing out of my 100′ driveway, since I would be clicking play on the iPod , and those were the first sounds of my morning drive. Rarely do I listen to conventional radio these days on the drive to work.

  26. Great show Jack and keep them coming. TSP has made real positive changes in mine and my family’s life. Moved out of the city and out to the county, out of debt and on the road to a better and more satisfying life.

  27. Proud to be a TSP & MSB member ! and the work your doing Jack and I remember the other survival podcasts shows lol I haven’t participated on the site the way I should have I’m more of hands in the dirt guy and quiet but I’m trying to come out of my shell I’ve learned a lot in 6 years Thank You

  28. I really enjoyed this episode. I had Kary listen to it and I think it opened her eyes a little to why I love this community so much and put so much stock into the info Jack provides.

    Also it was finding this specific podcast after a friend lent me the audio version of Patriots that helped me figure out and focus in on just what I want to do with my life. I can honestly say that more than any other source, TSP has helped me shape my life and future.

    Thank you jack and fellow TSPers.

    David Hogan

  29. Congratulations, Jack! Glad to have been with you for almost all of those 6 years, having discovered you somewhere around Episode 50. As a founding member of the Support Brigade, I’m proud to be part of how TSP as grown.

    About the only things I miss from the old days are Jack’s epic rants on people’s driving as he drove to and from work and podcasted!

    I still listen to almost every episode. I love the stuff you’re doing with PermaEthos and other permaculture projects these days. I really enjoyed the series on “Hunting without a Gun” and the fishing series, too. I like the history segments, and Conflicted Mondays. TSP never gets old.

    In fact, TSP is one of the most consistent and best production quality podcasts I’ve ever heard, that I listen to a lot of them.

    And by the way, you’ve got to get Steven Harris on WITHOUT PREPARATION, and have the two of you just talk bug-out trailers. Or anything else. That guy is really sharp, and the two of you make a good team on-air.

    And TSP’ers, let me assure you Jack in person really is the same honest, passionate, intelligent, and fun-loving person you hear on the air. I had the pleasure of having an adult beverage with Jack and Dorothy at a pub in North Carolina after a prepper conference, and enjoyed myself immensely.

    Here’s to another 6 years, Jack!

  30. Jack
    About the service discount.

    I qualify, being an Air Force vet during the Cold War. But I never take it. Why? Because the whole object of the exercise is to fuel Jack so you can keep doing what you are doing. So why would I wish to MSB for less than full fare? I pay full fare because I want you to have the money. So you can keep doing what you are doing, which is much appreciated and n extremely valuable service to the world.

    I discovered you about episode 275 and it took 3 episodes from the Jetta for me to realize “this is important” and I instantly became MSB. This isn’t just a kiss-ass fan letter, it is my objective opinion that you are making a significant dent in the existing order.

    As re the picture above, I have no idea what you are holding but to me it seems the vial of Truth, or perhaps a beaker of the best home brew ever, I don’t know but do know about photography and the lighting is excellent and hard to do. Doesn’t matter, the pic really captures what you do, which is analogous to Diogenes of ancient Greece, holding up the lantern searching for an honest man.

    Jack, you are creating honest men. Men are remembering how to be men and how to no longer be slaves of The Man.

    Your business model is a great example of “the new economy”. Give away 95% and make your money around the edges. I love living on the edge but the trick is to not only know where the edge is but the ability to “use The Force” to expand the envelope. Because of course there is no envelope, just like in The Matrix there is no spoon. You know that. Thanks for teaching America and the world how to remember what Liberty is.

  31. Jack, tha Hnk you for all you do! You are a voice of reason in a world of empty noise. Thank you for being a light in the darkness and telling like it is, the good and the bad.

  32. Hard to believe, a little under 6 years ago, I was listening to sleepy “NPR-esque” podcasts about topics that were never really inspiring, never groundbreaking stuff, never even worth really listening to, just running in the background while I was at work. Then I found this guy, by accident, Jack something, and I was blown away. I loved the energy, the down-home, backporch chatting with your buddy over some beers, style this amazing man had. Jack Spirko changed my life. After a few episodes, I heard this guy offer a free iPod to one person that promised to share the podcast with others and emailed to enter. I did, and I won the iPod. I honestly never imagined I would win, and then when he sent it, it was engraved with words I have told my children almost every day since. Be an Ant, not a grasshopper- the Survival . And I have told everyone, and I mean everyone, about this gentleman, his rants, my now not-so-new phrase “assclowns”, his perfect way of explaining crazy things so I could get them through my thick skull. And that though he and I have never met, is a man I call my friend. Thank you Jack, for all you do, and have done. For all the voices, that I never would have heard, for all I never would have learned, and for making me a better man. I sincerely am in your debt for all that you have taught, and I do my best to pass those along to all of my friends, family, and colleagues. Here’s to 60 more years…And one day meeting you face to face!! Maybe you can do one episode a week from the road for us old-timers! PS Thanks Dorothy for her support, and letting us have your husbands time so often.

  33. Example is not the main thing in influencing others. It is the only thing.
    – Albert Schweitzer

  34. Jack, I’ve been listening to tsp since episode 7 or 8 i think? for these 6 years my life and my family’s life has been made so much better by some guy screaming into a cheap microphone during his commute. Well my friend i’m pretty terrible about these sorta things. I’m have too many thoughts scattered. Just know that you have made at least one 26 year old guy in Louisiana better equipped with knowledge skill and the drive to live and leave a better life for his family.

  35. Thanks, Jack! My husband and I started about podcast #50 in the early fall of 2008 when we found you and of course went back to the beginning. We have always been preparedness minded but you have brought out preparedness and gardening to a whole new level! Your podcasts have been the source of a lot of conversation between my husband and I and we have shared you with others. We were pleased to meet you in Hickory! I’ve loved your wide range and analysis on so many topics and understand the undermining of how the economy works better now than with any college professors! Thanks for all you do and have taught us over the years.

  36. Jack, thank you for clearing up what happened at MM. I did not get my last order, but knowing you gave up your stake for others a chance to get their orders makes me feel better.

    • Thanks man, I opened a can of worms and got about 6 emails asking for help, I hate to say this but at this point there is nothing at all I can do.

  37. Jack,

    What can I say? I would of never guessed the first time I started listening to your show how drastically my life would change due in large part from your influence, getting on track preparing helping me live a better life, if times get tough or EVEN IF THEY DON’T! 🙂

    After seeing PermaEthos, I am excited to be a part as a founder and seeing the beginnings of such an exciting beginnings as PermaEthos!

    Thank You Jack for all you have done, it is a compounding investment!

  38. I love your first big picture goal for Permaethos. Great, very succinct and meaningful. Do you have a plan (wouldn’t be surprised) for measuring this 100k metric that you’re looking to achieve?

    What’s funny is how you need to do another “1000 episode” so I can call back in and tell you how the show has changed my life, in a year, again. I’ve been out of the loop on TSP for the last few weeks because getting serious about taking control of my financial freedom (via starting a business / passive income streams) has been my focus. Not focusing on the money, or myself, but understanding that if I help others, I’ll be just fine.

    • You’ll get your chance, Dorothy should already have your guest app and should be getting you scheduled.

    • Sounds good and cheers on your wild ride of the past 6 years. I realize nowadays that while anniversary’s on their face “don’t mean anything” the reason we mark time on them, is to look back and remember how we got to where we are. It presents us a distinct time to say our thanks and reload for the next portion of time. Even though this was a simple (although very personable) episode, if one is willing to pull these types of messages away from it, they’ll be a much better person.