4 Videos From The Self Reliance Expo — 12 Comments

  1. I would love to know more about the air system in the Ceres Greenhouses. The design makes a lot of sense.

    • There is a good book that explains this type of air exchange system called Passive Annual Heat Storage by Jon Hait. Actually, his system uses two heat exchangers instead of one, it allows for air exchange all day and night while maintaining the same temperature inside. If you do a google image search, you’ll see what you need to know.

  2. It was a great event Jack – I was able to go both Friday and Saturday and learned so much and met great people. Somehow I didn’t see the Texas Ready and Ceres Greenhouse booths, so will be looking into those. I was able to meet A. American and David Crawford and Travis Fox. That was so wonderful of A. American to give away free the signed copies of his books. Looking forward to next year!

  3. It was a pleasure to finally meet you Jack, it’s nice to thank someone in person when you have the opportunity. We appreciate the opportunity to learn from your podcasts.

    Book 3 is available pre-order on Amazon, for those who are interested in more of the Home series by A. American.

  4. The air system is also called a “climate battery” this permaculture research institute uses them to grow year around at 10,000 feet in the rocky mountains.

    Basically they use the permeated drain pipes sometimes with the cloth lining over them under the ground. Have a fan push the air from the top of the green house down into the ground. During the day it heats the soil and at night the warm soil heats the cool air.

    I seem to remember seeing one in a dome at a school for growing. Looks like you could use it to heat a living space as well.

    Search “climate battery” and enjoy all the videos and images.

  5. The Ceres Greenhouse look very thought out. Limiting light/heat gain, limiting heat loss, using the soil as a heat sink. Maybe throw in a mini-solar panel to run a little fan…

  6. I bet it would be good in general to do your workout inside a greenhouse. More oxygen for you and more co2 for the plants.

    • They have pricing on their site, it seems kind of high to me but I do have to say it is all site prep, installed, etc. If I ever have one I think I will go the DIY route. What I need to better understand is the pipe system.

  7. I enjoyed the event so much that I SURVIVAL FAN BOYED OUT!
    I got to see the new issue of Back Home Magazine and on page 46 I am in it, So I Geeked a lot. I got to do the Aquaponics with Colorado Aquaponics. I am going to do this. This will be on my 13 skills. So my trip to see Jack, Steven, Joe, Doom & Bloom and share Blue Berry Mead Was AWESOME! O and my Wife Geeked a little for Angry American. She loved his first book and like a big man for some reason. Then she Know Snake Blocker from Deadest Warrior. So she was up on more then I am at times. Great talk Jack, Great people at your meet and greats, and Great EXPO.