Episode-320- The 5 Rules of Food Storage for Modern Survivalists — 7 Comments

  1. A notice to people that don\’t hunt: The last 2 years I have found a local rancher on Craigslist that is selling 1/4 – full beef direct from the ranch. I purchased 1/4 beef, about 100 lbs, and saved enough money, compared to what I spend in the store, to buy a small chest freezer off of craigslist. Also I know that my beef came from a local rancher. I picked it up at the packer, so I know it didn\’t come from one of those dirty mass packing places. I have well over 6 months worth of beef. I have saved a lot of money. I know where the beef came from, and helped my local economy.

  2. I am saving up to buy from one of the few local ranches left in Montana, 200lb for 1.45 a pound – sweet! Nice, open range, grass eating Black Angus. I’m also freezing my ass off displaying a sign on a street corner for 8.00 an hour, part time,to buy more prep and homestead gear.

  3. Jack- I really enjoyed todays show. I had to laugh because I was pressure canning turkey while I was listening.

  4. Mr. Spriko: A very thorough and well organized episode. Keep mining this subject, it is so important and the rationale you provide is motivational. Excellent!

    Other food subjects I would like to suggest: sprouting seeds for food
    cast iron (dutch oven)cooking (how about an interview with the cave lady? -Mrs. Ron Hood).
    yogurt & cheese-making.
    bean & grain flour veggie burgers

  5. About “opportunity” buying: it pays to know someone who works in a food warehouse. Just picked up 2 cases of coffee for 1/3 price from such a source. They will unload stuff that doesn’t move, or for light damage.
    Look for deals in the grocery store of clearance items. It seems people won’t buy a food item if it doesn’t have a major brand name on it, so many times the higher quality item is closed out cheaper than the common one.