Episode-250- 5 Rules for Food Storage — 33 Comments

  1. great show as always jack. i read that lady's blog on you… what an ignorant person. i also sent the Lew Rockwell article you did to all my peeps. grats on 250 and can't wait for ep 1000!

  2. Jack, took a quick look at this Christine person's blog, and that entire website is obviously far left-wing. Couldn't even bring myself to read much on it. I did post a rational, calm response to her post about you, but I doubt very seriously if it'll ever be made public.

    Keep up the good work, Jack. 🙂

    • SteveB, not sure what user name you used over there, but your comment would have been made public as soon as you posted it. I'm surprised you didn't notice.

      Yes, we're a progressive blog. We're proud of that.

      There are a lot of liberal preppers. You might be surprised.

      • Christine, you mentioned being a "progressive", what does "progressive" mean to you?

        FYI, to me it means nanny-statism at the expensive of a representative republic, IMPERIALISM, and a helluva lot of war mongering.

  3. Jack, might be a 'book/site/video recommendation' as opposed to a question, what resources would you recommend for learning utilizing how to use the whole grains into recognizable food products beyond the obvious ones. Of course this is beyond the three month food storage, but still a fairly useful skill to learn to make 'really from scratch' sorts of meals.

  4. Jack – don't let that blogger frost your cupcakes too bad. She has obviously not even taken a cursory look at your site or listened to your podcasts. To say you're an isolationist survivalist is ludicrous when you tell everybody over and over again (I'm not criticizing your repetition – it's good) about a threat-probability matrix. A bug-out location is there for any number of reasons. As for not helping out your neighbors … uh don't know how to comment on that – you are devoting a significant portion of your time to podcasts helping an enormous virtual neighborhood get prepared.

  5. She is obviously seeing things through a different set of glasses than most of us… I agree with you about how silly her post was. Young, uninformed… not letting the facts get in the way of a good (fictional) story…

    Shake the dust off your feet and leave her behind, Jack…

    Loved the podcast today… I so agree about the "store what you eat and eat what you store" thing. I have friends who want to start storing grain, and I emphasized that they need to really get into making their own bread and using the stuff before they "have to".

  6. I made a Vegetable beef soup a few months ago using veggies I dried. portabella mushrooms, corn, peas,& onion and added some frozen green beans from my garden and used a can of v8 juice for the stock, packet of lipton onion soup mix & added a can of beef chunks from my stores and had my husband try it…….He loved it! I was just experimenting with him and rotating some of my stores…..I will be doing this again. great podcast today.

  7. Whoa. Harsh.

    Jack, thanks for the traffic to my blog. I forgot about that post. Wish you'd have gotten some updates before sending the crew over to call me a liar.

    What you don't know (or maybe you do) is that I'm a long-time listener and member of the TSP support brigade. I visit the TSP forums daily and soak up everything I can from the users.

    After that open thread I did start to question whether it is isolationist survivalism that you preach. I've come to the conclusion that it's not as isolationist as I thought, but frankly, it was because of podcasts that came after that open thread. I might have updated it, if I remembered, and had the time.

    I became a member of the TSP brigade because I wanted to support you, because you're the only good source of info I can find on certain subjects. Honestly, hands down, you are the best on so many issues. I don't like your politics, I think you're wrong on that, and I don't like your references to sheep. Since I am a regular listener, I know the sheep issue is one that you've addressed multiple times and have a firm position on. There's really no reason for me to bring any of these things up with you personally, your opinions on politics and sheep are well known.

    I often have to skip 5-10 minutes of your show because I don't want to hear you talking about how stupid some people are. But as you say, it's "one man's opinion." My blog is "one woman's opinion." And it's unfortunate that you called me a liar, and asked other people to call me a liar, in response to my opinion of your show. I'm not sure what effect you were going for there.

    The examples I gave are not lies, you were not misquoted, and I did not take anything out of context. Also, the sentence about fantasy lies that you have quoted above is not anywhere in my post, and it's not an accurate representation of what I was saying.

    And libertarianism is right wing. You are indeed a right winger, in my opinion. I believe that you do truly think that Republicans are idiots, just like Democrats, but at the end of your show, listeners are left believing that if they vote Republican, they are less likely to die.

    Oh well. Love about 75% the forums and the show, which is why I became a member of the brigade. Sorry you got so offended by my open thread. About 3-4 weeks ago, I also noted that I spelled your name wrong, and added the correct spelling. I guess you didn't notice.

    I'll skip today's show & tune in tomorrow. Not really interested in the audio version of 'this assclown is a liar'

    Keep up the mostly good work.


    • Oh you are indeed a liar,

      1. I never just broke out right while talking about a garden and said "Obama can't have my truck"

      2. I have never and I repeat never taught anything isolationist in any way shape or form, if you were confused on that I question your intelligence.

      3. You clearly inferred that my message was and I do quote, "always vote Republican or you will DIE DIE DIE!!!!" that is an out and out lie.

      4. libertarians are not right wingers OK that is not a lie you are just wrong because you are blinded by liberal dogma

      5. You did say that I am guilty of "bitching about Obama for make-believe reasons" and I ask you what did I ever make up about Obama? I mean my show is RECORDED please produce this audio if you are not a liar.

      So right there I count 4 pure lies about me and TSP and I count one point that you just are not informed enough about to discuss.

      I think you consider yourself a friend of TSP, if so I sure don't need any enemies. I was honest when I said you can come on the air and present your point if you want to. We can discuss my "extreme right wing" views like legalizing pot, leaving gay people the hell alone if they wish to marry, getting out of unecessary foreign wars and removing our military presence from over 140 nations. You know all those far right libertarian positions that I use to entice republicans to give me money.

      You really are an assclown.

      • hey jack dont give that bitch face time on your show she`s just looking for her 15 mins. of fame.let her find it some where else.

      • Jack and Christine,
        After reading Christine's article I have to agree she has done you a disservice. Does she claim to be a journalist, no. By attributing statements to you that are more summary/opinion than fact she is putting words in your mouth…lieing.

        I agree she owes you an apology and she needs to admit she is not a journalist but is shooting from the hip her personal opinions. By failing to present her opinions as such she has defamed your name and reputation.

        Having established that let me say that I must agree with some of her opinions. I fast forward through a great deal of 'noise' on your podcast that you may consider color I find nothing more than ranting.

        I understand your format precludes editing but I have often found myself wanting to listen to the GREAT information without the 'assclown' segments, profanity and yelling. I respect that this is your podcast and understand that you can do what you want but when I say this I believe I represent a large group that never comments.

        I value your opinion both as a former service member, small business person and a rational preparedness expert. Your goals of teaching us to prepare for ALL crises through producing, skill sets, hard work and mental preparedness has impressed me from day one.

        I play the odds that I am much more likely to need to survive a health, job, financial or community crises than I will ever need to concern myself with NBC attacks, government collapses and run-away hyper inflation where we all crawl from our bunkers to trade gold coins for seeds or something.

        I look forward to continuing to listen to your A++ podcast.

        • Neal,

          I hope you have noted to cover both types of people that listen to TSP I have moved 90% of any political stuff to the intro segment allowing you to skip it if you so desire.

          If Christine said, I don't like the politics part and I think on many issues he is way to right wing for me, I would have not bothered to even respond or care. That would be opinion I would have been fine with as I am fine with yours.

          In spite of what many assume to be true I am not looking to create a "bigger tent" or attract a "more diverse audience" I am looking to best serve the core of those who started listening to and spreading the show when only a few hundred even cared to or knew about it.

          Now Neil the next part is not about you or your comment I just thought about it reading your comment. Please understand that before reading further.

          I grow weary of those that say things like "TSP could be so much more successful if only _________", none of the people giving me such advice have anything they have built up from nothing that demonstrates why I should take their advice. That is not about me being better or smarter but it is about me being logical. How many of you that are debt free, have money and perhaps own a business have been "advised" on how you could be doing better at XYX "if only you would _________" by someone who is dead broke and basically not successful.

          Let me ask you do you take advice from such people?

          So I am sorry but having built this show exactly the way I am doing it now and as I have always done I am not likely to take the advice of people who haven't done something similar at least to a similar level or done it better.

          I hope that makes sense to any that continue to tell me how I should do anything you can fill in a blank with and how if I did that it would make the show more successful or reach a broader audience or cause grass to grow on Mars or whatever you think would gloriously happen if I would just change what got the show and its listeners to where we are.

  8. Jack-
    Very good show. I hope your article at LR goes completely off the chart!
    You hit all the important points and I couldn't have said it better.
    Well, maybe I could have 🙂 (read p.s.)

    I agree with you that people should be using all their food
    (long term stored or otherwise) routinely in their daily diets.

    In the event of a crisis situation immune systems and interpersonal relationships are going to take a hit.
    The added stress of unfamiliar or nasty tasting food will only make the situation worse.

    While I don't advocate lots of sugary foods for children or for adults, I do think that it's important to make provision for "treats" or desserts in all home food storage plans.
    When times are rough cookies or pudding can go a long way in making the situation more bearable.
    Especially if you are 7 years old.

    Over the year's I've run into a lot of people who think they're going to live off of beans, rice, MRE's, dehydrated foods and other assorted "bunker" type foods in an emergency.
    And such people are going to be in for a rude surprise in the event trouble comes their way.

    Speaking of rude…..
    sorry to say you can be quite rude and in my opinion you need your mouth washed out with soap. you do alienate many would be listeners. which is a shame because some of the information you are presenting is important.
    christine from bfm obviously has never listened to more than a few minutes of your podcasts (maybe because you are abrasive) she seems to be naive, young, foolish and maybe not too bright. i would have thought you had an ego structure that could have withstood her critique and silly blog and not felt like you needed to spend you listener's time on the subject.

    • Granny, do you know what made TSP what it is? My willingness to not censor myself and say exactly what I think including that some people are assclowns or worse. I am really not interested in who is offended by what I say, if you never offend people you are making a difference.

      By the way it is rude to lie about a person. When that party that is lied about gets pissed off and calls out the liar, that is rude it is simply logical.

      • Jack –
        I actually do know what made TSP what it is.
        And I'm very glad for it and very happy for you.

        It is my sincere prayer that millions of people will sit up and take notice of the message of personal responsibility and self reliance that you and others are trying to get out.

        Jack, I remember when you first landed on HT and were all wet behind the ears 🙂 You've come a long way since then.

        You are young (to me) and still have a piece of rough road ahead of you.
        You are making a difference for sure.
        But you could be so much more effective.
        You don't have to be rude or offensive to make a difference in the lives of others.

        I came to your podcast via LR.
        I was frankly shocked that LR recommend your podcast due to your lack of self censor and childish tirades.

        So Christine lied or misrepresented you.
        Big deal.
        Happens every day.

        I believe your long term goals and interests would be better served if you could learn to stuff your ego and keep centered upon your primary objective – reaching as many people as possible.

        • Sorry you feel that way, I would like to know what you mean by HT. I am not to sure you remember when I landed anywhere if you found me on since I was over 180 episodes and over 5000 listeners when I first ended up there.

          If you think I would reach more another way, I suggest you demonstrate that other way with you own show. That is not a jerkish remark, I am actually very serious. If you think self censorship and a different "style" will reach others, go for it. You seem informed, I will even promote you to my audience.

          The reality is I can't do what you ask, because, this is who I am. Like or not it is what it is. My audience was built on it, my first shows were often even more harsh then they are today and that listener core are the ones that promoted me, made my show a success. I gave what I know and who I am and my audience was attracted to it. I won't change that now, (not that I could) I would be a disservice to those who built this on my behalf.

          I am sure there are many I drive away but I think based on the last year and well over 100,000 emails for each I drive away I attract 25. I can live with that ratio.

        • Sorry you feel that way, I would like to know what you mean by HT. I am not to sure you remember when I landed anywhere if you found me on since I was over 180 episodes and over 5000 listeners when I first ended up there.

          If you think I would reach more another way, I suggest you demonstrate that other way with you own show. That is not a jerkish remark, I am actually very serious. If you think self censorship and a different "style" will reach others, go for it. You seem informed, I will even promote you to my audience.

          The reality is I can't do what you ask, because, this is who I am. Like or not it is what it is. My audience was built on it, my first shows were often even more harsh then they are today and that listener core are the ones that promoted me, made my show a success. I gave what I know and who I am and my audience was attracted to it. I won't change that now, (not that I could) it would be a disservice to those who built this on my behalf.

          I am sure there are many I drive away but I think based on the last year and well over 100,000 emails for each I drive away I attract 25. I can live with that ratio.

  9. I loved your take on The Colony, "we'd be gut shoot'n us some Honda's…." Classic – keep it up!

  10. Christine,

    What you are doing is irresponsible journalism. You're lying for the cheap entertainment of appealing to your audience. It's gimmicky and, if I were a regular reader of your blog, I'd be the most offended. For the record, misquoting and putting words in people's mouths are not matters of personal "opinion". It's just plain old lying.

    I'm a supporter of free speech and blogger's rights, but when you lie, someone's going to call you out on it. And when your shield of anonymity falls down around you, you have to be prepared to face the brunt of those you offended head on. There are two ways to handle this. Either stand by the integrity of your piece by backing up your statements with actual evidence, or confess to your lies and apologize to your audience for insulting their intelligence.

    Anonymous (no seriously, anonymous)


    Express Your Discontent Here:
    Barry, Christine
    BFM Media LLC
    PO Box 62
    Corunna, MI 48817
    United States

    Please be RESPECTFUL and RESPONSIBLE with this information.

  11. Jack,
    It may have gotten lost in the whole "Christine-Gate" but thanks for chasing down some more info on the safe-deposit box thing. This is a good example of how complex .gov regulations have become even at the consumer level.

    Prep Hard!

    • stump172, LOL "Christine-Gate" funny as hell. Seriously I figured it out Christine is just coming out of the progressive closet, she wanted to expose TSP to her left fringe friends but was scared of their response to her so she cloaked it in bull shit.

      On the safe deposit boxes I have mixed feelings, on one hand I am happy I didn't screw it up on the other I am sad that it check out. We are loosing so much freedom, if people out there wonder why I don't "just leave politics and economics out of it all together" here is a perfect example of why.

  12. Jack, __I read Christine Artilce and the forum posts, and it is apparent to me that she has never really listened to your show. This is simply a reactive lie to someone who doesn't like your politics, much like Pelosi and friend reaction to the Tea Parties and Twon hall meeting. __Like Glenn Beck says, they attack and riducle to try to minimize your impact.__Stay true to yourself and your ideals. There are to many who will not say what they really feel. That is what i Like about your show. –

  13. “Ignorance is preferable to error, and he is less remote from the truth who believes nothing than he who believes what is wrong.”

    -Thomas Jefferson (Notes on Virginia, 1782)

    Unfortunately, Christine is prone to error. She admits to having made her post out of ignorance and appears to have filled the (at the time) void in her knowledge from common stereotypes. Then, here, she committed the same error again with regards to libertarianism.

    For 17 years I have been an increasingly libertarian-minded independent who several times has voted Democratic, as the Republicans often push an overtly religious agenda. It becomes a question of which rights I want violated: property, or civil liberty. Many libertarians will choose the latter when pressed. Such people are not extreme left-leaning any more than libertarians who choose the former are extreme right-leaning. A separate perspective from either the Democrats or the Republicans is motivating the choice.

    As for Jack’s attitude, I prefer it when people express what they think directly and truly, as opposed to employing careful polite sophistry. Has he offended me? On occasion. Do I think he should care? No. Do I care if this offends him? No. Probably just the libertarian in me.

  14. I tried to comment on the clown’s blog, but gave up trying to get a comment posted. Jack was right about posting comments. I don’t think she really wants feedback anyway.

  15. Loving the Podcasts on the Food Storage. Keep them coming! I would like to hear more or maybe some more videos on MSB about using your food preps, like your Using Your Preps -1 – Fish Chowder video.

    Keep up the good work and don’t let the assclowns get you down!


  16. You probably gave her more attention than her blog’s ever gotten.

    I’ll admit I don’t listen to the political podcasts and vastly prefer the more practical prep programs. Not that I disagree with them (though I’m more Constitutionalist and less libertarian than Jack), but that I can get the same rant from talking to any of a dozen friends and relatives; why would I listen to a podcast to hear the same thing?

  17. Jack,
    Thank you for reading my comment. We can agree to disagree on these issues. I will make one more plea to you and sign off on this issue.

    Great men listen as well as preach. Your listeners want you to succeed and we want you to be as influential as possible so that a rational advocate for our voices rises outside the realm of the \’survivalist/militia/conservative\’ ranks that can achieve a wider audience. We desperately need you to be better than your contemporaries.

    Can you be satisfied with pushing away listeners who do not agree with your joy of profanity, diatribes and invective? You have referenced that your goal is to make TSP your full time job then you might be open to constructive criticism.

    Many listeners want to see your voice grow beyond your opinions to represent our passion of preparedness. There is a dire need for America to prepare for tough times and you have the strength to reach outside the core of the preparedness movement to make real progress.

    The litmus test of a good idea is not being debt free or having built a blog from scratch. Your comments present people who are not at the place in life that you are as not worthy of your consideration. This fails to acknowledge that your success is due in part to the audience. Just as the work of your employees is part of your business success.

    That isn\’t taking anything away from the time/effort/skill/joy that you have poured into TSP. You have earned your TSP income and you have the only right to call the shots. But be aware that withdrawing from those who disagree with you, surrounding yourself with people who unquestionably agree, is a dangerous path to take.

    When your efforts to retreat to Arkansas and disconnect from reliance of others comes about I see this process accelerating. Sometimes we have to be careful what we ask for as we might get just that.

    It is disingenuous to say that you welcome all political leanings, you are open to divergent opinions and that TSP is only your opinion then to preclude any value to those ideas and establish a test of being debt free and running their own blog as the boundary to having worth.

    Things fall apart Jack and when you succeed in building an audience limited to those who can only agree with you then you will have achieved your unstated goal but you will have failed to make any difference to those who are fighting to drag themselves out of the \’sheeple\’ herd.

    Again, thank your for reading my comment. I will now take my opinions offline on this matter and respectfully read your response to allow you the last word.

  18. Neal,

    I am open to anyone’s view I am not open to people telling me how I should conduct my business. The show is what it is, it has been this way from day one, it shall not change.

    As for letting this die I though I had?

    Last if anyone wants a show that is more then what this show is again I say go create one of your own and I will not only support you but I will honestly tell people about your show. It is one thing to disagree with a man on opinions it is quite another to tell him how he should conduct business, either you understand the difference or you don’t.

    As for the “language” get over it, please read the third section of this page.

    You will also notice in a minute when I publish today’s show almost none of the words that bother you. Why? Today’s subject did not require it, everything I do is based on reasons, not just because I can.

    I do not pander, I won’t ever, accept it or don’t and choose to go elsewhere. I can’t really be bothered to discuss this much further other then to tell you that those that bitch are out numbered 25 to 1 over those that ask me to “never change”.

    To put it another way if a “bigger tent” brings me thousands more people that bitch every time I have a strong opinion or tell someone to go screw that is a success I really don’t want.

  19. And Neal in my prior comment did you see these words, it doesn’t sound as though you did.

    “Now Neil the next part is not about you or your comment I just thought about it reading your comment. Please understand that before reading further.”

  20. Jack,
    Thank you for reading my comment. I will only respond to your direct questions.

    Yes, I did read your exclusion. I did not consider it directed toward me. Yet as I am not debt free and I have not produced a blog/podcast to your satisfaction there was no reason not to respond.

    I sense that you wish to always be positive but that you feel strongly about this issue. It is my hope that you sense this in me also. This will conclude my effort.

    Again, thank you for the podcast. I accept it as it is and will not question what it could become.

    I will pray that I am wrong.

  21. I wouldn’t sweat this too much Jack, there are too many stupid people infected with the influence of other people. Having spent a miserable 6 years of my life in Michigan, I will give my honest opinion. People can say as much as they want about the pubic education system in Florida or Texas, but the average person in Michigan would not find themselves readily accepted in any other state as nothing more than mildly retarded at best regardless of their public education system.