Episode-234- 5 News Events Effecting Modern Survivalists — 21 Comments

  1. Jack one thing ive heard about California.They are trying to ban gun shows at the COW PALACE the bad thing about this is rental fees etc.The show promoter has to pay for security local county state law enforcment.With all of this combined plus rental fees combined they say it adds up to several hundred thousand dollars a year.With that said i wonder how many other stupid things they have done to go bankrupt.P.S. not a slam on the people just the GOV.

  2. Great show Jack! Your experience with the UK Telegraph article proves that nothing truly dies in the internet.

    I have a show/topic idea – how about a hypothetical blow by blow extrapolation of what will happen in California when social programs grind to a halt? This scenario would apply to just about anywhere I imagine, but would definitely be helpful to new CA residents like me.

    Before anyone asks, “OMG why did you move to CA??” I did it for school (because liberal as they may be, CA has some fine colleges) and am moving asap back to the green forests I came from.

    Apparently there is quit the market for state IOU’s on Craigslist.

  3. I disagree with Gold for two reasons.

    1) Historicaly the Silver to gold ratio was 1/30th or 3%. With Gold at $915 today and siver at $13 that puts it at 1.5%. I expect that the ratio will soon return to normal, which puts silver at $30.

    2)One ounce silver coins are good to use for trade, because of the value is small, a $30 dollar silver piece is much easier use for barter, vs. a $900 dolar gold piece. Think about it.

  4. I have farmed most my life, peanuts to truck crops. My friends here at work are not making tomato’s this year. There are two resons, the high PH of the Grand Prairie soil which stiunt the growth of truck crops like tomato’s. To solve this problem you need to put down one pound of Granular sulfur per 125 square feet. This should lower the PH level of the soil to about 6.5 which is optimum for garden vegtables. Also you have to be careful which type of plant you buy. I have tried them all and found that Celebrity are the most disease resistant and hardy tomato’s year in and year out, they beat everything els I grow.

    You can find Granular sulfur at grain companies (I got mine at Marshal Grain Ft Worth) and Home Depot used to carry the two pound bags, don’t know if they still do.

    The best investment you can make for a vegetable garden is a soil PH testing kit.

  5. California is even stealing money out of your bank accounts if you don\’t pay a bill or mistaken identity and on top of that the bank charges a $100 fee for assisting in the theft.

    On man had $5 million taken from his bank account for a $4000 debt of child support that wasn\’t even his. The news said it would take the state 90 days minimum to get back his money. I could only imagine how much interest the state of California is making in this scam yet they are so broke trying to give as much love to the illegal aliens that suck off of us!

  6. Since the subject came up I went out into the garden wit a tape measure. All of my tomatoes ar in 3.5 ft wire cages and all are Celebrity, since I don’t have the room i had when I lived on the farm (job moved me). My tallest tomato plate was 5’6″ my shortest was 3’9″. The average tomato count per plant from green to turning was 11 tomatoes per plant. I hope I have help people today.

    It is really not that hard if you know some simple rules, taught to me by my Grand parents and parents, as well as the advantage I have from the farmer contacts from working for the USDA-NRCS and the Black lands research project in Temple TX.

    And about CO2 being Bad the Black lands Project in the 90’s increased in controlled environments CO2 to 850 PPM and found a four fold increase in food production on wheat.

    Right now CO2 is at about 380 PPM

  7. Thanks for bringing up the point that first you have to actually have money to buy gold or silver. I know a lot of families (especially military) that live paycheck to paycheck, no savings, no investments. Telling them to invest in gold does them no good. There should be more people out there telling them to invest in food before the prices go up so high they can’t afford it anymore. Also, instead of “sheeple” I have taken to call people “ostriches” because instead of believing what they here on mainstream media news, they choose not to listen to or read anything about what is going on in the government and just watch mindless sitcoms and movies. (With fingers in ears) LA LA LA I CAN’T HEAR YOU!

  8. Wet lands are one of the biggest producers of CO2 and methane.. green house gasses.
    Swamps.??? Forget it.
    All the silt which flows down the rivers
    into the ocean has to raise the sea level.
    now with corn production going crazy there is more and more soil errosion.

  9. Two comments on playing gold stocks….(1)To hedge, you can invest in mining companies that have sold product forward at a future stated price….This reduces risk because they have locked in a guaranteed profit although they would not fully realize the spike in a gold rally. [You could also sell covered calls to generate income].

    (2) You could buy mediocre condition Peace Dollars at just a little over spot at flea markets and through e – bay… Over time – you could amass quite a vast quantity. For those concerned about GOLD CONFISCATION – you might be better off acquiring silver – which the government would have no practical way to confiscate since it has both precious and industrial uses….

  10. @wyochrissy not sure what jacked em up but I fixed them so you can view them now.

  11. Jack, great stuff as usual. Thank you for using the term “ass-clown.” It is one of my favorite insults and perfectly befitting nearly everyone in the political class these days. BZ.

  12. jack,

    I started listening couple of weeks ago, Have not missed a show and will continue to listen daily. I appreciate your research and extensive knowledge about the topics discussed. I would be interested in hearing about what you think the solutions are to some of the problems you talked about yesterday. What do you think California should do to fix its budget problems. What would you like to see the G8/5 discussing. What should the outcome of those discussions be? When you discuss other topics you are very solution oriented, as I think most prepers / planners are.

    thanks for you diligent work.


  13. Turnlow,
    There\’s only really 3 things California CAN do, and only 1 they SHOULD do.

    1. Stop spending so much money. This means cutting state government services. If they cut the things they shouldn\’t be doing anyway, they\’d cut their budget by almost 80%. Problem solved.
    2. Raise taxes.
    3. Get bailed out by the Feds.

  14. Mel
    I can appreciate the basics of balancing a checkbook. We regular folks do it everyday. Stating that cutting / raising is easy. What gets cut and who the raises get laid on are harder.

    What would you cut first, and why. What would be the repercussions of those cuts on us, either directly or indirectly. (I don’t live in Cali, just like to pay attention is all.)

    I think that it is easy to arm chair QB what should be done, but when I start to think about what I would choose to go it starts to seem harder. I am curious to hear what others think and why.