Episode-2580- 5 Laws of Life For Personal Freedom — 3 Comments

  1. Common sense books are good.

    I’m in the middle of Dr. Jordan Peterson’s “12 Rules for Life.  An Antidote to Chaos”.  Translated  into 73 (?) languages now.

    Your book will have value…more is better when it comes teaching the lost art of simple common sense.

    Good podcast.

  2. Jack what is the method for becoming one of your book Ambassadors.

    I remember it was something about sending you an e-mail but I do not want it lost in the Spam Filter Monster.


    Sorry if you have covered this in other episodes I am a bit behind in my podcast listening, much shorter commute time these days.

    • Send me an email with TSPC ambassador in the subject and say you want in, I will put you on a list.