Episode-698- Cooking with the Five Horseman of the Herb Garden — 14 Comments

  1. Good timing Jack. I had to take the shears to the oregano, and Im trying to dehydrate at 95f in my Excalibur. And YES, I am growing all five. Going to try to overwinter Rosemary up here in PEI (CDN ZONE 6a)

    I broke off a piece of my larger plant, stuck it in the ground and it ‘took’

  2. @Brent Eamer
    When drying oregano on my Excalibur I had better results placing the oregano more towards the fan in the back. The stuff in the front took a lot longer to dry out. Just a tip.

    • Thanks Frank, I did notice that im over 15hrs and they are still a tad tender..

  3. Jack YUMMMMM but next time please warn to eat before. Every thing sounds so good! This would be a good show to be able to print out. Congrats on selling your house.

  4. If I had to pick five, I’d replace the dill with sage. Love fresh sage and fresh rosemary on chicken!

  5. Thanks for your tribute to what real authentic Italian food is all about. Very simple cooking with your fresh ingredients.

    • @ Mitko69- Thanks for sharing! I’ll have to try that!

      I recommend fried sage. I made that when I was a cook on Mt. Washington and it was a hit! Frying takes much of the bitterness out.

  6. Ok, Jack I’m 2 for 2 on recipes from this show!! I just finished the rosemary potatoes and all the wife, kid and I LOVE em’ I also used sweet basil,tomatoes and a banana pepper and salt pepper& garlic I had handy to make a bruschetta (sp?) it rocks too! Glad I had 2 fresh herbs on hand, and will be planting many more!

  7. Great show. Would appreciate the dates of the 4 shows that were more detailed. Thanks