Episode-1780- Listener Calls for 5-5-16 — 9 Comments

  1. on having a landline:
    we had a brief power out in my home recently. because the power to operate a wall phone comes through the phone lines, i was able to make phone calls. (something, iirc, i learned from tsp)


  2. Shipping containers. I personally know a guy who put his daughter’s furniture in one. Found out the hard way, they are NOT mouse-proof.

    I do like them. Ditto on the security issues. There are people who just drive around looking to loot properties that are not lived on.

    Warren from Kansas

  3. I agree with some of the sentiments about Trump, but you didn’t mention anything about trade deals such as NAFTA, TPP, and similar things t hat Trump has mentioned that seem related ..

    I think it is also related to poverty .. The IMF, World Bank, CIA and others have done alot to keep poverty going around the world which is then in turn a source of cheaper labor ..

  4. Back when the IMI Timberwolf came out I had read about it in magazines and then walked into a gun shop while traveling and saw one on the shelf. I was planning to walk out with it until I actually handled it, the metal was very rough and the wood so poorly fitted it was ridiculous so I passed it up.
    On the other hand the older Rossi Puma cabins are EXCELLENT .357 rifles!

  5. Well, you said it Jack and it happened. Lots of tornadoes last weekend. They called it an active system. Very scary. Everyone get prepared for a strong tornado season.

  6. More on having a landline. Speaking for my area at least, and likely it is this way all over: While both telephone lines and Cable lines run parallel on the same poles, they are very different in storms and power outages. The regular landline phone always works when the power is out. The cable lines are fiber optic and have repeaters every so often, these repeaters need power, and they do have a battery back up at each repeater spot — this usually lasts for a couple hours, then that is it, no more cable (which up here is 95% of the internet service, and internet based phones). They could, in theory, drive out with batteries or generators, but this does not happen, as the roads are bad when the power is out and also, they do not keep a large crew like AT&T. My area also doent have much cell phone coverage, and many people are using their cell phone at home thru the cable/internet. So, they have what they think is 2 or 3 communication methods — cell phone, email/messaging, house phone — that ALL are actually running on the cable/internet lines, and these all stop working when the power is out.

    I have noticed that other areas of the state and country do not normally have the power outages we have, and so do not know how vulnerable their communication and other needs are until something happens. And, I think due to decaying infrastructure and weird weather that incidences of power outages are likely to spread. So, food for thought, a measured-rate landline could be a very inexpensive $20/month back up. I know I need it

  7. On game and feral animals in Australia…….
    Pigs, foxes, rabbits. Roo and wallaby. Love roo meat- shame California won’t let it be imported….
    Deer species in Australia? Fallow, Red, Sambar, Rusa, Hog, Chital. Add to that list feral horses, dogs, cats, camels (yes, feral camels. There is an export market to the Middle East…), goats….Timor buffalo, wild cattle……
    Plenty of good size stuff here.

    • Wow I knew your mates to the south in NZ had a lot of exotics hunting, didn’t know you did too.

  8. Regarding Land Lines – Unless you have one of the old fashion traditional phone line that used to be called POTS line (Plane Old Telephone Service) you are really doing voice over your internet connection. In that case your voice is tied to your internet connection being up and is called VOIP. If you have voice as part of your cable package or AT&T U-Verse it is most likely a POTS line.

    In this case since the “voice” service is dependent on your internet connection anyway you might as well use something like Google Voice (which gives you a phone number people can call) or Skype.