Episode-1777- Listener Feedback for 5-2-16 — 25 Comments

  1. Agree on the strong man part, that became very clear to me when Bohner came out and attacked Cruz the way he did, it all seems way too calculated not to be a conspiracy. Well done Jack 🙂

  2. Hey Jack,
    Just wanted to comment on your Weber Grill topic today. 3-4 year old Weber Genesis grills can be priced on Craigslist for under $400. The Genesis units I have found are 2 or 3 burner units and usually have new grates, burners,flavor bars, stainless steal cover and components, as well as side burners for around $380 or less. No taxes and a great unit that would serve anyone just as well as a shiny new one. Just another thought. Thanks for another great show.


  3. The episode that was quoted is, to me, one of the best you have done. I still listen to it and have shared with pepper people who believe the parts about FEMA camps and other things you haven mentioned in that episode.

  4. Does not matter. This country (at least the states with the most/important amount electoral votes that matter) is too blue. Hillary for the win.

    PS. Was talking to a friend yesterday and he REALLY thinks that voting matters. Suffice to say we agreed to (vehemently) disagree.

    • Don’t you believe that, the Hillary part, of course your vote does not matter but how the 20% of sheep in the middle get swung, that does matter.

      • A general election is just a popularity contest, it’s 30% on the right and 30% on the left, the 60% of the sheep in the middle are going to vote for the celebrity, they’re clueless about policies. Provided they don’t try something dirty at the convention and he gets the nomination he’ll wax the floor with Clinton. A celebrity has never lost an election to my knowledge, this time won’t be any different.

        • Your numbers are off.

          The well known numbers are

          40% Assclown A even if it were a dead dog
          40% Assclown B even if it were a dead dog

          20% Swing voters, called the mushy middle by pundits.

  5. Glad to see your wicking beds are doing well. After the workshop (1st fall one) I came home and built a greenhouse for my wife. Being the master carpenter that I am it only took about 3 years to build but it is done…

    Then it was time for my wicking beds. We built (2) that are 8×3. I started to plum them together but my ground isn’t as level as yours so they are standalone. Not really a big deal. Not knowing how well they would conserve water I made my gravel bed a bit deeper. We do not live on the property yet so I wanted plenty of reserve. Everything else was the same as yours. Oh, it is not nearly as much fun shoveling 2 truckloads of gravel and 2 of topsoil by myself. Need to have a workshop for extra backs and hands…

    When it came time to plant Bob Wells sent me a ton of strawberries. What the wife wanted so that is what she got… plants are exploding. Even though they are a bit expensive to build I can see us building a ton more. Very stingy on water use and the height of them makes them easy to work.


  6. 2 other things: 1) I started my first worm bin a few weeks back. That made me wonder about putting worms in the wicking beds. After several conversations with uncle jims worm farm they suggested European night crawlers. No need to feed them and they are a little more robust. So far, 3 weeks into their addition and they are growing strong.
    2) the ground nut you discussed in your 10 edibles episode. How do you think the ground nut would do in a dedicated wicking bed?

    Thanks, Mark

  7. I really like the new youtube video answers you are doing these days, but I still came back here to comment. When you were speaking about the public lands in an Anarchy I could not help but think of the fisheries here in NW Washington. Nearly all the native Salmon runs are destroyed so what you are fishing for when you buy a license to fish on public waters is a state funded hatchery fish.
    I think you need a cypher key to be able to decode the modern state budgets, but I know for less crytic documents that the state had exceeded $100 per fish by 2002 in Oregon:
    All the other audits looked worse than this one, but I linked it because it comes off of a government site. I doubt that the deer have any subsidies this extream, but I believe this is a relevant example about how horrible of a job the state is does in managing public resources. He can’t afford to hunt on private game reserves because he has already been robbed of nearly all his wealth.

    • There is a link in the show notes second to the last one on the list.

  8. Just did the third rebuild on my 15 year old Weber Silver Series. 3 sets of grates, 2 igniters and 1 set of burners total. This grill has been uncovered on the back deck the entire time and very well used. I’ll get another 5 out of it and replace it with another Weber. Instead of the side burner, set your Camp Chef next to it.

  9. A few thoughts on the wicking beds. After having built a few of the wicking beds, I’m going to go away from the slotted drain pipe and use cheaper hollow cinder block placed on its side to provide space for water. The wicking bed I’ve used the longest is in my greenhouse and found it uses about 10 gallons a week to top off during summer. They are nice to work with since you don’t need to bend over to work in.

  10. The community in Northern Alberta – Fort McMurray – mentioned at the beginning of the episode is being fully evacuated. 70,000 under a mandatory evac order.

    • After three or fours days, I’ve worked two evac centers and had to leave each one.
      Someone had to be a voice of reason in there.

  11. “How would we do X in an anarchy?”

    Well, people would do it together.

    “What if some people won’t?? :o”

    Then they face the negative results of their actions.

  12. I’ve had Amazon Prime for 2 years now. And I found that with a lot of items I can find the product cheaper off of prime but then once you add the shipping cost it equals the price of the item on Prime. So it seems like with a lot of items I’m paying for shipping anyways. Now these are usually lower cost and lightweight items. I know when I bought a bag of worm compost and rock dust in the same order I saved a lot off shipping.

  13. I have noticed when we have a sitting lame duck president about two or three weeks leading up to the general election he will always start doing things to tick off one side or the other like signing really outrageous executive orders or making really stupid comments etc. Its all manipulation so the next one will be elected and of course the media always goes along with it.

  14. What do you estimate the cost for one (or all 3) of these wicking beds? Also, can someone recommend a link with a drawing? The video doesn’t show it put together before the materials are put in. The finished product looks really nice. Thanks!

    • Quite a bit the way I did it, the tanks are 150 a piece at TSC so that is 450 right there. The lumber was another 200ish, but this is kind of a top end version lots of ways to do it for less, the fill was under 50 bucks. Pipes perhaps 40.

      • So like if you hunt craigslist for tanks you can save a lot right there, if you paint them vs. wall them in with expensive siding, etc.

  15. Here is the deal with the Weber Spirit grill…

    Weber cut a deal with Home Depot for the Spirit 310 model. They include their cast iron “Gourmet BBQ System” (GBS) which has the round removable center section. In this special Home Depot model they also cheapened up the rest of the grill. The door is no more, it is a really flimsy removable panel. And there are cuts on the rest of the grill as well, like the hood only has one panel, it does not have a second insulating panel like the mainstream Spirit 300 series does.

    The problem is the Gourmet BBQ System is NOT available outside of Home Depot and this grill. Weber does not have it available on their website, and calls to them turn down the sales opportunity. It is widely sold in Europe, however, but there is no shipping to the states. Yes, Weber sells a stainless steel version in the US, but the cast iron version is not available outside of Home Depotds.

    The fundamental problem is when the wife loves the Gourmet BBQ System (and all its accessories!), yet the husband recognizes the Home Depot Weber Spirit 310 is a stripped down model.

    I ended up buying a Weber Spirit 330. It the main stream model and is NOT stripped down like the Home Depot version. And the 330 has a few extra features as well. But that did not get the GBS to make the wife happy.

    I went to Home Depot and looked at their floor model. It had clearly been sitting outside for a few years, the inside was filthy. I grabbed a quick picture of the serial number. I called Weber and explained that I had screwed up the grates on my grill, and I needed a replacement. Weber took the serial number along with my credit card, and promptly shipped me the GBS grates that my wife wanted.

    A bit of a scam? Sure. But I paid for the new grates. I would have paid even more up front if they had just been willing to sell them to me. They set the price at $50 (+ship), and I did not complain.

    My point is the Home Depot Weber Spirit grill does NOT represent the Weber Spirit line. It is a bastardized off-shoot done on an exclusive contract for the folks in orange. I avoided it and got the regular Weber model instead.