3rd Interview with Baldy & The Blonde — 3 Comments

  1. Nice program – anybody who recognizes the validity and importance of the message / stand of Ron ( & Rand) Paul, has my attention & support. Ron Paul knows more / better about what is going on and what should be done than any other in our government – the #1 guy to follow & support. Here is something that benefits everyone – especially tax payers – that LEGALLY eliminates tax liability – putting it to work for you / the people instead of going to the IRS (in clean renewable energy) – actually puts money in peoples’ pockets right off the bat, – info here: — something that works for the “Little Guy” – not just the wealthy.

  2. Jack,It was great to hear you on my local radio in New Orleans,I just wish more people would wake up in this area,you would think after Katrina people would have their shit together but it seems that they are either waiting for uncle sugar or partying too much. But rest assured I’ve seen tshtf & will not be caught with my pants down again.I have transformed my acre in the woods into a mini homestead,Chickens rabbits,garden a small solar emergency power setup with a generator for good measure.I would also like to thank you for what you do,I have gotten so many tips from you.And yes I am a brigade member.I’ll keep preaching & turning people on to your sight.Keep up the good work & God bless ya