New 300 Gallon Aquaponics System – Part Fourteen — 1 Comment

  1. Thanks for this video. You jerked a knot in my ass.
    UPS just delivered my two 50gal tanks I ordered almost immediately after this video, because I remembered I had a 100 gallon tank sitting unused in my barn. Admittedly, I was trying to design a “perfect” system despite never having done aquaponics before. I won’t have the capacity I was planning for this year, but no parsley disease hear, and at least for this winter I’ll have something, learn and probably be able to design a better system later.
    By the way, your suggested pump is no longer available, so I took a “shot in the dark” with a comparable model from the same company. I’m happy to give you my opinion next year, but in case I have to replace it in the near future, do you have another suggested pump?
    Again, thank you for everything, and know I’m starting to assemble this trial version tonight when the kids get home as they’re super interested also.