Reflections on 3000 Episodes of The Survival Podcast – Epi-3000 — 9 Comments

  1. Big congratulations, especially on making your listeners part of it all. Thanks for what you do and involving so many others.

  2. Been here 11 of the 14 years and still love the show. I don’t know how you keep the passion for what you do this strong but you do and I appreciate it. Thank you Jack!

  3. Well done Jack.
    Been a while, but the once “King of Negative Karma” sez ‘Congrats’! and a future with another 10000 plus shows.
    Again, congrats

  4. Hey Jack, Suzanne from Michigan. My TSP days started back in the Jetta TDI days. Listened to you on my desktop computer in my office. I remember you had a dog that had passed away at that time. How I happened upon your show in the first place escapes me. I did check in with a guy named James Rawles once in awhile so maybe he supplied the link. I enjoy a lot of your content especially lately. Congrats on 3000, a very noble milestone, well worth downing a shot of something.

  5. Huge congrats on 3000 Jack! Because of you I moved my family from HOA hell suburbs to 6 acres in the urban-rural fringe. 8 minutes from a major grocery store, and 30 minutes from a semi major city. But zero HOA and the land is specifically zoned “rural agriculture” where the township charter states the goal is to ‘stop urban sprawl and allow a quiet rural life.”

    Because of you I’ve raised chickens for 6+ years, jumbo pekin ducks in my front yard one year, have a fruit orchard of 50+ trees planted, and a huge garden.

    I tell this story often, but I realized I had to move when I was carrying a ten foot board from my car to the back yard to build a garden bed, and my board hit my house, and my neighbors house at the same time! I remember being utterly shocked that my house was less than ten feet away from my neighbors!

    My quality of life is infinitely better than in the suburbs, and my kids get to run around and play in the “woods” and not have to worry about an HOA blue haired Karen calling CPS because my kids are throwing rocks at a tree.

    Unfortunately, I very recently had a critical health issue that had a 50% chance of dying. And in the 60 minutes while I was waiting for the surgery team to arrive and the ER team was talking to me about what level of advanced life support I’d want to be on I thought about, “if this is it, how do I feel?” And I had an extreme calm. Through your help I have plenty of life insurance for my family, I’ve raised them well, I provided a great living environment for them. If this is my time to go, I will greatly miss my children growing up, but I’ve done everything right, and they will be ok.

    I can’t say that would have been the case before you.

    Thank you Jack. I hope you know how many tens of thousands of lives you have positively impacted.

    Eric from Michigan

  6. Congratulations!

    A huge accomplishment & a great example of how much can be accomplished by getting up and plugging away day-after-day.

    Looking forward to the next 1000 episodes =)

  7. 3000 podcasts is a monumental achievement. Congratulations Jack & Dorothy! TSP is unique in that I’ve not found any podcast with 200,000 regular listeners where the host regularly invites the listeners into their home. Your efforts are amazing and we’ve all grown better together because of it. Best wishes for a spectacular 2022!

  8. I started listening way before the 1000th episode. I remember listening to all the stories in the 1000th episode, thinking that even back then my life was significantly impacted by your work.

    Thanks for all the time and effort you are putting into this show.

    I made some additional progress in my preparedness since, and I must say that a lot of it is thanks to you.

  9. I started listening at the “Raising Resilient Children in a World Full of Wusses” episode. It was mentioned in Geoff Lawton’s newsletter and the title immediately grabbed me. What I have enjoyed more than anything from you is that you have given me an ideology to follow. I was sick of politics but had never put any thought into what the solutions are. I now consider myself an anarchist, and due to a preparedness mindsight, am now a better husband and father thanks to you.