2nd Amendment T-shirt on Sale — 7 Comments

  1. Hey Jack — on the 2nd Amendment tshirt, all sizes above L are sold out. I need to get a 2XL for my husband for xmas — can I be placed on a list or something to be notified when they come in? Also, the site is still charging $25 instead of $17.
    Thanks a bunch for everything you do.
    This new 2nd Amendment tshirt is awesome! Tammy

    • Tammy – Pricing is fixed. $17.00 including shipping is now on the site. 2XL and 3XL are out of stock. Small – XL are still available and we have some 4XL available. Sale is only good for the in-stock sizes. We will likely sell through this inventory and not re-print these until sometime in 2014.

      Kelly – TSP Gear Shop

      • Thanks, Kelly! It’s sad, though, we have about 300 Libertarian friends on FaceBook and I was going to post this awesome shirt b/c I knew it’d be a HUGE hit, but since you have so few left and so few sizes, then I don’t see any reason to post it. But it really is a great shirt! If anyone sends back a 2XL PLEASE let me know asap – I WILL get it for hubby for xmas!! Thanks again! Tammy

  2. I may have to order a couple more of these. I bought one earlier this year and everytime I wear it I have people asking me where I got it at. I have told everyone so I hope some have purchased at least one.

    • It really is a completely awesome shirt! I’m still going to post it on FB & just be sure to advise 2x & 3x are sold out.
      Unfortunately my hubby is way to tight in an XL and a 4X would swallow him whole LOL!
      Maybe for Valentine’s . . . 🙂