Episode-2751- A New Look at the Off Grid BOL — 5 Comments

  1. “wooded and hence secluded”

    any concern about fires? lots of “preppers” in california got burned out last year, and this. can expect more of that when new refugees are trying to cook over a campfire for the first time and there are no firefighters available.

    • First let me say of your last 4 comments 3 were totally on point and useful. Strange from you but happy to see it.

      On fire, fire management is not done by living where no trees are it is done via design. Though that said, my advice to anyone is California is to get the fuck out.

      I can’t say how everyone should manage risk with fire because it is very situational. Climate, topography, prevailing winds, general overall risk, surface water, natural breaks, etc. However the PDM gives a huge amount of solid design advice around this one thing alone.

      So once again the answer is it depends and permaculture likely will give you your answer for your needs.

      • Oh and you know what stops fire best? You won’t believe me but VERY VERY large mature LIVE trees.

        Bill Mollison – “If you want a fire break plant walnuts and grow them to a huge size, then provide and open break on the side you want to protect”

        Class – mumble, gripe, groan, rolls eyes, is Bill nuts, etc.

        Bill Mollison – “Oh you think so? Great well the walnuts or anything like them will suppress the hell our of undergrowth which is how fires spread, and if you think a mature walnut or oak is easy to burn, go try to light one with a match”.

        Class – mumbles, um, oh, well, um.

        Bill – Moves on.

  2. If looking in Texas, you’ll also want to check if the county is in a water conservation district. A pseudo-governmental entity organized to “protect” your owned groundwater for you (and tax you, and limit your well capacity, Etc.). If you want to know the depth for a water well, the drillers logs are available from the state, online. You can check & review records, depths, and more importantly, hire the driller with the most local experience. Another source for land loans is Texas Veterans Land Board who loans up to $150k to veterans for raw acreage tracts.