Episode-2121- Time to Start Planning for the 2018 Spring Garden — 9 Comments

  1. Hello Jack,

    I was introduced to this from where I work.

    It is web based, I have no financial relationship with this company, I use a free account.

    It allows you to make checklists and work through them, again online.

    The nice thing is that when you set up a process, you can run it as often as you need to, for those things that are actions to go over again and again, like say raising ducks, planning a event, or the like.

    The water free Dogwash? Very related towards prepping. Too many people do not think about pets need hygiene as well, and without a need for water, conserves resources.


    Thank you for all that you do.

  2. Your four season photos reminded me of when I lived in Michigan. In that climate, Spring was always such a relief. So much happens with the plants and animals during that time, and there is a kind of deep happiness that goes with that.

    But, I’m from California originally – living in Sacramento now – and here the season changes are quite different, particularly as you move towards the coast.

    The first part of your discussion was really pretty high-level. I’m sure some of your commitment to planning comes from your tech experience. I know that most tech projects require good planning or you end up missing actions that are important. But as you said, you can apply the basic principles of planning to anything you want to get done. Sometimes the first step, though, is: Learn how to do it!

    You are living a very American life (if I may say so) and it’s good to see that still working for some people. I came to your blog via the Permaculture angle, because I was contemplating buying a house and putting in a food forest type of garden. So far that has not materialized. It’s interesting to hear about all the nuts and bolts that go into running a farm (or a homestead as you might call it) as I’ve never lived on one.

    I hope there will always be a place on this planet for people who want to live like you are, because it’s a good honest life. I think the people looking forward to a super-technology future don’t totally realize what they are asking for. Though our better writers try to give us glimpses of what it could be like, their efforts don’t seem to provide much deterrent. I learned about such societies from a different angle, and I likewise am not so enthusiastic about that sort of future. It’s great you have an audience that supports you, but the fact remains that the bulk of society is headed in some other direction, and even if reason ultimately prevails, I see us going through a lot of hell before it does.


  3. Excellent show! So much gardening wisdom. A tip for the garden book: the kind of “composition book” that has grid (graph paper) pages. I use this kind out of long habit (it’s the standard lab notebook in my field), but the grid makes it easy to draw bed layouts, planting diagrams, successions, and sketches of things you might build, all to scale.

    • Likely Zcash or Aeon, Aeon to me is a speculation, so don’t risk too much but I think it has potential to be one of the next to make a big run.

  4. Jack, I opened a wallet for Aeon, but could not find a way of funding it.  I typically use changelly  to convert from my Coinbase, but Aeon doesn’t appear to be supported.  What is the best way to fund it?  Thanks.

    • Coinbase only supports Litecoin, Bitcoin and Ether. They promise bitcoin cash by January.

      To buy Aeon you are going to need an account on an exchange they are traded on say like Bittrix. You can send some BTC from your Coinbase account, make the buy and then transfer it to your wallet.

      FWIW I bought a bout a grand at 2.60, when it went to 4 bucks I sold it and bought Monero on a dip. I am not saying to buy Monero now, I may trade it again soon, because it is also way up or was as of yesterday, haven’t checked yet today. I am also not saying don’t buy AEON, I am watching it and hoping it comes back down again. I see it as a decent long term play but nothing going on right now will turbo charge it. My biggest concern is the dev team seems very quiet.