Episode-1783- 20 Items to Add to Your Preps if You Don’t Have them Already — 43 Comments

  1. The best hose I’ve ever used in the past was an actual rubber one. Anyone know where to buy a 100% rubber hose instead of the new mostly plastic ones?

  2. I would replace the Oregon electric chainsaw with the Stihl cordless chainsaw. You will pay a lot more for the saw, the battery, and the charger but it is worth it. I have the Stihl cordless chainsaw, pole saw, and blower and will probably get the cordless cutoff saw later this summer. One charge on the chainsaw was enough to cut down a 10″ diameter tree and convert it into 3 large wheelbarrow loads of firewood. Great product.

    I carry the Gerber EAB as part of my EDC kit – great little utility knife.

  3. I bought the Gerber EAB on Jacks recommendation a few years ago. It has been part of my edc ever since. I have had guys laugh at it. “That’s not a real knife.” I do not care. It does 95% of what I need a knife to do.

    • I have one too on his suggestion and I love that it is razor sharp. Be careful on what blades you put in it as some are too long and protrude past the case when closed.

      • Same here. It’s only one piece of cutlery in my kit, but one that has been very useful from time to time.

  4. You can download a free off copy of the American boys handy book at

    • Skyjumpr,
      I had to smile when watching this video. Upon hearing the rustling of the space blanket I seem to remember some years ago, Jack mentioning that he did not especially like this style of space blanket, because it made him feel like he was sleeping in a potato chip bag. In any case, it’s a good video. We do something similar with tea candles, and votive candles we find on deep discount after the holidays. Using a “church key” style oprnrt, make a series of holes along the side of a #10 can. Store the candles and match or lighter in the can with the lid and keep in the vehicle. If stranded, remove the lid, light the candles and set a number of them in the bottom of the can. The can keeps the fire safely away from other combustibles, and even a few candles can add an amazing amount of heat to the vehicle.

  5. I loved this show and it’s great to know a few things I can get to better my preps. For years I’ve keep an air compressor in each of my vehicles. So I’ve gone through a bunch of cheap compressors and I’m sure the one you suggest is amazing however I’ve found for the price the 100psi compressor from Harbor Freight is amazing. Here’s the link

    The only reason I suggest it is because for under $50 when it pumped a completely flat donut up to 60psi on the car in under 2 minutes I consider it worth the money. When you have 3-4 cars you look for good without to high of a price and I can buy 3 of these for the $150 the one you suggest costs.

  6. Air compressor – the same brand has a lesser model, at significant price difference.

    For a passenger car, or light SUV not setup with monster balloon tires I’m wondering how well the little model would work. The duty cycle on the little 88p is actually a bit better (run time vs. cool off time), but I realize overall it will take longer to inflate.

    This is largely for emergencies and the occasional air mattress, etc.

    Any thoughts?

    • Everything they make is good but I recommend the larger unit. In the end it is up to you.

      • Let me add if you don’t have the budget or can’t justify the cost, yes buy the less priced model. Better it than nothing.

        • Thanks Jack. 90% of our family driving is in metro areas, we have spare tires and AAA. We’re planning a big road trip this summer through western MT and WY, so I just want some added resiliency. Already ordered the tire plug kit.

          I will ponder if I could use the larger size compressor for other purposes and make my decision off that.

          Thanks again.

  7. As far as the large bag goes, I’ve had the Voodoo Tactical Mini Mojo loadout bag for a while and use it as my primary vehicle bag. My typical BOB items are in there in addition to a standalone first-aid kit, a queen sized comforter, lots of water bottles, my air compressor, and other automotive tools. It has lots of pockets, molle webbing, and can be carried with two hand straps, one shoulder strap, or as a backpack (straps included). It is large enough to carry a LOT of stuff, and I would highly recommend it. It is a bit pricey at around $90-100 on Amazon, depending on which color you get, but this is as durable a bag as you will find anywhere. Unless you are incredibly hard on it, this bag will last the rest of your life.

  8. I may be the only one here that has these, but we love our Luci lights from mpowerd:

    We have a mix of outdoor, lux, and originals and they’re all great for camping and when the power goes out.

      • Their email today reminded me that they often have pretty decent sales.. the best are effectively buy 4 get 1 free (like their promotion today) +/- free shipping. So if someone is not needing them urgently it’s probably best to subscribe to their list and wait for a deal to come by.

  9. I’m glad I finally started keeping an air compressor in my car. I’ve gotten a fair bit of use out of it.

  10. Great show. Really enjoyed it as always. Home Depot sells the Husky razor knife and there is a quick release so no screwdriver needed. Works great.

    • Ive tried those and I hate them, the blades often come out of the holder when cutting with them. For that reason I consider them quite unsafe, and not worth the bulk.

  11. You are on fire today! The Gerber EAB is a game changer. I even travel with it. I just take the blade out and pick up a pack of cheap blades when I get to my destination. I’ve always loved the big Maglites. It’s on the way from Amazon. Finally, exchanging propane bottles should only be done when you have to get rid of one. It’s normally cheaper at a local hardware store and you are doing business locally. Cheers!

  12. Big Buddy question. Jack, I just bought one of these Big Buddies. Tested it out on the small canisters but like the idea of having the adapter for the 15 gallon canisters. Just so I’m not doing anything dangerous, it’s okay to have that 15 gallon canister in the house while operating? Thanks!

    • Using any large propane tank indoors can be safe; but, be sure to check all connections for leaks. a 15 gallon (65 pound) tank contains a lot of propane, and even a small leak can present a fire hazard. In my case both the conversion hose and the heater had warnings about indoor use; but, I think there should be little problem if you take extra care when in use.

      • Given the stink they add to gas I can’t see anyone not knowing real fast they have a leak.

  13. Could not agree more about the need for extra glasses. For decades I needed corrective lenses because I couldn’t see crap. Always made me worried about what would happen if SHTF. 7 yrs ago I finally bit the bullet and got Lasik. Best thing I ever did.

    For the life of me, I don’t know how they survived many, many years ago with poor vision.

  14. Jack, we used to do with wild persimmons, what you used to do with the apples. We’d say we were slinging persimmons. It was amazing how far we could make them go as kids.

  15. Another reason to add to my list of why I’m leaving California as soon as I can…

    My mother’s “office” at my parents’ house is essentially a walled off part of the garage. It looks nice and all. And the wall that was built is insulated, but the other walls that were originally part of the garage? Nope. And being older with poor(er) circulation, even the the SF bay area doesn’t get cold to me, she does get cold working in there. Thought the Big Buddy would by a nice birthday present for her…and of course they can’t ship it to CA or MA…

  16. Jack,

    I have a question about the Camp Ranger stove you talked about. I’m wondering if it’s large enough for a water bath canner? I have a single burner, the kind you would use for brewing beer outside, that works good for the canner, but am wondering if the Camp Ranger could handle the canner and another pot?

    Also, I bought the Gerber EAB the first time you recommended it and have very happy with it. The only time it’s not in my pocket is when flying.


  17. Great show~never heard of the releasable zip ties~but the Buddy Heater is the biggest deal for me…thanks~

  18. Thanks Jack! I really enjoyed this show and would love to see more like this.

    On your USB storage idea. I actually downloaded the entire Wikipedia website and put it on a flash drive. It’s a decent archive to search through if internet is unavailable during a power outage or something. I can provide a link on how to do that if anyone is interested.

      • Sorry, originally posted this as a separate comment instead of a reply. Reposting as reply so it’s easier to follow.

        Download Kiwix to view the Wiki downloads. There is a portable version for Windows as well as mobile versions for Android/iPhone and a Mac version.

        This page has everything you need including links to direct downloads and torrent files. Wikipedia is about 55GB without images so downloaders may need to pay attention to their data caps with their internet service providers.

        For more in depth information directly from Wikipedia look here:

        Let me know if you need anything else.

  19. The fifty year old 100 ft black hose my grandpa uses is still going strong. It’s an actual hydraulic hose. When grandpa bought it he told me that he almost had a heart attach for what it cost. But now it’s still like new and doesn’t kink either. It’s probably the cheapest piece of equipment he’s ever bought for the longevity.

  20. Download Kiwix to view the Wiki downloads. There is a portable version for Windows as well as mobile versions for Android/iPhone and a Mac version.

    This page has everything you need including links to direct downloads and torrent files. Wikipedia is about 55GB without images so downloaders may need to pay attention to their data caps with their internet service providers.

    For more in depth information directly from Wikipedia look here:

    Let me know if you need anything else.

  21. I’m still playing catch up getting through the shows; but, I was amazed to see that I have nearly everything on the list, or at least a close approximation for functionality. For those who are a little paranoid, you can replace the flash drive with a CORSAIR Padlock series like this one:
    It has buttons to enter a pin, and encrypts the data using AES. An invalid PIN entry after some number of tries (I forget the number at this time) will wipe the contents.

  22. Hi jack, good show.
    But the crosman 1322 is available in the “.22 cal bug out kit”
    For $100, Or you can get a 1322, for about $40
    and a stock from various sites for $15-$20
    It’s a shorter gun so not as accurate at longer distances,
    but is multi pump and capable of taking small game.
    Maybe not in the class of the benjamin, but a Cheaper alternative.