Episode-2394- 20 Herbs to Grow in 2019 — 4 Comments

  1. Great show! It reminded me that spring will eventually arrive in IN and I can get out and start growing things!

    As an aside, you might have mentioned which of the 20 would do well inside in pots.  I grew a lot of these herbs outside in containers last year.  My “pot garden” did pretty well, but I likely lost nearly everything this winter because I didn’t do anything with any of it.  (I have some comfrey and horseradish that I’m hoping “tractored”, but we won’t know ’til this spring.)

    Anyway, my point is, I’m not experienced enough to know what plants will do well as part of an indoor “pot garden”.

  2. Next time you are cooking Lamb Kebabs on the BBQ use fresh rosemary stalks with the leaves stripped off as the skewer  the essential oils will flavour the meat from the inside out.

    I loved the pollination/beneficial insect  benefits of using the Dill and fennel ect planted in the areas surrounding the vegetable garden

    Cheers Finster

  3. Himalayan Marigold isn’t considered an herb, but it is such a great plant for deterring nasty bugs, and inviting predator bugs. Grows to 2-3 feet tall so they aren’t like the little marigolds you find at the big box store. These grow into large bushes and love the sun.