Episode-1919- Toby Hemenway on Liberation Permaculture — 19 Comments

    • Oh man, so sorry for Kiel. I just heard tonight will be a very dark night, the darkest in 500 years, it seems fitting.

  1. I read this morning that Toby was ill on Geoff Lawton’s affiliate PRI website, so went on TSPAZ link and purchased “The Permaculture City”…Just came to TSP this afternoon to download todays show and saw the sad news. We’ve lost another great in the world of permaculture today.

  2. Was hoping to find some time over the holidays to finish going through his Gaia’s garden course, got excited to see the topic, then sad to read the news of his passing. RIP Toby.

  3. Toby was my introduction to Permaculture when I picked up a copy of Gaia’s Garden years ago. I also took his recent Permaethos course. Somehow that makes Toby’s loss more personal to me.
    To lose Bill Mollison and Toby Hemenway in the past few months has been a a great loss to the Permaculture community. Jack, I know that you and Geoff Lawton and many others will keep the light shining.
    Toby’s dash gave so much to the world. May he rest in peace.

  4. Gaia’s Garden (still reading it) has been eye-opening for me. Sad to hear of Toby’s passing.

    BTW, the intro where he talks about his past and working with drug companies on cancer remedies and the like was a bit eery given what happened to him.

      • Well,,will Toby’s interests receive more money from an amazon purchase or chealsey green? As you said, we need to take care of those left behind. Rest in peace sir.

        • I really don’t know, I know I tried to buy direct from his site and was refunded because they are not servicing that way right now.

    • Not to my knowledge. Cannabis seems to be effective for some but not all cancers and pancreatic or liver is not one of them.

  5. Jack — thank you for reposting this interview. It is your all-time best, in my opinion, and one that I’ve listened to multiple times. “Legal but Illegible” became my central life-design principle and I will be forever grateful for Toby’s influence. Best wishes to his family and may his legacy live on in each and every one of us through our works.

  6. Does anyone have a listing of the sources when Toby talked about being “Illegible”? I listen while driving so I sometimes miss the details about books or websites.