Episode-1850- Getting Started with Bitcoin and Ether — 12 Comments

  1. Have you seen the site
    It is a global map that shows when a bitcoin is purchased which country did it happen in. Crazy to watch the world wide active especially what’s happening in China. Thanks for covering this topic

  2. Why not use KeePass to store the bitcoin number? Then you have direct control over it. You can have it so you have to have the key to get into KeePass. So it would be similar to CoinBase, where you need that second verification.

    Enjoyed the show. I’m a programmer but haven’t really gotten into BitCoin yet. I guess I’m a late adopter for a lot of technologies. I think part of the reason I will be coming in late is that there really aren’t that many places to use it and I’m conservative with new technologies (except new programming languages, I’m light years ahead in that area 🙂 ).

  3. Best place to spend bitcoin right now is buy absolutely anything amazon sells but buy it with bitcoin. Straight off the bat you can save 5% but if you want to bid on a discount I have saved up to 18%. The other side of the transaction is someone wanting to buy bitcoin and use amazon credits thay have. Fun fact the largest digital currency in the world is amazon credit. Look in to the mechanical turks. Amazon pays a huge virtual army of online workers and pays them in amazon credit. Like the company store. In some situations they don’t ship to some of the places these people live interestingly they do have access to the internet to do work. they do want bitcoin and sometimes are willing to pay a 18% premium to buy my amazon wishlist if I pay them in bitcoin. holds the bitcoins in escrow. When I receive the items by normal mail or ups I login and confirm. releases the funds. The one time I didn’t get my items gave me back my bitcoins.

    • I just checked out Thanks for posting Michael. I love shopping on Amazon and I am looking to get started with Bitcoin thank to Jack’s episode. Looks like this is a great way to do that.

      • You can even buy bitcoin on purse. by paying for the other persons amazon wishlist and have them pay you in bitcoin. I wouldn’t do it myself, good option for under served area maybe. I can get a better rate on coinbase for the same reasons jack mentioned, I am just saying you can. There are lots of options these days.

    • I don’t mean to be the only bitcoin geek on here yammering. But I do have to mention the double entendre of a song about the number 21 in a bitcoin episode. The whole ever only being 21 million in existence part. I laughed to myself when I realized it had nothing to do with bitcoin at all. Great song and everything it just that there is a genre on YouTube for people writing songs about bitcoin.
      Here is one

  4. If you like discounts try using as a wallet for “spending money” level holdings. You can even sometimes get gift cards for Starbucks (up to 20%) or target (up to 10%) with it. The other side of the transaction is a company that buys unwanted or partially used gift cards form people at less then face value. Due to low friction with bitcoin to transfer value they can resale a $5, $10 or $20 gift card with in the app using a scan able QR code at a profit. I have walked in to Starbucks several times logged in on thier wifi, bought the gift card at a discount. Bought my coffee, resold the odd $2.35 or whatever balance back for bitcoin before leaving the store. I have noticed the cards are not available every time like they were a year ago.
    Other then that cool feature it is a great wallet in general for iPhone or Android. Great security and a backup feature that can reload your holdings on to a new device from the blockchain (if you activate it). Useful if you say drop your phone in the toilet and it had some bits on it.

  5. Folks, you can spend your bitcoin just like USD, anywhere you want to.
    You hook a Shift debit card up to your Coinbase account. They send you a debit card with a Visa logo.
    You use it anywhere you can use Visa, without converting anything. Shift automatically converts your Bitcoin into USD and pays the merchant, debiting the money out of your Coinbase account.

    You’re welcome.

    Also, if you come over to Poloniex to start trading in crypto currencies, two rules:
    1. The people chatting in the trollbox are NOT there to help you. They’re there to make money. Don’t ask them for help, they will troll you because you’re being lazy. Research the coins yourself and make informed decisions. Google is your friend.
    2. Buy low, sell high.

    • @Carrie B, 1 1/2% for each trade to bitcoin adds up pretty fast. I think I would only want to do it if there was some kind of discount that made up for the loss in money.