Episode-1764- Small Scale Food Forestry — 8 Comments

  1. Jack:

    Are you sure it’s not a Spanish dove?
    They are smaller and a little darker than a morning Dove, they are all over the place in central Texas, ranchers back in the day imported them and turned them loose on their property

  2. Sounds like Inca doves, miniature doves, reddish-buff color under their wings, make something of a clicking noise when they fly

  3. Probably an Inca dove. A Sibley’s is expensive but invaluable for identifying birds.

  4. Great episode! Just a further note on two of the books you mentioned. “Farming the Woods” is a new book; it’s more geared to working with an established woodland, though not necessarily a large one. However, it would be a good book for someone who has a mostly shaded yard and especially is trying to work with black walnuts. Most gardeners consider that kind of a hopeless situation; the authors show how to make excellent use of both shade and allelopathic walnuts.

    I’m not sure that “Tree Crops” is out of copyright. The original 1929 edition (the one on line?) would be; the 1951 edition – the one that’s still available used – wouldn’t be, I think. Anyway, it’s a fantastic book, filled with great ideas and questions that are just as relevant now as sixty or eighty years ago.

    Thanks, Jack, for all you do!

  5. Jack
    I love all of your shows, especially ones about growing food and permacultural. That is the ultimate way to survive; we kind of need food whether zombies are coming, or even when they dont.

    The length of this show was PERFECT. I was able to listen in one sitting. Thanks for all you do. Keep it up.