Episode-1614- The Danger of Nationwide Riots — 35 Comments

  1. Hey Jack, order of magnitude mistakes are very easy to make, so don’t take this the wrong way!

    10% scumbags, 300 mil population. We got 30 million scumbags, not 3 million. That’s the LA and NYC metro areas combined VS the rest of us non-scum. And another LA and NYC worth of by-standers, totaling 60 million. Pretty daunting.

    • Just wanted to mention that I missed the part where you caught yourself mid show. I’m glad you don’t go back and do any edits. No way anyone can talk for an hour or two per day without making mistakes

  2. Jack,

    Great Idea. Thankyou.

    Blessings to the entire friends and family of clan Spirko

  3. Jack, this was a great show. I live in Canada on an Island that has a lovely body of water that will act as a great moat to protect us. We are permaculturalists and are developing an amazing piece of land. All that being said, your message of preparedness is not lost. We can have food security as well as other forms of security but we can’t extend this to protect our extended families living in larger urban centers. If the proverbial shit hits the fan, we are tying to create escape routes that make sense so they can get here. The trick becomes when to pull the trigger on them leaving. hopefully, none of that becomes an issue. still we are trying to figure out how that makes sense. Not that long ago, there were riots in Vancouver over a hockey playoff game….doesn’t seem to take much to trigger the 1%, 5%, 10%….Great show. Thanks again.

  4. Egad! I work in downtown LA and take public transportation, many miles each day, to work. My son has told me many times to be aware of my surroundings and, as hard as I try, I still miss shit, arrgggggh.

    I damned well better make plans B, C, and D.

    I lived/worked in the next county (35 miles away) when the Rodney King riots happened and I was still worried. Now that I work in the potential cauldron, I best do something better. :/

  5. In Canada, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver would be the trouble spots. Ottawa to some extent. I *think* I’m ok on and Island with a small population (146k) but at 10% that is still 14k potential problems..
    And with our gun laws, more difficult to protect oneself

  6. Hi Jack,
    Very good show…as always. Much to think about.
    Something for all to consider, insurance does not cover civil unrest. House burns in riot, don’t think its covered.

  7. It is a black problem, the the “riots” in Spain and Greece are because these people have been screwed over massively by their politicians and the international bankers. The riots in London were almost exclusively black, white people would be taking their lives in their hands going out in them and it wasn’t just in London it was in most large cities with a significant black population.

  8. The only place I completely disagree with you on, is the government’s ability to respond. I think the country ends up divided into five or so different countries. Too many disparate views, the only thing that is keeping it together is a strong fed.

    Once things start to go they end up weaker, and I don’t think they could kep it together without severe force.

    It is just too big to keep together without totalitarianism.

    • You read too much written by a Russian guy who gets way too much credit considering his track record of being wrong.

    • This, to me, is largely a public perception issue. If the shit has hit the fan, who does the public turn to to restore order (at any cost!)?

      Your mayor, governor, or ‘the president’?

      The big issue being, IMO the public has a far larger level of trust in the US military than in any other governmental institution (at any level). And who can send in the military? The president (fed).

      To the ‘breakup’ concept.. there is no ‘regional leader’ to rally say, ‘the western states’ into a single entity. You MIGHT be able to make an argument that the states break into their own autonomous nations and then form allied states.. but there is no way that’s going to happen during a period of chaos.

      In other words, what governor, while ‘his’ cities are burning, and everyone is clamoring for the boot to come down, is going to announce ‘the fed isn’t helping, so we’re declaring our independence’.

      Uh.. not likely. x10

      (you can maybe make a Texas argument.. but that’s about it. 😉

      • They may turn to the President initially, and they may be able to provide some assistance for a while, but eventually that will fall apart too. The federal government at all levels is too sloppy, too unwieldy, to inept to do much but continue the status quo for long periods of time. When those things collapse, leaders will emerge, people with solutions to immediate problems, with long term plans.

        Out of the chaos, leaders, people who have like minds will eventually band together out of mutual need someone will have something someone else needs, and vice versa.

        There will be regions that stay with the fed, largely the Northeast, the west coast perhaps, but I just think and feel it is to a point where there is no where else left to go, EXCEPT the boot of the federal government coming down in a totalitarian manner. The government isn’t going to give up power, it only seeks to consolidate it.

      • Oh, I’ve never read any Panarin, this is just something I feel, call it instinct.

        • Likely it isn’t instinct, you have read others discuss the theory, seen chatter in forums etc. The source is Panarin.

          And you really should watch this, I recorded it for those that believe such things years ago. Everything I say has only gotten worse since then.

  9. Jack, I wish I shared your optimism that these kinds of things might not happen. From my own pretty in-depth study of history, I really don’t see any way out of it — especially as the economy contracts for a bigger and bigger segment of the population while a narrower and narrower segment sees their financial wealth increase by greater amounts.

    Authorities have been planning for this for some time. Hence the militarization of the police, and the existence of entities like NORTHCOM (a US military command whose area of responsibility is the domestic US, which didn’t exist until around 2004-05).

    As always, I agree with you that the answer to preparing the best we can for these kinds of things is to first take care of ourselves, then our families, and then our neighborhoods and communities. Indeed, that is the only thing that can be the foundation of any kind of decent, resilient society through this and on the other side of it.

    • I largely think so too. The people that essentially want the government telling them what to do and how to do it in every aspect of their lives and the people who don’t. This isn’t an opinion of say, should we continue to build a new plane for the military, this is a diametrically opposed view of the intent of government, eventually it will come to a head.

      Something else may bring it to that critical mass, but I think it is inevitable at this point.

  10. As a minority in this country, I’d be hesitant to pull the lion’s tail one too many times. There is a limit to what any demographic will take before it strikes back, usually with very dire results.

    The US can be roughly broken into 3 predominant races or ethnicities:

    White (non-hispanic): 196 Million
    Hispanic: 54 Million
    Black: 45 Million

    Whites for the most part have the guns, more training and the most active and ex-military men within their ranks. But more than that, Whites do logistics and organization like nobody else. This may sound racial, but look around at the infrastructure, the hardware and the systems of delivery around the world, all were built by Whites.

    Sure, the spineless politicians may let riots get out of control for their benefit or simply use them to increase the police state. And honest men may be prosecuted for defending themselves or their property. But thread lightly, if you are in the rioting camp, lest the White man one day decides to shake off his oppressive government in lieu of one more sympathetic to his race. It has happened before.

  11. I was living in London during the riots. What is racist about stating a fact? I said almost exclusively black and there were lots of instances of people being mugged during the trouble all over England, always black people carrying out the attack. Sorry if you don’t like to read that but its what happened.

    The only times you saw white people gather in any numbers was when they organised themselves to clean up the mess.

    • Your opinion conflicts with FACT and literally hundreds of videos I watched on the riots. Take your racist ass the fuck away from TSP.

    • I have heard many a myopic view of an issue expressed in my life and I must say Steve, you rank right up there.

  12. What happens when the EBT/SNAP cards, entitlements system goes down or get cuts drastically (for whatever reason)? (that’s a rhetorical question btw)

    • Well I mentioned that, in Atlanta a few years back a group of people angry about that almost tore a wall off the welfare building because they wanted their cards filled up, even though NO ONE WAS in the building because it was a holiday. This was ONE DAY without payment.

      Personally if I was in charge I would fix that shit fast, riot, no funds ever again if it is proven you were involved in anyway.

  13. Just to add a data point to support your 10% theory I grew up in the middle of Detroit in the 50’s and 60’s and we lived pretty close to the middle of the ’67 riot, Highland Park to be exact. About the only person to not realize that Detroit was about to blow up must have been the mayor at the time. The riot ended his political career. The riot started as pretty much race centered, but after about 24 hours it was an equal opportunity endeavor. I remember weeks later riding my bike down the alleys and observing the pilfered appliances and clothes looted when someone opened their garage door. Strange things happened of course. A jeep from the 82nd Airborne passed in front of our house and the driver told me to get the hell back inside and stay there. Several days after the army had things under control, women from the suburbs put their kids in the family car and drove down to observe the burned and looted businesses. In fact, there were traffic jams that resulted. We had not prepared in any way for what happened, and mostly businesses were targeted. As you well know cities don’t recover easily from this sort of thing, and Detroit is a case study – from one of the richest cities in the world to ruble and it has stayed that way for almost a half century. Whatever the percentage is, 10% or not, it is perfectly capable of destroying a city, and the police are overwhelmed in a short period of time. It is just a matter of numbers.

    • Reading this sparked a thought on ‘the scum’..

      Namely, that if you’ve outsourced your security to the police, ‘the scum’ only need to look out for/avoid/overwhelm the police.

      Whereas, in a society of ‘sentinels’.. ‘the scum’ has to try and look out for/avoid/overwhelm every alert looking non-scum citizen they happen to see.

      In other words, in a ‘responsible’ society.. ‘the scum’ will never get the opportunity to do harm.

      If you check out this:

      And take Chicago as an example.. there are 44 police officers for every 10k people. That means 44 police officers -vs- 1000 ‘scum’.

      But! Let’s say the 10% ‘good’ lead another 10-20% of the population to act to control the scum (yes I know that’s vague).. now we have a 2:1 or 3:1 advantage.

      Scum don’t act when the odds are against their success (IMO).

      Even the IMPRESSION that the mass of citizenry is going to act against/report/monitor them could be a significant deterrent.

      ‘Riot Watch’ perhaps?

  14. 4 things that helped me{ having experienced the Baltiimore riots on the ground.}
    1. Jack is right re the best thing is to stay sheltered, telecommute, or meet in a somewhat distant location. I was retired and did not have to travel or commute. Not just riot areas are impacted. Re-routing from the riot areas disrupts traffic, peaceful protesters shut down streets (usually major ones), and government goes into lock down, closing streets near their buildings. A commuter nightmare.
    2. Preps: stores will shut down for days or have irregular hours. The nearby drugstore shut for days; the Safeway had very limited hours. Preps give you peace of mind.
    3. Firearms.911 often had busy signals. One gas station/convenience store owner called 51 times without getting help.
    4. If your neighborhood has a facebook page, join NOW. Thousands were trying to get in during the riots and the admins were backed up. Social media is one of the best sources of neighborhood specific info.

  15. My cousin is law enforcement in a rural tourist destination area. There was an African American shot by a Sheriff’s Deputy a few months ago, and all the sudden there were a bunch of African American young men bussed in by the hundreds. Someone was paying for their food, hotels, transportation etc. and they tried to create trouble, but the area was too rural so after a couple weeks they bussed out.
    There’s something more sinister going on, because I heard the same thing on internet forums from people in Baltimore right before the riots happened. But, that was able to take hold. Now, where to travel to next?
    But, there has to be a huge paper trail as to how these kids are being recruited, why they’re all African American, who’s paying for all this etc.

  16. Consider the claims in the book, “The Sociopath Next Door”, by Martha Stout, such as:
    “…4 percent of ordinary people—one in twenty-five—has an often undetected mental disorder, the chief symptom of which is that that person possesses no conscience. He or she has no ability whatsoever to feel shame, guilt, or remorse. One in twenty-five everyday Americans, therefore, is secretly a sociopath…”