16 Cooking Hacks to Elevate Your Cooking – Epi-3334 — 3 Comments

  1. Jack,

    Love these cooking hack episodes! Question – can you cold smoke brisket in the summer?

    I have a side smoker grill and a Pellet Maze Smoker. My concern is the temps in the summer in the side smoker with the lack of oxygen. Does that create the an environment for Botulism?

    PS: I have already purchased a Brisket for this hack, it sounds wonderful.

    • I don’t see a risk in doing this, never heard of it ever being an issue. I’d say the real problem may be keeping the temps down, I’d want it in the shade. Also you only need to do the cold smoke for 2-6 hours. Keep in mind you are then going to hold it about 140 for 48 hours in a sous vide.

  2. I’m trying the mustard recipe right now; my seeds are soaking. I had a similar recipe that used beer and mustard seeds. But after a month or so it would have an off taste. I thought it was the beer fermenting the seeds or something. Hopefully your recipe is more shelf stable.