Episode-1588- Mint the Plant Anyone Could and Should Grow — 38 Comments

  1. Wonderful plan! But PLEASE do not plant any ########## *********GovernMint! (sorry)

  2. It might sound crazy, but I put mint in my beer when I’m drinking it. A light (like bud light) beer with 4-5 bruised mint leaves stuffed down in it on a hot summer day. It’s like extra refreshing. I’ve been wanting to try lemon balm in a hefewizen, too.

  3. Lemon Verbena and Pineapple Sage also really grow well, and make great Tea. We had Spearmint, Peppermint, and a bunch of Mint plants that grew like weeds. Drought Tolerant, and my favorite thing to do was rub my hands on the leaves every morning. Smells GREAT

  4. Yes! I haven’t even listened to the episode but I love it already! We have mint varieties all over our property—as a border, in our orchards, in flower beds, and even in containers. It’s low maintenance and high benefit, but it seems the first thing anyone always wants to say about it is how invasive it is. We even have Oregano varieties as a border, which are in the same family Lamiaceae, I think.

  5. I’m actually drinking a cup of spearmint tea from my swale now. I’m looking forward to listening to this episode.

  6. My wife read on pintrest that a peppermint plant will keep mosquito’s away. Has anyone tried it and does it work?

    • I haven’t tried peppermint, but in my experience the rule for ALL herbal mosquito repellents is that if you can’t smell it, it doesn’t work. You have use enough of it to be able to smell it for it to repel mosquitoes, so it better be a scent you really like.

  7. Mint, indeed. I planted spearmint and orange mint in the flower bed last spring. It took, grew amazingly, and this spring all of it has come back again like gangbusters. I’ve got more mint than I know what to do with. I’ve made mint infusions, mint powder, and the uses are numerous. Wasps don’t care for it. That’s always a nice bonus. Definitely a good idea to add mint to the garden.

    Scott, I was thinking of adding some mint to beer but haven’t tried it yet. I think I’ll do that this weekend.

  8. I juice my mint! Juicing it with a cucumber, celery, swiss chard and a few apples makes a good drink for breakfast. The mint has its own bed right outside my back door. Seems like I get more bees when my oregano blooms, though. Love it as a ground cover and plan to add other varieties to my front yard bed with my goumi bushes.

    I bet it’s good in beer.

  9. I grow mint for the sole purpose to have great mint julep’s during Derby week. which can last all year sometimes.

  10. We’ve had voles girdle our apple trees before. I’ve read that rodents don’t like the smell of mint. I’m going to try planting mint around the perimeter of the food forest I’m establishing and mulching my trees with it. Maybe making a mint paste to paint on the bark would help as well.

  11. Please keep this kind of episode coming, other than the feedback shows it is my favorite show subject.

  12. Lemon Balm is a cognitive enhancer as well as an adaptogen and mood booster. There is a dose-response curve, however, as higher amounts will make one less alert. Lemon Balm boosts the neurotransmitter GABA.

    Regarding substances that enhance marksmanship, some competitive shooters take beta blockers which are banned by sports organizations. I’m sure that Lemon Balm will have a beneficial effect as well!


  13. Fallout New Vegas was the game with the drug that would make the sniper rifle steadier while shooting it. Funny thing it was called “Steady” and was an addictive drug for the character. Mint tea sounds better to me.

  14. I have hesitated to grow peppermint because I saw it was spreading too fast and was concerned it would be a problem. I put a big piece of cardboard over it and buried it and have been trying to pull it up wherever it comes back up .. I have relegated it to a small clearing in the way back of my 10 acres. Can someone please comment on that ? I also saw some growing on the side of the road and am not sure how invasive it really was .. The apple mint, cat nip, lemon balm, and spearmint have not caused me to be concerned in the same way

    • Give it to me so I can make tea out of it 🙂

      Also, us it really a problem if it spreads all over? Is it displacing anything productive? If it’s in the way back it probably won’t be a problem if it spreads a bunch right?

    • Is it a problem ? Well, I want groundnuts to invade alot of areas. I don’t want the mint to detract from that .. I am not sure I want to be pulling mint out of the beds all the time either but it’s usually one weed or another

    • I have several clearings .. a couple of larger ones and some smaller ones. One larger one has some huggle beds. A few small ones in the back have alot of hard compact soil and seem not that great without alot of work .. those are where I have moved the pepermint and I am trying to eradicate it from the larger clearing area where it had started in one spot

    • I’ve never seen one plant bigger than about 4-6ft wide.

      I have it on all over a previously neglected 3 acre property and it was contained to about a 4-5 plants all between 2-6 ft wide. So it certainly ain’t bramble or buckthorn. The good thing is that those big ol’ roots are easy to chop and yank a few times and then its fine, bury them where you want them and boom! Next year a plant.

  15. Loved this episode; very timely too. Yesterday I had chills and aches – thought I was getting the flu. Made a pint of lemon balm and peppermint tea with ginger, drank it all; feel okay today.
    Another mint worth growing is shiso, used in sushi. I have the red kind; very decorative. It reseeds prolifically so if you can grow it once you’ll have it forever. Has a mild, basil-like flavor, useful lots of ways.

  16. Another common name for bee balm is bergamot, the same thing that is the flavour in earl grey tea. :)) monarda didyma. my absolute favourite.

  17. I’m thinking Coconut Mint Oil….

    …aaand a few minutes later the Coconut Oil is brought up anyway.

  18. In the UK we make mint sauce to go with roast lamb or lamb chops. Basic recipe is finely chopped mint, vinegar, sugar & pinch salt but there are many variations thereof. Also mint jelly. Many people put mint leaves in the pan when boiling new potatoes to impart some of their flavour to the baby spuds. My grandparents used to put mint sprigs in a stem vase on the table to keep flies away in summer.

  19. My wife often puts mint into a pitcher of water in the fridge. Great for the summer. Also good to mix 1/2 with some lemonade.

    You can also dry it and add it to an herb blend to smoke or vaporize.

  20. My wife is one of the people you referenced who could not imagine doing what she does without the use of Paypal. She was able to start her custom wedding shoe and accessory business with very very little up front capital. Paypal has allowed her to sell her shoes all over the country and on other continents magically turning foreign currency into US Dollars. Hooray!

  21. I am actually in the middle of developing a permaculture-based business that is all about mint – well, actually perillas, which are in the mint family. (Think Luke Callahan’s micro-green biz but marketing perillas instead.) Most people in the US have never tasted the wonderful flavors of perilla unless they ate at an (authentic) Asian restaurant. As it turns out, some of these perillas grow wild in the US and are considered a nuisance. The Asians know better and use a wide variety of perillas in their cuisine, the flavors are exceptional! My hand’s down favorite is Tia To (Vietnamese Perilla), which is growing like wildfire in my Austin garden (on purpose, of course).

  22. Timely episode, I just happen to have a couple mint plants I picked up at one of those “big box” stores a week or so ago sitting on my back porch. They are going in a couple of pots this weekend.

  23. Awesome episode
    Saw the title an immediately downloaded it while sarcastictly saying … Mint now that’s a survival topic…and then immediately started to list my answer to why it is so.
    Jack absolutely nailed it again.
    The “minty” players make a decent rodent repellant.
    I have recently started using a tea of comfrey and lemon balm with peppermint if available (I don’t want to overharvest before my patch is fully established) to treat health care induced gastrointestinal bleeding I suffer from lately. Big Pharma would like you to use a proton pump inhibitor like Larry’s purple pill to treat this. Yea it works to cover up the symptoms but with side effects. Acid blockers also reduce absorption of nutrients like magnesium which then produce even more problems. My FDA UNAPPROVED tea is carminative, calming and promotes healing of the stomach lining. So far it has worked quite well for me. It also enhances nutrient levels so you know it would never be OK with the GovernMint

    Love mints and would like the start a wiki on mints, element analysis of some of my favorites etc if someone wants to throw down the gauntlet to challenge me to find the time to do it. I am an amateur plant geek so take it for what is worth.

  24. There is a all mint snuff that I used when I quit chewing tobacco. I tried to quit for a long time and the mint was the only thing that worked for me.

  25. This is so great. My chocolate mint has been spreading all over a steep hill that I can only weed wack (not a place I want to do earthworks). I love that it’s spreading, and all the uses outlined in this awesome show.

    I just got back from the nursery where I purchased bee balm, and spearmint. I also asked my friend for some of her lemon balm.

    Thank you for teaching me so much!

  26. Here is Jacks go to Mint Tea Recipe:

    2 parts peppermint, 2 parts lemon balm, 1 part bee balm.
    For fresh mint, fill mason jar halfway with loose backed mint, and then fill with hot water.
    For dried mint use 1 teaspoon mint per 8 oz cup of water.

    I wanted to try it and had to re-listen to the podcast to pull out the ratio for dried mint to water.

  27. Mid-afternoon, stuck at the office. Didn’t pack enough lunch, so stomach is grumbling. Contemplating my once-a-year breakdown and get some junk from the vending machine when I remember…MINT! I brought in a few fresh sprigs for tea, and I had some left over leaves. Chewed on those for a bit and it got me through the rest of my day. I feel much better than I would have if I had put some sugary/oily synthetic ‘food’ in my body.