Episode-1579- Michael Bolden on 2015 10th Amendment Issues — 9 Comments

  1. Longarms minimum lengths:
    Rifle – barrel: 16″ overall: 26″
    Shotgun – barrel: 18″ overall: 26″

  2. In my years of Scouting experience, the only time I’ve ever seen a situation where the tents were already pitched was at a week long summer camp. For the other 12 nights, which generally takes a minimum of 6 other outings, the scouts are responsible for pitching and maintaining their tents. Part of maintenance usually involves pitching the tent again when they get home so they can make sure it is properly dried out and stays free of mildew while packed up for the next month. This is on top of keeping the zippers lubed, seems sealed, and holes patched,

    Other summer camps do require the unit to provide its own tents, to be setup by the Scouts. This helps to keep the fees down compared to camps that provide preset tents. The preset tents are more spacious, but less bug/rodent/other critter-proof.

    Some of the other merit badges are no cake walk either. for example, the hiking merit badge requires 5 separate 10 mile hikes plus a 20 mile hike with the only stop longer than brief rest breaks being a lunch break – these are just 2 of 7 requirements.

    • The reason that is largely irrelevant? The majority of marijuana produced is produced from cloning, not from seed. Research to produce new varieties for cloning is done indoors. Further the concept that hemp will cross pollinate in a grow house environment is plain stupid. Careful control is used in all breeding that is the only way you know what you are going to get. Whoever wrote this article doesn’t know a think about plant breeding.

  3. CPH is correct shotgun barrel length is 18″ or longer. There are 3 patterns that are considered when using a shotgun for self defense. An A pattern is when the shotgun is shot and there is one solid hole with no bb’s or balls (buck shot) seperated from the hole. B pattern is when one or more bb/ball seperate from the hole up to when all bb/ball are still on a human sized target. C pattern is when one or more bb/ball have left a human sized target.

    The idea is to get the most damage on a human (or other animal) as possible when using a shotgun for self defense and your B pattern does that best. Imagine 8-9 30 caliber balls hitting you in the chest all at once-devastating. It’s ripping and tearing organs, bone, flesh and arteries. Thats what the sawed off shotgun does for you at close combat distance vs the long barrel which makes one big hole.

    • Dan, while you are correct about what CPH said the rest of that is sort of rambling and doesn’t really pass muster.

      A B and C pattern with a shot gun? Long v short for pattern.

      No, no, no and a big no.

      I don’t care what pattern your gun throws here are some facts.

      1. Length of barrel has almost nothing to do with it.
      2. Patterns are set by the barrels choke, (final restriction)
      3. The primary chokes are cyl, imp cyl, mod, imp mod, full, extra full (there are a few more like skeet, etc.)
      4. If you actually do “saw off” a barrel since barrels taper you open the choke beyoud cyl (cylinder bore) and give it less restriction

      Lastly none of this means jack shit at self defense ranges. In an interior average shots range from 7-30 feet that is about 2-10 yards. At that distance all of the above will have a pattern from about 1 inch at 2 yards to about 4 inches at 10 at MOST.

      The truth is chokes actually have far less effect on size of pattern and far more on DENSITY of pattern. Shot does come out in a spray, it comes out in a “string”.

      As to one hole (slugs) choke is irrelevant other than you should not really shoot them in anything tighter than modified for best results. And they should not be shot in full chokes at all.

      I don’t know where you got the info you posted but where ever it did come from, don’t go to that source for more.

      At home defense ranges again pattern is MOOT, you need to aim like you are shooting a rifle because your actual point of impact is going to be no bigger than a softball at best unless you live in a mansion with a bowling ally or basket ball court or something like that.

  4. I wonder if Michael has hooked up with the Weston A. Price foundation or the real raw milk people…

  5. Just to add on to the part of your sawed off shotgun, the Indiana ban opened it up to allow NFA rules to actually apply. Before that they were just not permitted in any way. So now I can purchase a “masterkey” (12 ga 870 underslung on my AR) as long as I do the NFA paperwork where before it wasn’t allowed to be imported into the state.
    Also just to tack on to your history of the law, it wasn’t just the mob but more so the old trucker gangs that were using them to “leave law men in the desert”. I did some research about 5 years ago for a college paper and found out that southwestern highway patrolman in the 50-60’s would frequently turn up missing while on patrol in the desert. They would be found with shotgun wounds so it became a big deal for truckers to not have shotguns in the truck and then later that they couldn’t have firearms in the cab at all.