Episode-1517- Michael Boldin on Current 10th Amendment Initiatives — 19 Comments

  1. I can’t help but wonder how the heck Soviet Washington State up here is Open Carry while Texas is not.

    • @Lukkas, many people don’t understand the hand gun history in Texas. Open and concealed carry were outlawed here a LONG time ago. Back when cowboys were shooting each other in streets. It really isn’t a modern issue at all. Anyway our governor has promised to sign it and feels we have the votes to get it passed.

  2. Jack if you like good TV there is a show on CMT called Broken Skull Ranch Challenge which is a great show the Mrs and I like to watch it every week. Great show to watch Steve Austin is the host.

    • Okay so show me where is says the US is a Christian nation in our Constitution. Also one founder, should not be claimed to be “the founders”.

    • Also Jefferson absolutely was a Deist, this is well known. Now unlike many I don’t claim most founders were just I know the ones that were, were. Remember it was Jefferson that stripped the New Testament of the Bible of all reference to any miracles or anything miraculous then gave copies to the legislature.

      Of the first three presidents Washington, Jefferson and Adams, two where Deists. They were also really decent politicians, and knew how to say what the people wanted to hear. Pointing to someone going to church as a proof of faith has over time proven a very weak argument.

      Yes in the past just as now people in power no matter how good we think them to be are always guilty of telling the ruled what they want to hear. Jefferson indeed thought highly of the principles of the Christian faith, but he wasn’t a believer. No believer would have ever created the Jefferson bible.

  3. The declaration of independence is stated that our rights come from (Chrisitan) God and not from man. The constitution then lays out those rights and the limited role of goverment.

    • I am sorry but the word Christian doesn’t appear in the Declaration, nor does church, nor does religion. God is mentioned one time and ONE TIME only as such,

      “the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them”

      Can you tell me the last time you heard a preacher, minister or priest in a Christian church refer to god as “nature’s God”.

      Why do some of you seem to need something that isn’t true to be true so badly that you twist facts and words? The Declaration was specifically authored to be 100% universal to all man kind, it was a statement of independence for the colonies now to be called states but it was done under the reality of universal rights to freedom, ALL FREEDOMS, not only freedom under one brand of faith.

      The founders went though so much trouble to be clear on these issues, it is sad that we can’t accept them for what they were meant to be.

      As to the constitution, the word God does not appear in it even one time. Lord appears one time as a delineation of the date, common practice at the time.

    • ‘Can you tell me the last time you heard a preacher, minister or priest in a Christian church refer to god as “nature’s God”.’

      Pretty close to once a month. (Granted my pastor is an avid hunter, fisher, wilderness backpacker and avid gardener)

      • Good for him, that sure isn’t typical though is it. Again I simply ask for anyone to show me where it says in any official founding document that we are a fill in the blank with any religion nation.

  4. Here in the founders own words really do not fit diest. Each had a way of living out that Christian belief. Couple of the founders did compromise in some beliefs but all agreed the Chrstian religion was to be the only type of religion taught in the goverment schools.

    Also all states back then had an official state Chrstian denomination. If you did not want to live according to Quaker life rules move to a baptist state….ect.

  5. What I learned from this unsourced opinion piece is that I am ignorant, calling names is shallow in a factual debate. So I am to BELIEVE this gentlemans opinion article to over 50 signers of the dec. of ind. and constitution and with over 250 sourced quotes claiming we are a Chrstian nation. I’ll stick with the founders quotes and stay ignorant.

    Also he took the treaty out of context like most do with this treaty. Here are some more facts on the subject.

    Sorry Jack, in this one area I will believe the founders understanding of the founding of this nation to yours.

    I am a proud TSP member and thank you very much for the show. You have opened my eyes to ton of stuff and information.

    • For what its worth, in those days almost everyone descended from Europe considered themselves ‘Christian,’ the term lost a lot of its meaning and included many belief systems which viewed one another as heretical.

    • So what you believe and what you want to believe is more important that what is right? Again show me the word Christian in either the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution of the United States.

    • uh..

      Completely IMO..

      But what you’re arguing is that something created by someone practicing a religion.. is a religious creation.

      If a Christian builds a house, it is a ‘Christian house’. If a Muslim builds a bridge, it is a ‘Muslim bridge’.

      If the intention of a group founding a nation, is to create a theocracy, they make it pretty clear (see middle east). They don’t create a ‘secret theocracy’ that can be deduced by reading their private letters.

      Now, I’m not suggesting that the MORALITY of the founders wasn’t exhibited in the form of the created government, I simply stating their goal was not to enshrine their RELIGION.

      always IMHO

  6. So, in my opinion, most of the Fed’s power over states stems from funds given to states by the Feds. At what point do individuals, local government, county government and state government begin withholding funds from the Feds? How would such a thing work? What would it look like? How would the Feds respond?

    In regards to political matters this is the ONLY one that I am interested in pursuing. All other political matters squarely fall into the “I don’t care, I’m doing my own thing” category.