15 Things to Teach Kids that Government Schools Never Will – Epi-3082 — 9 Comments

  1. Wow Jack, silly me, I did not know I could freeze an avocado. I like eating about 2 a week. Thanks for sharing that tid bit. Rest of the show was very interesting too. I truly enjoyed this one.

    • Same, I felt so dumb, a server at a Mexican restaurant explained it to me.

      Anyway not sure if I said it but it opens to great convenience options and money saving too at costco.

      First they sell a big bag of organic avocado cubes at Costco. Inside the bag they are in individual bags of about one fruit each, pealed and diced. Take it out as you need and the cost is a fraction of fresh.

      They also have pre made mashed in individual serving cups, 16 cups to a box. These are not frozen but you can do so and then ignore the already great shelf life.

      I have gone to mostly the cups as they are perfect single serving size. Burgers, salads, etc. Yum.

  2. I love listening to your podcast as I start learning to farm and garden, etc. I homeschooled 5 out of my 6 kids and am grateful for that, and it has made me very anti-government school (makes it hard to take a School board meeting seriously when all I want to do is yell: “GET THEM OUT of ‘public’ school!”. So, in listening to this podcast I was interested to hear about the program you use for your homeschooled grandkids; I’m always looking for good options to share BUT, unfortunately, I can’t recommend ACELLUS because they teach SEL (social emotional learning) which is the tip of the spear when it comes to CRT. Please be careful and watchful when your child goes through that portion of the curriculum: they may be being taught more of what you don’t want them to learn.
    Regards and thanks
    dianne smith

    • Well then Diane you have not reviewed the material because it does not mean what you think it does.

      Emotional learning is taught at the K-1 level, it is not some new world bullshit. All they teach is how to recognize emotions in others. Questions in the course work are thing like.

      Who here is happy?

      Two pictures one person is not mad, sad but not really much of anything, the other is actually happy.

      This seems like a waste of time until you do like 5 minutes of research about it. Bluntly you are conflating based on major bias with zero knowledge of what is going on or the why behind it.

      I remember watching a report in the mid 80s on 20/20 when it was actually worth watching. About half of young children have a hard time recognizing things like anger, happiness, sadness in the expressions on other people’s faces. This causes problems especially for people with mild autism like you know aspergers, like ME. I wish someone would of done this for me when I was 5.

      I spent a long time being thought of as a person lacking empathy with no idea why others thought that about me.

      You don’t know what you don’t know. Get a clue, this has NOTHING to do with CRT. This is in fact proof that their plan to divide people with social division is working. You sound like my semi educated Arkansas neighbors saying, “I don’t believe in environmentalism” because they did not think global warming was real. If you don’t see the connection please filter the fluoride from your water.

      Seriously don’t judge a thing without knowing the first fuckin thing about it.

      This is definitely going on the next episode of OBWJ.

  3. Luckily they still teach spelling in “government” schools. It’s negotiation, not ‘Negociation.’ Nothing wrong with criticizing institutions (that is essential to improving our society) but also acknowledge the good they do. Schools shouldn’t take the place of parenting and these are all good things for parents to teach their children. I personally don’t want schools spending all of their limited time and resources focused solely on teaching ways to make money. Education is more than just about the monetary benefits that can be gained from it. Fear is a poor substitution for education. While I may disagree, I appreciate you voicing your opinions and promoting discussion!

    • When you try to make a point by pointing to a typo it makes you look like an id-10-T, did I spell that right?

      I think I should also add LISTENING skills to this list as you came away saying I think we should only teach how to make money. Maybe reading comprehension too? I mean here are the bullets presented with zero to do about “making money”.

      Real nutritional knowledge and cooking
      Self Ownership
      Self Defense
      How to Learn Independently
      How to teach others
      How to sell an idea (if you listened totally not about making money)
      How your “data” can be used against you
      How to understand your own power and its limits

      9 of 15 that have zero to do directly with making money and even some of the others are not only about that. How’s your math, do you need Exel to covert 9/15 to a percentile.

      Funny too how making money is so dismissed in your comment, but making money is THE WAY the establishment sells crushing debt to our young people.

      Finally I would bet a stack of satoshis you are somehow “in the system” in regard to government education.

      Good luck with your dying institution.

      • Well that got a response… ?. I apologize for the bad joke about the spelling, it is hard to communicate sarcasm in written communication. My poor attempt at a joke probably seemed very harsh (and trivial) and I apologize. I simply wanted to voice a differing opinion on the matter. I was hoping for valuable discussion but clearly that is not the goal on your website. I have never claimed to be the smartest person so if you want to call me an idiot it honestly doesn’t bother me. Obviously this isn’t the place for anything but like minded thinking. By the way I have no affiliation with government schools except for the education I received. Good luck surviving whatever it is your trying to survive. Remember cool heads usually prevail in challenging times..

        • So there was nothing not “cool headed” about my response I simply responded to what you said. I also wonder if may be this was your first episode given your comment and your follow up.

          Good luck in life, I think you may need it. As to me don’t worry about “what I am trying to survive” you are LIVING IN IT RIGHT NOW, what I teach is how not to do so.

          Enjoy “having nothing but being happy man”. If you can’t handle being pushed back on an idea you are really going to have a hard time as what we are living in right now continues to evolve.

        • As to the spelling comment, see your own comment about sarcasm. At least we agree on something.

          And if you let go of the butt hurt that caused you, you can read the rest and see I absolutely responded to the substance of your point.