Episode-10- 15 No Risk Survival Tactics — 1 Comment

  1. I am a 24 year old living in Australia. I have A$24,000 saved up. I am thinking about buying some land in the country but I am wondering if I should buy a large track of land in the middle of nowhere or whether I should buy a small house in a small town. In an emergency, land in the middle of nowhere will probably be safer because there are fewer people. However, I will have no house to live in. Guns are illegal in Australia, so I won’t be able to protect my property in the event of an emergency. While I like the idea of individuals given the right to protect themselves and their property, I am also worried about people like Josef Fritzl who lock their children up in the basement and use them as sex slaves. Too much individual freedom and privacy will make it so much easier to get away with things like these.

    You also say that stockpiling food is important. I think that just by buying land in the country you hedge yourself against food price inflation. As food prices go up, rural land is more valuable to farmers, so its value in theory should go up. Land in urban areas however are subject to the state of the economy, so it’s almost no different to buying shares.