Episode-1820- 15 Items for the Prepper Kitchen and How to Use Them — 18 Comments

  1. I ordered that Chard canner, it’s been out of stock at Amazon for a while now, probably due to the fact it was Jack’s first Product of the Day. I found it for $119 from Rural King and $11 shipping but if you can get it from the TSP Amazon store when it’s back in stock – go for it. We also have a big All -American but it’s very hard to use on our stove. If there is a better way to use the big canner when we have a big batch, I’ll be happy to listen.


    • I ordered the Chard canner & several other items last night, using Jack’s links. It’s back in stock & scheduled to deliver next week.

      I’ve got the ½ ton All American too & love the thing for when I have huge batches of stuff to process, but this will be great for those smaller jobs. Been wanting one for ages and when Jack said this one had the 15 lb. pressure option I was all over it! We’re at 6200′ and the first one he featured wouldn’t work here.

  2. In the summer I use an adjustable propane burner outside, keep the heat out of the house.
    I will try ringer have been using stainless steel pot scrubber light pressure.

    • Once you use the ringer, you will wonder how you lived without it. It cleans cast iron pots/pans so easily and so well. I just bought the ringer about a month ago and it gets used a LOT.

      • We got something similar to the ringer on a lightning deal (cost a bit more, actually), and man, you guys aren’t kidding! That thing is AMAZING!

  3. Just ordered the Chard canner, I had tried to a few weeks back but it was out of stock until yesterday. Looking forward to it getting here so I can make some headway on all these cucumbers that are threatened to take over they don’t get turned into pickles before their reinforcements arrive.

    • Well I spoke too soon. The amazon site said they had 7 in stock but it does not appear to be the case. They are unsure as to when they will be getting any more, much less when the one purchased will be shipped 🙁 . Looks like it is back to refrigerator pickles and the dehydrator for everything else for a bit longer.

  4. I completely agree with your choice of the Victorinox Fibrox, but not so much with your higher end recommendations. The Shun is a decent knife, but not a great value. The Tojiro DP Gyuto (Japanese version of a chef knife) has the same VG-10 core although the laminate layers are not Damask pattern (i.e., not as attractive). You can get the 9.5 inch on Amazon for $62.99. It is by far the best knife I’ve used, especially for the price.

    One thing to be aware of for both the Shun and the Tojiro is that you’ll get a better edge if you use water stones to sharpen them.

    A couple years ago after 30+ hours of reading forums, I wrote a primer on Japanese knives.

      • I didn’t mean 30 hours on just sharpening. It was on the whole topic.

        I’ll have to look at Patrick’s video. I used Murray Carter’s based on Brandon Sheard’s recommendation.

  5. What a great show!!! I didn’t purchase any items yet, but added a bunch to my wish list. I did make hard boil eggs in our electric kettle though. They are awesome. That’s too was worth the show.

  6. On knives, I thought my Cutco couldn’t be beat! Then I ended up needing my chef knife sharpened, I didn’t have the skill, and I didn’t want to be without a knife while I sent mine back to Cutco. Anyway, I bought a two pack of chef slicers from Sam’s Club — an 11″ and an 8″ — so that I wouldn’t be without a knife. This happened back in like ’07, and I never sent my Cutco back in to get sharpened.

    These knives are shockingly amazing! Not only do they cut beautifully, but the handle has a texture that makes it easy to hold on to if your hands are wet. (That was the one thing that I never liked about my Cutco chef’s knife. If I got any moisture on my hand, even with the ergo grip, my hand would still slip.)

    I don’t doubt that the knives you recommended are great, but boy did I luck out for <$15 and my Cutco chef's knife is just abandoned in my drawer. 🙂