Episode-2778- 15 Fishing Hacks for the Everyday Fisherman — 4 Comments

  1. On the polamar knot… I learned if the hole is small I don’t double over line I just run it through with a bunch of slack and run it back through again tie the overhand and flip hook through loop and tighten.

  2. Dammit Jack! You made me homesick. I spent my high school years in N. CA way back in the mountains is a tiny town on Lake Almanor. We fished for smallies and trout with clear casting bubbles and hoppers, crickets or worms. We snuck through the firs and willows with our 5′ UL spinning rods to catch trout in the small creeks. We walked miles talking about Bill Dance, Jerry McKinnis and Patrick McManus.
    Great episode, thank you.

  3. A palomar is the only one I know how to tie….only is a problem with a tiny ice jig, 4# test, 20 degree temps and 50+ year old eyes.

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