Episode-1360- Doctor Steven Lewis and Janet Lewis on Modern Nutrition — 35 Comments

  1. Acres USA has talked about the inclusion of industrial contaminants in commercial NPK for years. Are you familiar w William Albrecht or Louis Bromfields’ work?

    • Well I knew about contaminants, what Dr. Steven’s told me that I didn’t know was about the effect on gluten and gluten toxicity.

      Quite failure with Albrecht never heard of Bromfield.

      (Note from Jack, leaving this here so the rest of this thread makes sense but this response was on my iPhone orginally and auto correct changed “quite familiar” into “quite failure” which I guess made Ben think I meant he was a “quiet failure”, LOL damn auto correct strikes again!)

      If you really want soil science though this gal is THE BOMB!

      She taught me more at Permaculture Voices in a one hour talk then everyone else put together. In the end I still see the same solution but man can I explain it better now and I understand WHY it works so much better.

      • Cool. Yeah, that was news to me too. Met Ingham in ’99 in San Antonio, u r right. The bomb. Food web forgives all sins. Maintain ur micro herd and you’ll b fine, lol.

        • I think u got the wrong Albrecht. I never heard of the religious one before. Either way, great show. My folks used to do a hair and nail analysis. Lewis’ sound much better.

        • Hehe, now I’ve confused us both. You said quite fail on Albrecht. I contemplated how Dr. William A. Albrecht the soil scientist from U of MO whom Charles Walters and many others in eco ag held in quite esteem was quite fail and shrugged. I figure it must be somebody else. Google said theres a religious debate Albrecht pointed as ‘liar and a failure’. My assumption that may have been what you meant. That’s as far as I looked into it. Have a good night, Jack…

        • Um, what? I’ll have to go back and read my response but sounds like auto correct screwed me! LOL

          I meant to say “quite familiar” not fail. LOL

      • Maybe the funniest damn thing I’ve experienced all year. Frickin autocorrect had me asking for random sex a while back. Try living that one down. Can’t get in a hurry with autocorrect… Love it!

        • Funniest one I saw the wife pulled me in the living room to watch it on Ellen.

          Some chick text’d her boyfriend saying he needed to do something about the basement because it “smelled bad down there”.

          I don’t remember the specifics but the up shot was it appeared that “down there” meant his crotch!

          He came back with something like, “um okay but I shower twice a day, I didn’t know, I’m sorry”.

          I believe the confusion was due to a couch down in the smelly basement.

    • Depends on the rock type, soil pH, paramagnetic susceptibility, etc. Doesn’t hurt anything. Rock dust, glacial moraine, etc are highly recommended for remineralization.

  2. Kary and I drive from Williston ND to Rapid City SD for our lab work. Its the closest option we have. Thats a 12 hour road trip plus a night in a hotel. The only reason I mention this is to encourage people to give these folks a try. It is well worth it. We have downloaded and listened to every podcast they have put out. Each one will teach you something, guaranteed.

    Do yourself and those you care about a favore. Give the information and sewrvices the Lewis’s have to offer a fair try. You wont regret it.

    • You are very kind for encouraging others. It generally takes a while to get people to their “optimal” level of health. Does your reply mean it’s beginning to work since you “remember” me? You were awesome during our consultation and you are awesome now. Thank you!

  3. So glad to see Dr. Lewis and Janet on again. I wish you all the best. I will come see ya soon.

    • Hi Jason! Glad to hear from you. I would love to get on someday and tell everyone how much you, Eli, and Texas Classic Productions have promoted and supported Doctor’s Nutrition. It is because of you that we have developed wonderful relationships with so many Survival Podcast members. Come see us!

  4. One reason people feel bad after eating corn products (I’m one of them) could be due to aflotoxins. These are naturally found on other crops as well, especially in peanuts. it is believed they may have become more agressive. More can be found on Wikipedia.

  5. We’ve always been of the mindset that working hard and sweating your ass off regularly is one of the best detox routines rather than the sedendary couch potato lifestyle with SAD (standard American diet). Sounds like that goes hand in hand w Dr. Lewis’ protocol. I’ve gotta try this out.

  6. So with so many different types of plastics, coatings, and metals available to cause trouble in the food supply then what kinds of these cause the least problems? As I recall plastic sheeting, as long as it stays away from the sun, remains stable.

    • It’s easier to rev up your body’s ability to detoxify than to worry about the toxins that are unavoidable. Fear and worry kill us quicker than ANYTHING else. Once we detox the cell matrix you will feel better mentally and after that it’s ALL Good! Call or go on for more info. It’s all about being happier and healthier!

  7. Yay so glad Dr. Lewis and Janet are back on the TSP. It was such a eye opening experience getting a consultation with Dr. Lewis. Before I had merely speculated about internal health issues that I may or may not have (gut problems? I didn’t realize that a major portion of your immune system’s work is carried out in the gastro-intestinal system). And after having some lab work done, I feel much more purposeful in what my tasks are to increase my health, which is quite an important prep topic if you ask me. Though as a side note that Jack sorta mentioned, I do now have a pill box that makes me look like a little old lady with all sorts of vitamins that my husband has joked about.

    • Thank you very much! We will continue to help you achieve optimal health! Sorry for the large pill box lol! Health comes with a price! Someday you’ll say you are glad you did!

  8. Great show! Now I have a ton of questions…….. Like plastic out gassing? What if I use the IBC containers for rain water catchment with PVC pipe and black Polly pipe for drip irrigation? Am I poisoning myself? How about Jacks giant Polly tank he has for water catchment? And the pex pipe all the plumbers are using? The list goes on…….. In General is there a safe plastic we can use?

    • Yea my response is don’t worry about it.

      The flat reality is we inhale about 50,000 toxins a second. Frankly if I am using an IBC I don’t want it to turn green so the tank is shaded out, no real sun allowed to bake it and the water is moving through it on a regular basis.

      Drip lines need shade or to be covered because if not they have water that is too hot and low in O2.

      Now even if you were getting quite a bit of some stuff leaking out of PVC it would not be something plants would willing take up. Unlike herbicide chemicals that are designed for such purpose. If you want to kill a plant with a chemical you must design it so the plant will consume it, that is how they make an herbicide.

      Now for most “toxins” that are not specifically designed for a plant to consume them, the plant won’t unless you are in an extremely acidic or basic environment. Like PH 4.5 on the acid side and say 9.5 on the basic side, which means you have a LOT bigger problems than PVC leaching something into the soil, like almost nothing will grow anyway.

      Now a major acid rain event (which is one of the EPAs true victories and we don’t get them any more) the plants for a time might take up some toxins they normally don’t but only for a short time.

      Paul Wheaton at one time had me all freaked about using newspaper and cardboard for reasons like this. Then Geoff explained the actual bio chemistry to me. It made me relax, not worry and have a home brew.

      There is a big difference in wrapping food in plastic and having it co exist with plastics in the wide open world. If plastic was that bad you’d be dead right now from touching your key board so much. The problem with wrapping food in plastic is indeed the off gassing and said being contained and forced into the food. Specifically with produce as it produces gasses of its own like ethylene as it continues to ripen. This would normally off gas but contained in a wrap it accelerates the plastics on off gassing and where does it all go, into the food.

      Even this I see as an aggravating circumstance not the real problem. If I could either have permaculture grown food wrapped in plastics for a day or three or fresh from the field atrazine and glyphosate soaked GMO food, I’d take the plastic wrap and I bet Dr. Stevens would too.

      Simply put a plant grown in healthy soil without chemical fertilizers in the presence of an active food web won’t take up much if any of the already tiny amount chemicals released that a proper irrigation system would use in the first place.

      Now if a plastic tank sat in the open sun for days on end with no circulation and then was used perhaps you could get a real significant amount of residue. Plants in healthy soil still wouldn’t take up much of it and by the way the resulting temp of the water would likely kill everything anyway by cooking it.

      • Wow Jack, thanks for the in depth answer. I painted my IBC containers dark brown so I would not have an algae problem and it matches my house trim.

        • Hi Russell,
          I agree with what Jack has said, if you want more information about your body’s ability to detoxify, call me and will discuss the P4 50 pathways ,cytokines, phase 1 and phase 2 detoxification, this could go on and on so Jack’s comments were spot on, if you want to know more call me at 877-663-1008. Just keep up the good work and have a brew!
          Dr. Lewis

  9. So glad to hear Dr. Lewis and Janet back on TSP. We have been following their protocol for several months now and have had a second round of blood work done. We saw some definite improvements in certain numbers and found other areas that needed further attention so we made modifications to our supplement regimen.
    We grow much of our own food as far as greens, we eat our own eggs from our organic and pastured hens, eat rabbits that we raise and supplement with our home grown “weeds” and pretty much everything else is bought/bartered for with local farmers we know personally. I believe that we eat better than 99% of the rest of the population. In addition, we were already taking plenty of well researched supplements. We were shocked when our blood work initially came back with so many areas that were either too high or low despite our best efforts. It astounded me that no matter how well we thought we were doing nutrition wise we were upside down in so many areas.
    Dr. Lewis explained that with all of the environmental toxins out there that it is virtually impossible to be functioning optimally without additional supplementation to regulate and purge toxins. We now spend/invest the equivalent of a small car payment each per month on our supplements. It’s a hard pill to swallow (pun intended) but we look at it like it’s an investment/maintenance plan. We’re in our early 40’s and want to be in great health for at least that many more years. If you want your car to last a long time then you have to do regular maintenance on it and invest in its upkeep. We feel that we’re doing the same thing with our bodies. We would rather invest up front and regularly than have a catastrophic failure down the road because of poor upkeep.
    I like that they will explain to you everything that you could/should be taking but will tailor to your budget if it’s too much. Better to be doing something towards better health than nothing. We have been modifying our eating habits throughout the years step by step as we continue to learn more and it’s been an incremental improvement over time. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing because that rarely works long term.
    At the very least, you should consider a phone consultation with Dr. Lewis prior to the blood work to determine if this is the right next step for you to take. He and Janet are an absolute delight to speak with and are just as personable when you call yourself as they are being guests on Jack’s show.

  10. Hi Farmer Dan! I appreciate your well written and heartfelt reply. Being healthy and this toxic world has its ups and downs, but it can be achieved with a certain amount of effort but certainly more time is always needed than what people really want. I Personally do not like spending the money putting nutrients into my body but I get more enjoyment out of my extra energy and good health then I do the tractor that Janet bought for me. I do appreciate what Jack Spirko is doing with the survival podcast, and personally know how important this is going to be to help with the planet as well as the health of individuals that take responsibility . There seems to be a very common thread amongst the ones that get good results with doctors nutrition. It is the ones that say thank you for your time, is there anything else we can do, and I would like to have the health and energy to live my life to the very fullest. I have met very many wonderful people that Janet and I have learned to love, even though we just speak to you over the phone. You and Meg have been a blessing in our life just because you cooperate, things will get better and better as we put more and more into it. I also just went to a seminar (which is very common for me),and I found out something extra that may be able to speed up Meg’s healing! Please call us next week when you get a chance and we will discuss this. Thank you very much for your kind words, you are a blessing to Janet and me!

  11. Very kind words sir. It was especially heartening to hear about a farmer up in Holland, NY that you and Janet care for. Getting an informal mention on Jack’s show was the highlight of my day. 🙂

    We are happy to announce that we are relocating down to NC at the end of July. Meg’s company is moving us near Charlotte and we will have a 30 acre homestead to begin building into a permaculture farm. Exiting times ahead for us.

  12. I’m only part way through this episode and something occurred to me about all the plastic in our food. Is it safe to grow food in plastic pots/containers? Does it depend on the type of plastic?

  13. Great podcast! Love Dr. Lewis and Janet!
    With folks like them we have more health options besides big pharma, western medicine and the consequenes of big ag with it’s many toxins.
    Thanks sooo much!
    If the population is increasingly incapacitated exponentially through health problems and ensuing financial burden who will be able to stand strong?

  14. Just catching up on TSP – and this was a GREAT podcast. I have Ulcerative Colitis and was put on prednisone for about 8 weeks, and gained 15 pounds. I am finding it almost impossible to lose weight – despite being 80/20 paleo, and going to the gym 4-5 days per week. I’m thinking it may be time to let these two take a look at it…

    Also thanks to all of the reviews, that is also very helpful!