Episode-1291- Kermit Jones author of “Prepper Pete Prepares” — 8 Comments

  1. One of co-worker’s wives likes “Themed” Birthday parties, so this year was camping. So I showed up with my flint, and vaseline soaked cotton batten balls and demonstrated fire starting. We also taught simple knots. And the kicker!, it was a girls birthday party (all eight year olds). They were all keen and participated…until the cake came out…

  2. Oh man this is going to be great! I’ve been working on a prepping kid’s book as well for a year now and have a few questions going on in my mind. I was struggling to share prepping stories for my toddler and kept looking for some way to give him stories about self reliance but there weren’t any-not for his age at least. There definitely is a vacuum for prepping books for kids. Look forward to hearing about Mr. Jones.

  3. hey I really enjoyed the show I’ll be looking forward to getting some of these books teaching be keeping the kids all over the world I’ve learned that sometimes you gotta ask them 2 grade you so that way you can see how they see how you teach them that way you know how to change to make them understand your teachings better one thing is to make things fun I went to my retreat retreat water was frozen instead of panicking and going home we made it a game in the kids make snowballs that I melted so we could put water in the toilet to flush the little things like that in games can make a survival response more than entertaining gesture in something that would be catastrophic I really enjoyed the show and hopefully more people get their kids involved we’re in fire drills at our house it’s not real nice when mom is mad at 2 o’clock in the morning standing out in the snow for fire drill at certain things showing with the fire extinguisher is running little drills like that may not only save your lies to get your kids aware that there’s other homes in other locations and then seeing those drills ran it’s cool that they’re important to know if corporate them in their lives you guys have a blessed day

  4. I have seen what you two were talking about first hand. In my earily 20’s I lived with my best frends family. They had a 3 year old little girl. She was a mess. Her mother had some issues and wouldn’t displine her.

    When I moved in I asked them about displine because I didn’t want to watch her without being able to displine her. We talked and I was giving a pretty wide birth.

    In the end I had to displine her maybe 3 times. Just enough for her to learn I did what I said I would do. Her parents were shocked how much better she listen to me then to them. The real rub was she really like spending time with me. We are still pretty close even 20 years latter.

    At the time when I would go out she would want to come with me instead of staying home with her parents. It kinda drove her parents nuts. I believe she actually liked spending time with me because she knew where she stood. Her parents at the time were all over the place this change some over time and they became much better parents.


  5. I knew this guy had to be a marine. (Just heard him say it on the podcast). There is something about being a marine where you can detect them a million miles away. Cheers!