Episode-1218- Airsoft and Airguns for Training (orig epi 126) — 16 Comments

  1. Jack the CNN article you linked read that during the last sgovt shut down in 1995, it cost 1.5 billion. How does a shut down cost money?

  2. I’m excited to see some TSP ‘Classics’… I’m a relatively new listener and have been bouncing around between the latest updates and older shows. Will be interesting to see/lsten to your classic picks.

    When my wife and I started the process of buying handguns and getting our CC permits, I talked to an old friend of mine from the Army, who later went on to the secret service. He recommended over and over to also get some green gas airsoft guns to train with.

    Anyway, can’t wait to listen to this after I put the boys to bed tonight. Good luck at all your events, and hope you squeeze in some actual vacation in there!

  3. @ Mathew… I could be wrong, but I think one of the things that happened last time was that many furloughed employees recieved back pay once the shutdown ended and they were back on the job. I’m sure those kinds of costs add up quickly.

    • I can confirm that was the case. I was furloughed during the last shut down, was sent home, and was paid for staying home when I returned to work.

      It was basically a paid vacation. I suspect the same will happen this time.

  4. Funny how things work. I was talking to a friend on Sunday about doing some FoF airsoft training.

    For shows from the past… I personally love the series with listener tips on saving money. They are episodes 662, 663, 667 and 679. Great start for those looking to pinch a penny or two.

    I can only imagine the work but it would be cool to do another episode of this series.

  5. is down along with many other .gov websites, it was helping me identify plants with the help of their range maps, etc. You’d think it’d be less expensive to keep the sites running instead of going to the work of shutting them down. However the is allowed to stay up.

    But then our current government was never known for being efficient or to not play favorites.

    • OH I am so loving this, PLEASE keep documenting the stupidity of government this is now showing us. Server bills are paid in advance for pete sake.

    • Why is it that the World War II memorial is barricaded due to the shut down?
      They don’t do that every night or weekend when the government is more shut down than they are now.
      I think we will see more insanity just for spite.

      • They are trying to make you care, I don’t care other than man what a time to be on the road and vacation, I would have so much fun with this if I had the time.

      • Remember this is the same “leadership” that said to “make it hurt” during the sequester.

        I’ve heard (not actually seen) that there are national parks/forests/beaches where there has always been little in the way of a ranger presence but now they are teaming with rangers/police telling people that these “public” lands are closed.

        It’s much like saying, “This isn’t the public’s land, it’s the king’s land!” What’s that you say during the history segments, Jack, “The more things change, the more they stay the same.”? #IMissAmerica

        • Great point, I don’t need the State to be able to WALK on a trail even if they did build it. I don’t need their stupid gift shop to enjoy a mountain.

    • is up so it can let people know that congress failed to do its job, Obama’s speech on the budget, Obama care info. The site warns that any info on the site may be inaccurate or outdated, questions won’t be answered. But please share our infographics on facebook and twitter. The whole whitehouse site looks more like an infomercial/campaign site than anything else at the moment.

      Yep they pick and choose what they want us to see.

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