12 Ways to Live Free in an Unfree World – Epi-3209 — 2 Comments

  1. Just so you know Jack your permanent school record does in fact exist, what they do with it besides taking up room in a schools basement is anyone’s guess. I ended up working for my school district years after graduation and was able to browse hundreds of them dating back to the 40s. I can tell you that my “Permanent Record” is safely tucked away in my “Personal Files”” so good luck Mr. G-man in finding mine, lol.
    What was in it; every school picture, random completed assignments throughout the years, a few teacher assessments, some absentee excuses written by my mom, vaccine records. what was cool to see was my height and weight chart from kindergarten to high school. I would think you could request a copy of your own if anyone is interested in doing so. It just made me laugh you about it knowing I have my own.

  2. Excellent exposition of the dreaded A-word’s true meaning, and requires some serious adjustment of what I’ve been told and seen from some who self identify with the term. I must admit, by your definition, I am absolutely one of those type “A” people. Thanks also for confirming my inclusion in the shopping cart social test. Although I engage in 10 of your 12 ways to varying degrees, I know there is much more to do. Especially with respect to communicating the true meaning of anarchist.
    Thanks Jack. I guess I’ll have to join you now.