Episode-2669- 12 Really Cool Plants Inspired by Joseph Simcox — 3 Comments

  1. Egusi seems to be a seed crop. I mean the fruit is raised for a “seed food”. Acording to the book Egusi tastes terrible but it’s the seeds everyone eats. 

    Small exerpt:

    In this chapter egusi is presented primarily as the seed of one species, Citrullus lanatus, a type of watermelon. That species is indeed very popular, thanks to its productivity and food quality. But in reality, the situation is confused because the name egusi is applied generally to any of several similar looking seeds. All these seeds come from cucurbit species (family Cucurbitaceae) and all have high oil and protein contents. In some West African countries the main egusi crop may be Cucumeropsis mannii (Cucumeropsis edulis). Seed of the gourds Lagenaria sicceraria and Telfairia occidentalis are also consumed as egusi. All are…

  2. Fascinating episode! Please have Joseph on again! I’d love to have some featured episodes that focus on growing on homesteads in various parts of the country/climates.

  3. Great episode.

    I really enjoyed Steve Winwood back in the ’80’s and know the song Freedom Overspill, but it never sounded like the song at the end of this episode.  Sounds like a remix by a DJ.